Mariah Carey – ‘E=MC²’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 18th Mar 2008 by Sam
Mariah Carey - 'E=MC²' Cover Here is the official cover for Mariah Carey’s forthcoming new album ‘E=MC²’, which hits stores April 15th. I’m not liking it. The cover is actually a mess IMO; she looks like an ostrich with that dress or whatever she’s holding. The font doesn’t really mix with the background either. Just, no. Granted it’s just a cover, Mariah has kinda disappointed me on all fronts this time around (so far) – songs, performance-wise and now this. I’m really hoping her album will be serving up more than what I’ve heard already, as it would be a shame to go from the brilliance that was ‘The Emancipation’ to…well…this.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Luke March 18, 2008

    I guess opinions come in all shapes cos I LOVE it, very 90s which is always good for me and Mariah looks gorgeous. Janet lived up to my expectations, I loved the first single, the videos, most of the album and the art direction was AWESOME for “Discipline” too. With Mariah I can say the same and “Migrate” and “Touch My Body” are both hot, so hopefully the rest of the album won’t disappoint either!

    I’m really looking forward to this album!

  2. Mateo March 18, 2008

    Interesting…It’s cute.

  3. ww4p ( March 18, 2008


    This cover is everything…. Mariah might have found her balance between glam and trash.


  4. mr.ANYE March 18, 2008

    um….who eva u r, something mus b wrong wit ur head becuz u always have something negative to say about mariah. but i undastand ur simply stating your quite irrelevant opinion – its a brilliant album cover.

  5. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    She is not WEARING anything. She is holding the dress in front of her…just like that hat. I think the foreground font is good. The thin font in the back looks scratchy.

  6. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Oh, god. Sam your so stupid, all your opinions are trash.

    TMB is such medicority but it’s still a good song, but she introducing the album, the songs will be amazing. What do you know about posing and album covers?

    My god. I really hope Chris Breezy pops you one in the face when you interview him cause of all the s*** you sya about Rih too. But I bet he doesn’t waste his time reading this trash blog.

    It’s all scrap updates from other places. As a matter of fact, Im not sure why I come back. I only come cause Toya keeps saying your good. I love the girl to bits but this place is a hot s***** mess.

    Good day you know nothing twit.

  7. Jai March 18, 2008



  8. T March 18, 2008


  9. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Sam is upset that Janet’s album is not performing well. Am I right Sam? You know I am so stop hating on MC!!!

  10. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    that cover looks wayyyy too cheap! she really needs to step up her game with the videos (cheap) and albu, cover tooo. WTH is goin on MC?

  11. Richie March 18, 2008

    you try to do hold that pose and look good. only mariah can make it happen! i LOVE it!

  12. junii0r March 18, 2008

    omg MC! the camera angle is not that good, i love the way she looks just VERY bad cam angle, and that big “M A R I A H” what!? its to “in your face” so this is the way i think it should look, i tweaked the picture a little bit, but i think my concept is slightly better go take a look and let me know what you think. . . .


  13. Jai March 18, 2008

    Much Better

  14. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    i’m a bit disappointed, i don’t like this cover at all, i rather have “Touch My Body” single cover.

  15. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Well, it’s just an album cover… What is it there to like or hate about it? It’s just a photo of Mariah and I like it. Whatever the album cover is, if it’s Mariah on it, then I would like it. 🙂 The pose, the dress, the font, whatever… These are just some insignificant details… And I really like the two songs from Mariah’s new album. I hope (and I’m sure) that there are many more hits in it to come. 🙂

  16. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    i dont like that big pink “MARIAH” is that….but the rest looks good.

  17. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    I don’t like it…
    Where’s the font they took for all her album covers since…her first album?
    And why did they change Mariah Carey just for Mariah??

    I think it’s not official…

  18. telia s battle March 19, 2008

    I Mariah, but not the cover!

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