Mariah Carey Speaks On J. Lo

Published: Tuesday 8th Jan 2008 by Sam
Mariah CareySuperstar diva Mariah Carey appearently had the following to say about a possible duet between her and Jennifer Lopez:

“I’d rather be on stage with a pig — a duet with Jennifer Lopez and me just ain’t going to happen.”

LMAO if she actually said this. In the past, Mariah has made no secret of the fact that she’s no fan of J.Lo; and reading that quote reminded me of this:

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 8, 2008

    why doesn’t she like jlo? if funny how she didn’t say that i hate that girl she just say idk her lol…

  2. ww4p ( January 8, 2008

    SAM I LOVE U! You made my day with this clip.

  3. T January 8, 2008

    i mean mariah is mariah but she just got back on the success wagon after the glitter situation but this s*** with j.lo is uncalled, it might just be to get her name out there for he infinitely delayed album. i mean she just needs to sing and she will sell this kinda of alleged s*** and her t-pain single, i haven’t heard but i’m tired of t-pain, all seem like gimmicks that she just doesn’t need.

  4. Anonymous January 8, 2008

    First off that quote is so old from the Charmbracelet era when the Grammys were trying to get the ladies to perform on the show together.

  5. Luke January 8, 2008

    She only hates J. Lo because back in the “Glitter” era Tommy Motolla apparently found out Mariah was going to use the Yellow Light Orchestra “Firecracker” sample for “Loverboy” and got J. Lo to use and release it first in her track “I’m Real”. This is really petty though, Mariah should have more class than that especially considering the state her voice is in these days…

  6. Anonymous January 8, 2008

    she’s already a p** so she can stay on stage by herself. hating ass b****

  7. wienna January 8, 2008

    I mean, let’s leave the ‘beefing’ to the boys. She should just stick to her ‘miming’ and tight-old fitted dresses. Let’s be real here, j-lo is a successful businesswoman(be in acting, dancing, fashion etc) that she never was and never will be. Ende!

  8. Melissa January 8, 2008

    Mariah should shut her mouth. Who doesn’t know J.Lo?

  9. Anonymous January 8, 2008

    Mariah Carey: Gossip Is ‘Complete Untruth’
    Mariah Carey is fighting back against a new Internet report that suggests she is feuding with Jennifer Lopez.

    The report, which has spread in the blogsphere Tuesday, includes a quote – supposedly from Carey – saying that she would rather appear on stage with a certain animal than ever share a stage with Lopez. The story, Carey tells PEOPLE is “a complete untruth.”

    Carey insists that the quote did not, and would not, come from her.

    “This is just some Internet gossip and it’s pathetic that people actually entertain the thought that this could be real,” Carey adds. “This is another sad example of two strong women being pit against each other.”

    Carey has a new album due out in the spring, shortly after Lopez is due to give birth.
    Source: People

    So to all of those who were already to bad mouth mariah not even sure if she said it…. That is soooo lame people love gossip. And are so ready to spread negativitely and bad mouth people they have never even met. Now I think it is true that mariah and jlo don’t really like each other. but neither has said anything bad about the other.

  10. bobo32 January 8, 2008

    dead @ mariah saying “i dont know him”!

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