Natalie Cole: Winehouse Didn’t Deserve Grammy’s

Published: Monday 11th Feb 2008 by Sam
Natalie Cole: Winehouse Didn't Deserve Grammy's It appears not everyone was pleased with Amy Winehouse’s big win at yesterday’s Grammy Awards. Singer Natalie Cole has expressed her disapproval:

“I don’t think she deserved it,” previous Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole said. “I think she needs to get her life together first, and then get the awards later.”

Winehouse took a break from rehab to perform via satellite from London at the Grammys and collect five awards.

Cole also called Winehouse “crazy,” and complained that we are teaching youngsters that they can get rewarded for bad behavior. {Source}

While I can see where Cole’s coming from, her comments make no sense. Yes Amy was a mess and whatnot, but that doesn’t take away from the brilliance that was her ‘Back To Black’ album. Is Natalie implying that Amy’s stupidity should be punished by not rewarding her music – no matter how good? I respect Natalie and her achievements, but surely she’d be better off engaging her brain before making such silly a comment.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous February 11, 2008

    No that wasn’t a silly comment it was truth. N COLE has done worse, she use to win her grammys and then celebrate on the streets of los angeles skid row. with tons of drug addicts. n was unreconizable. then when she got clean she won 9 or more grammys including album of the year. she knows what she is talking about. her advice will save amy’s life, grammys won’t and that’s more important.

  2. T February 11, 2008

    they don’t make sense, i know amy battles with alcohol and bulimia but the herion was after ‘back to black’ was released, so whitney had some success during drugs, britney had a little, i mean s*** heath just died from drugs, most stars but amy is getting herself together. THE CD ‘BACK TO BLACK’ IS GREATNESS, it’s real and expressive and as long as the girl is on her way to rehabilitation what’s the problem natalie??

    i don’t condone what she’s done, but her progress is do, and you can’t knock something that’s great!!

  3. Anonymous February 11, 2008

  4. February 11, 2008

    who is she … she sounds a lil jealous imo

  5. Anonymous February 11, 2008

    Ok People!!! can someone explain to what does her music have to do with her addiction. Music award shows are based on the beats, lyrics, song writer(s), sales, and promotion. MUSIC AWARDS WE NOT CREATED ON SOMEONE’S PERSONAL LIFE. In the music & movie industry drugs run rampant. Some just can hide their addiction well.

  6. Nika February 12, 2008

    Natalie Cole has her nerve. I mean she battled her own drugs problems. I remember when I was younger and my mother told me of all of the appearances that she made WASTED! That the pot calling the kettle.

    Amy is on the way to recovery and it don’t matter she is one of the best artist out there.

    Natalie wouldn’t even be famous if it wasn’t for her father anyway. The only reason music people listened to her was because of her father because to me HER talent it not Grammy worthly unlike Mrs. Winehouse unusual style.

    She need to go and sit down somewhere, HATER!

  7. darkaqua February 12, 2008

    Natalie Cole was on drugs for MANY MANY MANY years, but that didn’t take away from her God given talent. She was in the same position Amy is in now. I looked at Amy perform and anyone can tell she getting better. And YOU could tell she really was in shock for winning…like SHE finally believes she talented. Natalie Cole can’t judge anyone..that’s GOD’s job! She was awarded for her GOD GIVEN TALENT, SHE WAS AWARDED BECAUSE THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF 07!!! She just needs to PRAY for AMY recovery..JUST LIKE SOMEONE PRAYED FOR HER!!!!

  8. Anonymous February 12, 2008

    That comment from Natalie was not needed. As everyones said its about the music. I dont agree with Amys lifestyle but its obvious shes getting better. Its so rare to find someone unique and with a voice like hers in this day and age and i think that needs to be rewarded. Just thinking about what shes gona bring on her next album is crazy. The amount of people that wana work with her.

  9. Anonymous February 12, 2008

    I agree with Natalie. She is right. Amy’s wins were a joke & they just teach her that being completely screwed up will get you far in life. As far as the music is concerned, are the lyrics to “Rehab” REALLY the best from last year? Please. And that performance…

  10. Anonymous February 12, 2008

    Natalie should shut up!!! Her mother had to take over her finances & plus she couldn’t even raise her own son… Amy doesn’t have any children…not that she should be using but who is Natalie to talk because she was an addict. She would be broke & busted now if it wasn’t for her mother taking control her finances. She went on Oprah once & denied she was still on drugs and come to find out she was still using. She better shut up & recognize because she is one step from being in Amy’s situation. I use to like Natalie but since she has become a Judge in someone’s life…I can’t stand her.

  11. Anonymous February 12, 2008

    Hypocrite. I don’t see her giving back the awards she won when she was messed up.

    …people and their holier-then-thou complex make me laugh…

    Amy has talent. One can say what they want, but she is raw talent. You don’t need studio techs to improve it…it just is.

  12. Anonymous February 12, 2008

    now amy just needs to learn how to perform. I need lauren hill because this is her sound that won this year. also she rap and sings and uplifts your spirts and she moves. laurn not amy

  13. Anonymous February 13, 2008

    I thought the comment was wrong. Amy didn’t get the awards for her bad behavior, or for any type of behavior at all for that matter. She was awarded for her talents as a singer. Her Cd is really nice and I know many people who like her songs. As far as her demons that has nothing to do with her music. Natalie was an addict herself once upon a time. She has since gotten herself together. So to tear down another artist I thought was distasteful. There are plenty of singers, actress’s, etc who have drug addictions, alcohol addictions, and everything else that you can think of and you haven’t heard speak out about any of them. Why did she choose this particular person? I think that sometimes just because you think it does not mean that you should say it.

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