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Janet - 'Discipline' Tracklisting The official tracklisting for Janet Jackson’s much-hyped new album ‘Discipline’ has surfaced via Walmart and HMV Japan. With word being that the album has been completed, mixed and mastered, I would assume the tracklisting is concrete:
01. I.D. (Interlude)
02. Feedback (by R. Jerkins)
03. LUV (by R. Jerkins)

04. Spinnin (Interlude)
05. Rollercoaster (by R. Jerkins)
06. Bathroom Break (Interlude)
07. Rock With U (by J. Dupri / Ne-Yo)
08. 2nite (by Stargate)
09. Can’t B Good (by Ne-Yo)
10. 4 Words (Interlude)
11. Never Letchu Go (J. Austin / J.Dupri)
12. Truth Or Dare (Interlude)
13. Greatest X (by The Dream / T. Stewart)
14. Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
15. So Much Betta
16. Play Selection (Interlude)
17. The 1 feat. Missy Elliott
18. What’s Ur Name (by J. Dupri)

19. The Meaning (Interlude)
20. Discipline (by Ne-Yo)
21. Back (Interlude)
22. Curtains

Japanese Bonus Track
23. Let Me Know (by Ne-Yo)
24. Feedback (Ralphi Rosario Electro Shock Radio Edit)
I’m thinking the Janet fans can breathe a sigh of relief, after many assuming she’d done away with her trademark interludes. The tracklisting was pretty interesting on a number of other fronts too; the Missy Elliott collabo seems to have come out of nowhere and Janet really seems to have found a formular that (hopefully) works with a select few producers and stuck with it. Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins has a lot of material placed on the record, as do rising stars The Dream & Tricky Stewart. ‘Discipline’ drops February 26th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. kk February 1, 2008

    What is with all the damn interludes, all of her albums have f****** interludes.

    I can understand an intro and outro but whats with them throughout the f****** album

  2. Luke February 1, 2008

    Oh please STFU with your ignorant, no knowledge self its her trademark, she’s done it on every album since “Rhythm Nation” her fans expect her to do it most of these interludes are actually cool intros to the next track or have awesome music and are needed for the album to feel cohesive and complete. If that’s all you have to say about the album in whole then you’re obviously just here to hate. Listen to the two awesome album tracks that just leaked and then try to hate, this album is gonna be AWESOME!

  3. Anonymous February 1, 2008

    i dont care if thats her trademark or anybody else’s…that s*** is annoying…i like to listen to albums straight through

  4. Anonymous February 1, 2008

    if you don’t like the interludes then just skip em or delete them.

    i love janets interludes, ya’ll obviously haven’t listened to earlier janet albums.

    so guys, stop bitching. [=

  5. kk February 1, 2008

    I own every Janet Jackson album and have heard all of the interludes but after awhile it just gets boring.

    How many of yall paid for each of her albums ?

    yall talking about you like them, how many people like them or not you dont know so you cant say anyhing about it. unless you did a poll

    either come with facts or STFU

  6. LIYAH February 3, 2008

    can’t wait to get my hands on this album & listen to the whole thiang!

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