Eve Comments On Kanye’s Mom’s Passing

Published: Monday 10th Dec 2007 by Sam
Rapper Eve had the following to say on the passing of Kanye West’s mother Dr. Donda West this past month:

“We live in a society of quick fixes. The cost is your life. Hopefully, this will make people think more.”

She went on to extend her condolences and added:

“I sent him an email, but I’m sure he got a million and one emails. I want to give him my hugs and blessings.”


I can definitely see where she’s coming from, but…

Do you agree with Eve’s comments?

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  1. Anonymous December 10, 2007

    There’s no but…She is totally correct.

  2. Anonymous December 10, 2007

    It’s,true it may sound harsh, but everyone wants to change something about themselves. Thuman body needs time to recover before anyone can keep getting surgery over and over. It’s sad, but maybe people will understand now what can happend.

  3. Dísa December 10, 2007

    totally agree, and yeah may sound harsh but so is the truth. People just like it a lil suga coated

  4. Anonymous December 10, 2007

    Naww Eve man i’m her fan but cha she could have worded it better it’s harsh and that’s not what Kanye wants to hear he’s probably living in the what if stage, yeah she shpouldn’t have had it done but she did and if the doctor was decent she would still be here, Eve should have just said sorry and given sympathy instead of saying that

  5. OmegaPatty December 10, 2007

    I agree 100% with Eve. Any short-cuts you take in life has a price, and it’s usually your life or someone that you love. There’s no need to sugar-coat something that’s supposed to make a statement. If it’s harsh and controversial, people will listen.

    R.I.P Kanye’s mother, Donda West.

  6. Melissa December 10, 2007

    Well she has a point

  7. Anonymous December 10, 2007

    It’s not harsh it is true I’m sure nobody wants to here that someone mom or anyone they care about has passed away, but truth is we live in a fast pace world. The same way with Aaliyah a tragic death but moving to fast. The fact of the matter is you take shorcuts you get cut short. No disrepect to anyone but it’s life. I’m not an Eve fan but she is speaking what no one wants to here.

  8. Anonymous December 11, 2007

    “The same way with Aaliyah a tragic death but moving to fast.”

    WTF are you talking about, she died because of a plane crash. please go back from where you came.

  9. Anonymous December 11, 2007

    How the f*** can you compaire Kanye’s mum to Aaliyah you a dumb f*** for that, and as an Aaliyah fan i’m more than pissed, Aaliyah died in a plane crash the plane company and pilot were in question not her, how was she in the fast lane? she filmed her music video and was trying to go home, dumb mofo, go find something to do with yourself

  10. Anonymous December 11, 2007

    I love Aaliyah to the death and say everyday that “if she were alive, half of these new R&B b****** wouldn’t be here”

    BUT – she did rush the plane ride back home. YES the driver was a little f***** up, but she did know the plane was too small to carry all that stuff. She didn’t want to wait that extra day and take a safer plane…

    ANYWAY!!!! I think Eve made her point. I agree. Knowing Kanye’s temper, he’s gonna make a song about Eve now…

  11. Anonymous December 12, 2007

    Grrr that makes me so upset when people try to trivialze his mother’s passing as a “lesson to us all to not be so vain” people can die from anything and everything from a pedicure that went wrong to plastic surgery please believe if its your time to go its just your time to go….and i pray that none of yall have to go through the same public scrutiny that kanye and his family have had to go through during a difficult time. And who are you to judge what someone else does with their life/body

  12. Anonymous December 12, 2007

    I like what the last person said. I’m not trying to judge no one of what they choose to do in thier own life, but we all need to look at all choices we make. What are the pro’s and con’s of our choices. Honestly, if that doctor wasn’t for sure about preforming more surgey on her, than he should of said no. She could of possibly been saved. This is not to make an example out of her or anyone who is going through something major. I love Kanye. even with his crazy outburst at times, but at least he is real about himself. God bless

  13. OmegaPatty December 12, 2007

    Love Kanye to bits, and I’m terribly sorry for what has happened to his mother, but what Eve said wasn’t judgemental. It simply made a point, and an excellent one at that, and it’s something we should all take into account.

    It’s obviously true that we could die at any moment, and no one is blaming her, but the choices we make in life ultimately affect what’s gonna happen to us in the future, and if you make a choice that ends up in tragedy, well unfortunately it’s a consequence people will have to take for making short-cuts in life… plastic surgery, theft, money laundering etc.

    It’s obvious her death isn’t trivial, but no one should minimize what happened to her and the lesson we could learn from it.


  14. Anonymous December 21, 2007

    I think Eve should have kept this comment to herself. what she says is true, but it’s a little insensitive.

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