New Songs: Making The Band 4 – ‘Got Me Going’ & ‘Together’ (Full)

Published: Friday 25th Jan 2008 by Sam
Making The Band 4The new season of MTV’s Making The Band is set to start next week Monday (January 28th). Meanwhile, new music from the still-nameless group that were formed last season has surfaced.
Produced by Mario Winans, ‘Got Me Going’ (the rumored first single) is smooth R&B number, with an edgy, contemporary twist. I’m really liking the vocal arrangement on this one; the way in which their voices are interlaced to create the harmonies really stands out here. Something here reminded me of vintage 112.With a snippet of ‘Together’ having hit the net earlier this month, the full version of the track has surfaced. At the production helm of this gem is hit-maker Brian Michael-Cox. Put simply, the track is one of the best new songs I’ve heard so far this year. Great stuff.


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  1. Anonymous January 25, 2008

    I like this song as well as thier first. I do hope and pray that diddy will push them, there’s great talent behind the boys. I’m not saying the girls aren’t great, it’s just I’m seeing a habit with diddy not trying to push all his artist. The guys sound great. Can’t wait to buy thier cd.

  2. tia January 25, 2008

    got me going is ok…..but together i luv dat song!!!! robert’s part is the best part of the wholllllle song….and i love the harmonies on the chorus….this song is a good look,but what im ready waiting for is the leak of donnies song so beautiful because i was really feeling that

  3. Natanyachr January 25, 2008

    I love “together”. Those boys are top of the line. You know, top shelf. I think that if they stay focused, don’t get silly ass bigheaded egos, and continue to remember why their in the music biz then they will go far. Please don’t drop one album and think 1. you made it 2. you’re the sh*t 3. you can rest., because it has only just begun!!!

  4. Mateo January 25, 2008

    Got Me Going: 4 out of 10
    Together: 7.5 out of 10

    Got Me Going: As a songwriter (and a huge fan of R&B music,) I am disappointed. As a potential fan, this song doesn’t propel me to the group. “This song is very forgettable and lacks that fire a first single needs.”

    Together: “I really like the production.” It’s not heavy production, in which in this case is okay, because it’s soild all the way through the song. I like these lyrics much better, than their supposed first single.

  5. wuwu January 25, 2008

    “get me going” uses the exact same mario beat from diddy’s “through the pain.” if it’s not the identical beat, it’s awfully similar. what’s up with all mario beats sounding alike? don’t get me wrong, i like his beats, but he needs to mix it up a beat. same with that ashanti song sounding like “last night.”

  6. Anonymous January 26, 2008

    I love tbe song, its hot. I think “Together” is beautiful and a little better. But its still great. I can’t wait to buy the album when it comes out. Plus is the group name going to be “826 Boys”. Thats what I keep hearing.

  7. nerd January 27, 2008

    i hope that NOT!! cuz im not feeling it at all. it suppose to symbolze the date they were form 8.26.07. but i pretty sure it is the name tho.. i mean how are we suppose to read it eight hundreth and six boys or 8-2-6 boys.. still not good. i mean 1-12 should better. i can’t imagine them saying 826 in their song.

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