Leona Performs ‘Bleeding Love’ At ECHO Awards

Published: Saturday 16th Feb 2008 by Sam

UK singing sensation Leona Lewis performed her smash ‘Bleeding Love’ at Germany’s ECHO Awards ceremony last night (February 15th). Not her best performance of the song – a couple of ‘iffy’ moments made for that – but still great all the same. Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed ‘Better With Time’ is Leona’s next single here in the UK.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    it was weird

  2. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    why are bloggers so quick to ride on leona for a “few iffy notes” when she’s a world class singer. however, when live performances are posted of the likes of rihanna, fergie, cassie, ciara etc. etc. who sing like drowned cats half the time, no comment then. i surely hope it’s because you bloggers judge leona on a higher scale to those inferior singers.

  3. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    I don’t care what anyone says Leona can sing better than most singers out there. A.I. yoooooooo !!!!!!

  4. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    Leona was incredible, And beautiful!!

  5. Anonymous February 16, 2008


  6. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    yoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!! ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! real voice real lady, she’s hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Anonymous February 16, 2008

    She TORE IT UP toward the end! GAVE ME CHILLS. She is great, sings with so much passion to be so new to the game.

  8. Anonymous February 17, 2008

    girl can sing, but she has no personality on stage. in the visual era you got to have more than the voice. For example you know beyonce can sing and dance her ass off ,but she can just come on the stage strike a pose and you just feel something different. thats star power. only few artist has that

  9. Anonymous February 17, 2008

    not all bloggers.. only this blogger thinks he knows it all. leona was great as usual. this seemed to me like on of her best performances , presence wise etc. despite the accused iffy moments which i hardly noticed she was vocally on point as usual. this dude needs to sit his ass down.he wouldnt point out a beyonce “iffy” moment

  10. Luke February 18, 2008

    God you are all so defensive, Sam is right there were a few iffy notes and he’s saying that because Leona is normally perfect at hitting the notes in this song. It still amazes me how she manages to that background vocal at the end though (The extended “I”), she’s awesome! She’s probably not doing it as well because she’s getting tired of performing this f****** song anyway especially at small gigs like this one. I can’t wait for “Better In Time” to come out, I love that track, she should have released “Take a Bow” or “Homeless” though, there’s always the next singles I guess…

    Can’t wait to see the new videos too, apparently its a double A-Side with “Footprints”. (annoying whiny song imo)

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