Whitney Shines At ‘Comeback’ Show

Singing legend Whitney Houston kick-started her ‘comeback’ campaign in front of a 10,000 strong crowd at Malaysia’s Live & Loud music festival yesterday (December 1st). Reviews of the 44-year old star’s set have been generally very positive. You can listen to some of her set below and make your own judgments. I, personally, thought she did very well considering the circumstances, which has me optimistic about her new album.


How do you think Whitney did?


1) My Love Is Your Love (ft. Bobbi Kristina)

2) How Will I Know


3) Heartbreak Hotel
4) I’m Every Woman

5) I Will Always Love You

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  1. soul music December 2, 2007

    That voice is coming back….Keep up the great work Whitney. I loved the duet with Bobby Kris and I Will Always Love You!!

  2. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    Bobbi Kristina sounds nervous but she sounds so good. I love just listen to Whitney.

  3. Junaid December 2, 2007

    Not too impressed. She is just struggling to breathe. She’s always hid it well early in her career but she can’t now. What a shame.

  4. Ex Whitney Fan December 2, 2007

    She continues to disappoint.

  5. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    Sorry I don’t see comeback at this point.I was not moved at all, it was truly a disappointment.

  6. ProfessorBlu December 2, 2007

    She’s coming back!!! I dont consider it a disappointment, considering the recent events and EVERYTHING. Her voice is coming back, and it was WHITNEY HOUSTON, so I am very optimistic!! Take your time Nippy.

  7. Anonymous December 5, 2007

    mess. she should not try to do performances until her voice has fully recovered if it even can at this point. and don’t push your weed-smokin’ child out there too. granted whitney never did too many PERFECT performances of “i will always love you” later on in her career but a 10 minute non-stellar version of your signature song and don’t even come close to nailing the best part of the song (last choruses). i’m really disappointed. i’d be on her side if she had not placed herself in the position she is in right now of trying to have a comeback and you don’t have the vocal ability that you once had to bring the house down.

  8. MusicNut December 10, 2007

    LEAVE THE CIGARETTES ALONE!!! You can tell she’s still smoking. She sounds good, but that’s why her high register is screwed. Drugs don’t do as much damage as cigarettes, ironically, to you your voice. Aretha, Dionne, Whitney all sound bad as a result. Chaka Khan and Natalie Cole were HORRIBLE drug addicts who OD’d many times and their voices are still AWESOME.

  9. Lovelyandamzing January 5, 2008

    I never believed she would crash forever. One thing Bobby gave her was his balls, because she’d have to have them to come back and try as hard as she is. She doesn’t have to…she’s got money already. But now, she’s reclaiming herself regardless if her voice isn’t totally back….it will be!! You go Whitney.

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