Khia Speaks Janet ‘Beef’

Published: Thursday 14th Feb 2008 by Sam

This is news to me. I didn’t know there was any ‘beef’ and, judging by this video, I don’t think there is – from Janet’s end, anyway. While Khia does bring up some valid points (‘So Excited’ should have been the first single), she comes across kinda bitter and ungrateful. I mean, Janet and Khia sharing the stage. That would have been a hot mess.

Do you agree with Khia?

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  1. Anonymous February 14, 2008

    I had never heard of Khia until you posted this…and I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to the industry. She seems like a bitter loser. I don’t like Janet, though, so I don’t really care.

  2. Anonymous February 14, 2008

    that last comment dont make no dam sense they dont know khia, and they don’t like janet. but they take the time to write a comment.. come on. i love janet but when i heard she was working with khia smelled JD all over that one. so khia is crazy, it aint janet oprah, and all those other show would never have khia on cause she nasty that’s all get over it

  3. Anonymous February 14, 2008

    “that last comment dont make no dam sense they dont know khia, and they don’t like janet. but they take the time to write a comment.. come on.”
    You clearly don’t speak a lick of English, so I’m not going to translate my comment for you. Ghetto, I say.

  4. Anonymous February 15, 2008

    She is alright. Khia was just talking about reality. Janet was on Virgin Records when that single dropped and Virgin did now know how to market Janet. I heard the original version of “S** Excited” with Khia rapping solo so I can respect her for stating her oponions on why her verses were minimized to a hook and the single was not put out first. However, the song was just okay and Janet is on Def Jam now.

  5. Anonymous February 15, 2008

    khia made the single lick my back etc

  6. Anonymous February 15, 2008

    yea im feeling khia on the realness of her comments, i mean she just experienced the bs, and now shes speaking on it..i think alot of artists need to start speaking on all the bs that goes on in the indusrty,im just nosy! lol… but at the same time she has to realize that the song was just a feature, not a group song! so no khia you wont be able to perform it everywhere you go. hell rihanna didnt take jay-z on every performance, beyonce didnt take shakira for every performance, so chill!!

  7. Felisha February 15, 2008

    Blah blah blah…. let it go Khia, lol. That whole CD was flopping regardless. So Excited should’ve come out before Call On Me definitely, but it’s not like it was gonna make a world of difference for her to holla “talk dirty, don;t hurt me…” or whatever the line was. ONE LINE!!! DAMN!! Calm down, bitter b****. =P

  8. Anonymous February 15, 2008

    lmao at you felisha. thats funny!

  9. Anonymous February 15, 2008

    Khia can STFU, cause SO EXCITED reached the TOP 50 in 10 countries, Top 40 in 7, Top 30 hit in 4, Top 20 in 5, Top 10 in 4, and #1 in 2 countries. The first # 1 they had was in Japan, second was on the U.S Dance charts. The way I look @ it is Janet not only payed the B**** nice money, She gave her 2 # 1’s world wide and money to even do a third album; due to the fact that Khia’s second album (that came out b 4 her song w/Janet) still only sold 13k world wide. Khia go suck something please ,and shut up. Lets not forget that the 2 songs she had out after “My neck,my back,” didn’t even chart.

  10. Anonymous February 17, 2008

    I think Khia has a good point though. She should’ve been called to perform with Janet to help bring her name out.

  11. Anonymous February 18, 2008

    Khia is just a bitter B**** w/ NO talent.

  12. Anonymous February 18, 2008


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