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Published: Tuesday 20th Nov 2007 by Sam
According to our friend Sandra Rose, R&B singer Monica has recently renewed her contract with J Records and is in the process of recording a new album. The singer, who is eight months pregnant, is working with hit-makers Bryan Michael Cox, Missy Elliott and Ne-Yo on the CD. What’s more, she has gone on record to confirm that the album will consist of mainly ballads and slower numbers – no more crunk/’ hot for the moment’ tracks this time around.
Though I liked tracks like ‘Everytime The Beat Drops’ etc from her last CD, it’s good to know she’s taking it back to the sound that made her successful to begin with.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 20, 2007

    Our friend Sandra Rose my ass, you can’t say nothing about Monica or Tiny cos she’s up their ass but she hates on Beyonce and Alicia Keys, you know I’ve said B needs to chill but Sandra is too much I was done with her site when she stated dissing solonge (if that’s how you spell her name who cares) anyway she dissed the woman’s child saying he looks like a alien now that’s low and foul, so sandra’s ass

    Now I ain’t no Tiny fan but I like Monica, when she first came out with that ‘Don’t Take it Personal’ I was like damn girlie can sing, I dunno what happened to her but I still got faith cos she’s got talent just the wrong songs, I loved ‘Everytime the beat drops’ but that’s all I heard and haven’t bought the album cos I forgot about her,

    Good Luck Monica she’ll rock it, oh and I heard she’s having another boy all the best with that,

  2. Anonymous November 20, 2007

    Glad to see Monica is back in recording mode, Also I am happy she resigned with Clive because they have history both good and bad. Lastly it is good she going back to her R & B ballad roots because they suite her best and she is a true talent.

  3. Anonymous November 20, 2007

    yay! i can’t wait till her album drops. i’ll definately buy it. [=

  4. Enrico November 20, 2007

    Definitely lookin’ forward to Monica comin’ back. The last album was good but to me her best album to date has to be “After the Storm”.

  5. DEEZEE November 21, 2007

    I hated that “Everytime the beat drop” song. I want Monica to gain some weight and eat a sandwiche.
    Ugh, her son is cute and so is Solanges’s.
    I hate Sandra Roses site, it’s just so damn annoying. I went hard on her fake ass so bad that she blocked me from ever leaving a comment on her site. EVER!
    Sandra is so fake Oh well……..

  6. KidKlassic91 November 22, 2007

    Yeah, thank you Geezus! R&B soul is monica. That ghetto crunk s*** i try to forget. Hopefully her next album will be HOT. I know she can do it. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out if her first single catches my attention.

  7. Anonymous December 18, 2007

    Okay first off I wanna say that I am glad Monica is deciding to come back out I LOVE MONICA 2 death her songs are the realist and she has a great voice. I am SO tired of ppl talking about her last album that shyt was OFF THE HOOK!!!!!! Monica’s “Everytime the beat drop” was the shyt and she has the voice to change her style. People never give her the credit that she deserves her songs are so life changing and meaningful. She has ALOT to be proud of and her career is almost as big as Mary J. Blige its just she can sing a HELL of alot better than Mary J. Sorry Mary ur voice sucks!! But u are still talented. MONICA ROCKS!!!

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