Pussycat Dolls Working On New CD

Published: Monday 18th Feb 2008 by Sam
Pussycat Dolls Working On New CDFollowing a string of flop singles, it appears Nicole Scherzinger is taking heed to calls for her to return to the Pussycat Dolls. Songwriter Sean Garrett, in a recent interview with our friends over at Rap-Up.com, confirmed that he is currently contributing to a new Pussycat Dolls record. When probed about the status of Nicole Scherzinger’s much delayed ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ LP, Garrett stated that Scherzinger is still working on the project (huh?!) and there is to be some form of tie-in with the Pussycat Dolls album. What exactly that means is anyones guess. Whatever the case, here’s hoping it marks an end to Nicoles dire solo assault on the charts. {Source}

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  1. mk February 18, 2008

    Thansk god, i’ve been waiting for the next PCD album hopefully without Asia.

    I’m hoping that the others geta chance to sing this time.

    It’ll probably come out late 2008, after the Paradiso Girls & Girlicious release their albums.

  2. Anonymous February 18, 2008

    ^^ True that i liked their first album even though Nicole sang the whole thing which doesn’t sound like a group to me with Melody and Carmit singing oh ah once in a while, that’s a joke and so was the 2 solo singles Nicole did if she would have stayed on the same vibe/sound as she was doing she would have been OK but ah well it wasn’t fair on the other girls anyway

    And what’s with the Asia girl? why did theuy need another? I was thinking cos Nicole bounced to go solo but i guess she came crawling back

  3. Anonymous February 19, 2008

    Asia left didn’t she!?

    anyways, it’s real dire she’s going back to PCD this soon..she genuinely has had some good hit songs, just..idk i guess the want for her as a solo singer isn’t as high for the group..but still, she IS the main singer, come on! jessica, melody and carmit singing OCCASIONALLY?
    aint fair..i feel bad for Nicole, she deserves more credit!

  4. Anonymous February 23, 2008

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