Lil’ Kim Addresses Her Beef With Remy Ma

Published: Monday 14th Jan 2008 by Sam

Lil’ Kim stopped by G-Unit Radio recently to discuss a number of things including her on-going beef with Remy Ma. This is kinda getting a little tiresome, yet she’s going at her (Ma) real hard lol…listen.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 14, 2008

    I’m getting tired of this whole beef thing grow up people but if what Kim is saying is true and she let it slide for a while eventually she’s gonna get fed up and say something which is the way it is, I personally can’t stand Remy Ma, she looks better since she went to court but damn Kim ain’t looking all that lately, Remy needs to chill with the fake beef for publicity cos that’s all it is if she had the nerve to go to kim’s party but whatever

  2. T January 14, 2008

    i don’t get the beef s*** and i think it needs to stop so both of them can focus on their failing careers

  3. tia January 17, 2008

    lol at T…..true dat,but kim baby,if u gon sound off at somebody do it at a relavent radio station…not g-unot radio…r u kiddin me?? i like remy but she is a bit manly,and kim is queen b so remy should just back off and do her and find another record label since she aint messin wit terror squad nomo lol….n kim need to stop f***** around and put out a cd.

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