Prince’s Demands Outrage Fans

Published: Tuesday 6th Nov 2007 by Sam
Prince has angered his fans by demanding that all photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to his likeness be removed from several fansites. The sites have been served with ‘Cease and Desist’ orders and have been threatened with further legal action for copyright infringement.

Disgruntled webmasters have banded together against the demands by forming the ‘Prince Fans United’ group. Here’s an extract of what they feel about the orders:
“It is our opinion that these threats are not made in an attempt to enforce valid copyright as Prince alleges in his threats, rather we believe they are attempts to stifle all critical commentary about Prince.

We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of the freedom of speech and should not be allowed. Prince claims that fansites are not allowed to present any artwork with Prince’s likeness, to the extreme that he has demanded the removal of fans’ own photographs of their Prince inspired tattoos and their vehicles displaying Prince inspired license plates.”


This has to be a joke, right? Some of these artists are forgetting who made them famous in the first place. A mess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 8, 2007


  2. Anonymous November 10, 2007

    Very disappointed. Prince has mad so much money off of his fans why go after them now? I love him, but not so sure I want to support him anymore , and yes I have every cd an albums (b4 cds).

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