Def Jam Drops Several DTP Artists?

Published: Friday 29th Feb 2008 by Sam
Def Jam Drops Several DTP Artists?There is mounting speculation that Def Jam have dropped several artists over at Ludacris’ Disturbing The Peace (DTP) imprint – a subsidiary of Island Def Jam. Check out the report via our friends over at SOHH Ya Heard:

The industry is all a buzz about Disturbing the Peace records. Apparently there is a major shakeup happening as we read.

According to SEVERAL of my close Def Jam sources all hell is breaking loose on Ludacris DTP imprint. Apparently when the label brought all their R&B artists to perform at Spotlight for LA Reid, along with a bunch of industry heads in NYC earlier this week, the feedback was less then thrilling. The performances were SOHH lackluster that a source told me that LA told Luda that he can take his acts and “hit the road”.

As of right now Bobby Valentino, Shareefa, and the extremely talented Stephan Jones, AKA Mr. Ordinaray has all been dropped. Sources close to Bobby claim that the artist plans on dropping his next untitled CD on iTunes. No word yet on where Shareefa, and Steph Jones will end up.

Word on the streetz is that DTP heads are planning on severing ties with Def Jam over all the drama.

According to other sources, the artist releases are set to be made official next week. I can’t say much of this surprises me; none of the dropped artists’ recent offerings have made any impact. Saying that, one has to question whether the fault lies with the artists or the label themselves. The moral of the story? Don’t ever sign with a rapper’s own label! LOL. For real, name me one artist signed to a rapper’s label that has actually blown up. Exactly. Chingy, be afraid, be very afraid….

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  1. i_love_kelly_rowland February 29, 2008

    Fu*k Bobby Valentino…

  2. Anonymous February 29, 2008

    ^Darn right. His first album sucked and I bought it like a fool.

    Bye Bobby.

  3. Anonymous March 1, 2008

    no not bobby!!! dtp is crazy for leavig him…

  4. Guadalupe March 1, 2008

    Yeh about time. Although i think Shareefa has potential if she was a little more original. But atleast we wont be hearing anymore AHhhhh ohhhhh songs from Bobby Valentino for a while.
    Im surprised it took Dej Jam so long.

  5. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    Well rumor has it, she ditched Teddy Riley, and the dude that introduced her him, and others in the music industry..
    KHARMA is a MF!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    Well it’s not DEF JAM’S fault. SHAREEFA did say she wrote the WHOLE LP!! But the credits read differently. hmmmmmm???????

  7. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    I love Luda a lot, but sometimes you need outside help to push your artits. I don’t know, maybe somebody will bring the artist up to game.

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