‘Her Name Is Nicole’ Pushed Back (Again)

Published: Thursday 31st Jan 2008 by Sam
In what comes as unsurprisingly surprising news (if that makes any sense), Nicole Scherzinger’s serially delayed solo debut ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ has been pushed back to June 23rd (UK). Is there a point anymore? For real, by then it will be almost a year since the album was originally supposed to drop. You’d think the album was the hotness with the way it’s still being pushed to the public. The reaction to those dreadful singles she released should serve as an indicator that not many are feeling what she has to offer as a solo artist. I say, throw in the towel (at least she tried lol) and call it a day. The Pussycat Dolls have a winning formula – she should stick with that.
Any thoughts?

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  1. Bruno January 31, 2008


  2. Anonymous January 31, 2008

    I hope it’s fake I’ve heard more than 1/2 the album & I love every song including the singles I have to have this album it’s bad enough that she is considering”Just say yes”as a song for the pussycat dolls that song needs to stay on her album it sounds better as a solo.Unless there just giving her another solo song just like they did with “how many times how many lies”.I hope she rearranges the songs that haven’t been heard because there to many jams on this album to be takin off.I’ve been a fan of hers since edens crush I’ve been dying for her to do a solo album and she finally does and they keep on pushing them back.She should have released the baby love J.r. remix because it comes across as more of a mid tempo then a slo song I think the radio stations would play that just because it’s faster & has different vocals a words.Same thing with supervillan she should have released the bad boy remix or the one with will.i.am because theres more bass in them I love the original versions of both songs but I think the remix’s would be alittle more radio friendly.I think her music is more spirital then what you hear on the radio thats why people aren’t responding to it.They saw her in pcd & wanted her solo songs to sound like don’t cha & the saw her in E.C. & wanted songs like Get Over yourself.Her solo album is more about love then being sassy & classy it’s about the many different deep feelings that you feel when you fall in love & when your in love.Loving,loosing and everything inbetween.

  3. Anonymous February 1, 2008

    i agree, the album is too good for the people of our days who only want to hear superficial songs like Rihanna’s! Grow up, life means pain also! Nicole is a real woman! Learn from her how to handle a failure! Life is full of them! Look at Britney, the happy girl of America, look what happened with her when she faced the first problems of her life!
    nicole will pass over it because she is strong, mature and smart!
    The losers end up like Britney, the strong ones search for others solutions and fight!

  4. Luke February 1, 2008

    I really want to hear this album, I love Nicole and she has real potential. The thing I love is that she hasn’t conformed to the typical R&B formula on her album.

    There’s some indie/rock sounds on “Baby Love” thanks to Kara DioGuardi and also that she’s working with Macy Gray, Sting and the guy from Snow Patrol. This album is gonna be something different for an “R&B chick” and like it or not I think it needs to be heard, I wish Interscope would just release a single PROPERLY (“Puakenikeni” is hot single material) get some promotion on it and get the album out. I really hope she gets a release I want to hear those album tracks have you seen the collabos?! Woo!

  5. Guadalupe February 1, 2008

    I love reading all your comments and kinda agree but saying that you cant tell me she doesnt take her clothes off to sell records or dance seductivly to get attention. I really hope for her sake that this album works because i like her alot. I just havnt been amazed by any of the songs ive heard YET. The only song i liked was Powers Out and people dont seem to be feeling that song but anyway all the best to her.

  6. Anonymous February 2, 2008

    are really very, very few popular artist ( who dont take their cloths off (i cant even mention one who didnt, maybe Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado). Nicole did it and she will probably do it again, but she could have done worst things to promote her music (like getting drunk in public, having an affair with some one famous, being at every party, u know stuff like that). Sadly, being naked on the cover of the magazines is the rule and it dosent even help that much the sales.

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