Michelle Williams Preps ‘Unexpected’

Published: Friday 21st Mar 2008 by Sam
Michelle Williams Preps 'Unexpected' According to Billboard.com, Michelle Williams’ new album has been titled ‘Unexpected’ and is slated for an August release via Music World/Columbia. Check out their preview of the album, as well as the confirmed tracklist:

“Unexpected” boasts production from Stargate, Rico Love, the Heavyweights, Wayne Wilkins, Andrew Frampton and SoulShock & Karl. “We Break the Dawn” is the first single, set to drop in April, while the Stargate-produced “Stop This Car” is the second.

The set features pulsating beats on “Lucky Girl,” where Williams uses a vocoder; “The Greatest,” utilizes a martial drum pattern and a winding piano riff; the “Pump Up the Jam”-esque “Private Party;” and the Heavyweights-produced “Thank You,” where Williams sings, “While you were out getting yours, boy I was getting mine / I want to thank you for the times you cheated on me.”

Official Tracklist:

1) Hello Heartbreak
2) We Break Tthe Dawn
3) Lucky Girl
4) The Greatest
5) Til the End of the World
6) Private Party
7) Stop This Car
8) Unexpected
9) Thank You
10) Too Young for Love

I’m real amped for Michelle’s record. August is quite a way away, but I guess they’re looking to drop two singles before the album is released.

Remember folks, That Grape Juice’s interview with Michelle is right around the corner. Have a question for her? Click here to submit them

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  1. Melissa March 21, 2008

    Seems like its gonna be a good one! I can’t wait!!! Yes Michelle!!!!!

  2. Anonymous March 21, 2008

    she actually has the best personality of the group. i hope she does well.

  3. Anonymous March 21, 2008

    I really do wish that there was more than just 10 tracks 🙁 I guess B’Day only had 10 itself, and Ms. Kelly had 11 (excluding the Interlude). Oh well, best of luck to Chelle. She truly does deserve it! I really hope she kills it!! I’ll be prayin for her!

  4. Quick March 22, 2008

    I wish “Stop this car” was the first single! lol

  5. tiwalade March 22, 2008

    aww..so glad to hear michelle’s releasing an album soon..even tho its not that soon. wish her all the best..she deserves it!

  6. Matthew March 22, 2008

    “Break the dawn” peaked my interest but I don’t feel it has first single potential. On the other hand I heard the snippet for “unexpected” and instantly fell in love with it. It should definitley be the first single. It would do for her what “Torn” did for Letoya. I have such high hopes for her as I had w/ Kelly, but I fear the same mistake could make her fail when she has potential to be one of the best. I wish you nothing but HUGE first week numbers Michelle!

  7. Anonymous March 22, 2008

    I agree when some of you said that “Break the Dawn” shouldn’t be the first single. While I love the song TO DEATH I think i’d work better as a second or third single.

    I think they should release “Stop This Car” as the first single because with that first beat they have a hit record. I think it would start something totally different and let Michelle have a great enterance into the industry.

    Either way I’m very excited for the album and I truly believe it’s Michelle’s year. I think the album will be VERY hot and hopefully it will sell well.

  8. Anonymous March 23, 2008

    Sounds like she has rerecorded Jamelias “thankyou”…which was pretty great.

  9. Anonymous March 23, 2008

    I kove michelle but I wish she would do some catchy dance songs like bootylicous,I that would be awsome if she did some songs like that.Something a little more edgy is what I would like to hear from her,Don’t get me wrong I love what I’ve heard so far from the album but I just hope she’s got some dance tracks.

  10. DA March 24, 2008

    Michelle has to do songs that reflect her personality. Songs like bootylicious reflect the other DC members and honestly, Michelle always looked uncomfortable/ weird on the stage when they performed those songs.

    I know everyone has an opinion but we should be careful as fans when we give advice that it doesnt damage people’s career. Michelle is obviously a souls/ blues/ RnB type singer and even if she goes into pop, I dont expect her to delve too deep into heavy dance-type styles like Ciara’s songs or Kelly Rowland’s Work/ Comeback, etc.

    Maybe later on she will get to that point but for right now I think it would be a mistake for them to fill her album with heavy dance tracks. Singing, not dancing is her key strength.

  11. k March 25, 2008

    I love the single choice, but there better be more than 10 songs on the album or else I might have to reconsider buying it. I don’t I get my money’s worth with only 10 songs. No good if you ask. The album better not be all dance tracks either cos Michelle needs to show off her amazing vocals on some ballads and mid-tempos. Dance albums don’t sell that well, there should be in my opinion a good balance of 5 dance tracks, 5 mid-tempos and 5 ballads. Come on Chelle get it together, we don’t want another Ms. Kelly flop, you are too good for that to happen.

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