That Grape Juice To Interview Trina

Published: Saturday 8th Dec 2007 by Sam
Keeping the exclusive interviews coming, I’ve just gotten confirmation that That Grape Juice will be interviewing rapper Trina next Wednesday. The Diamond Princess is currently prepping the release of her new album ‘Still Da Baddest’, which drops via Slip-N-Slide/EMI on February 12th 2008. Do feel free to drop any questions you have for her in the comments section. As is usually the case, only legit/genuine questions will be considered. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    Ask her what’s up with that dumb bullet in the mouth pic?

  2. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    why she tryna make herself a carbon copy of Rihanna? stealin her style/new image

  3. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    Can you ask her why she decided to put out a CD at this time
    and also whats her fav song on the album

  4. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    Could you ask her if she will be collaborating with Kelly Rowland again because of their success on their last collaboration. Who will be on the album?

  5. Hottest Chick Alive December 8, 2007

    Ask her what she thinks about the situation between Remy Ma & Lil’ Kim. She’s always talkin bout unity, that that will be a good question.

  6. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    How do you feel you have grown lyrically and artistically this time around? Also why does she think females in hip hop have suffered from sluggish sales the past few years and how does she plan to change that ?

  7. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    Ask Trina if she could work with artist that she’s never worked before who would it be? and why?

  8. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    ask her how she would feel if remy ma,lil kim or any other rapper tried to get @ her and talk s***

  9. Mark December 9, 2007

    After the publication of this years ‘Hip-Hop Rich List’, I’d like to ask why Trina thinks it is that there are no female artists in the list?



  10. Anonymous December 9, 2007

    Ask Trina does she have any long term plans in her future instead of rapping? Does she want to go to college, have kids, start a business?

  11. Anonymous December 9, 2007

    Can you please ask her what happened to the collabo with Christina Milian?

    Who is your favourite female rapper apart from yourself?

    Do you think the media are always stirring things between female rappers?

    Would you say its hard being a female rapper these days and be successful?

    Who’s your dream collabo?

    You’ve worked with Kelly Rowland, would you like to work with Beyonce?

    Please ask one of these questions. Thanks!!!

  12. Anonymous December 9, 2007

    trina who?

  13. Andrew aka Catastrophe December 9, 2007

    as a question…

    what artists are on the album?

    are there any artists (specifically female rappers) you would like to collaborate with?

  14. LexyB December 9, 2007

    I want to know how she feels about women rappers in the music industry. How there are lack of female rappers/promotion and how she thinks she can change or the industry can change that problem

    Also what is the future of female rappers to her.

  15. Sweetie Pie December 9, 2007

    Please ask her how she feels about her image she is putting out there in the media. Also how does she stay grounded?

  16. MissVicious December 9, 2007

    I want to know if she in intrested in crossing over to movies and if so is what movie would she like to do or what scripts would attrached her intrested.

  17. tigermichal December 10, 2007

    – When can we expect the new video for “Single Again”?

    – Would you ever consider doing a collaboration with an artist outside the urban genre like maybe a rock artist or country artist, and who would it be?

    Trina we love you!

  18. Trillionaire Connaisseur Diamond Connaisseur December 10, 2007

    Could you please ask Madame Katrina “Trina” Taylor, that despite the negitive views of Hip-Hop will she continue to speak as the voice of The Hip-Hop community through further advancing her entrepreneurship skills within the community. By providing economic stability to the community, through low cost markets and by producing high quantities of goods and services within the communities that suffer low quality markets. Further, encouraging the community to advance within their strengths to further provide themselves with adequate an living. Thus, will The House of Pink Diamond Inc. launch into the Urban Fashion Market as the Premier Brand for quality and quantity amongst the urban community. Thank you for asking my question to Madame Trina.
    Trillionaire Connaisseur…Diamond Connaisseur!

  19. Lamar December 10, 2007

    What’s the first official single? “Single Again” or “I Got A Bottle” and which is she filming a video for?
    Has she picked out an album cover yet? Her promo pics have all been hot thus far!

  20. Dior_Girl December 11, 2007

    Ask her, what R&B singer would she like to work with and why?

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