That Grape Juice To Interview Chris Brown

As reported recently, That Grape Juice has a number of high profile interviews lined up for the month of March. I’m pleased to confirm, then, that we will be interviewing teen R&B star Chris Brown here in London in a few weeks time. The multi-Platinum selling singer will be in town for his ‘MTV…Presents Chris Brown’ show at the Indig02 on March 23rd (click here to buy tickets). I’m sure many of you will like to submit questions for Chris, so, as usual, please drop them in the comments section. Remember, only genuine/appropriate questions will be considered. Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    Congratulations on the opportunity, that’s pretty high-profile.

  2. Toya March 3, 2008

    Mmmmmm hmmmmmmm….. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. T March 3, 2008


    You wrote so much on the new cd ‘Exclusive’, is that a sign of you started to helm your own cd’s now? Are going to be producing or writing for other artist as you grow into your craft?

  4. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    Make sure he doesn’t read the blog, he’ll hate you and punch you un the face when he sees all the Rihanna hating you got.

    Ask him about Rihanna please. And tell him he should release You and Take You Down.

  5. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    I’m not sure if this falls under inappropriate, but I thought of a question: Do you follow politics? What are your thoughts on the upcoming U.S. election?

  6. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    ask him if now that he’s famous his relation with girls are easiest…

  7. neutral17 March 3, 2008

    It’s obvious you’ve done a lot of growing up on this CD as well as your audience. With that being said how come you didn’t release your mature songs as singles like “Take You Down” or “Damage” for instance?

  8. Joel March 3, 2008

    1- Did you ever had some insecurities about your voice since u have an uncommon tone ?
    2 – What does you think set you apart from the others male r&b artists who can all dance and sing ?
    3 – The r&b is kinda ruled by women. How you think men can take back their spots ?
    4 – The most unexpected collaborations (production wise or duet) you could do ?
    5 – What’s in your iPod right now ?
    6 – Aren’t you scared of the crisis music industry is going through right now ?

  9. Ase March 3, 2008

    What is the one thing people don’t know about celebrity (pitfalls, benefits etc.)

    If he could do one thing that could impact the world, wht would it be

  10. smarty05678 March 3, 2008

    We have all seen the pictures w/ Chris and Rihanna…The one question is are you in a relationship with Rihanna?

  11. Jason March 3, 2008

    Do you have any plans to tour internationally?

  12. Gary Connell March 3, 2008

    What’s your favorite song of all-time and why?

  13. Misstiel March 3, 2008

    -Your 18, going to be 19 in a few months, are you going for a more grown-up sound and look for the next album?

    -If so, what type of music can we expect from the adult Chris Brown?

  14. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    Hello, Chris

    I would like to know how many tattoos you have and also are you getting anymore.

  15. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    i want to know: ARE YOU DATING RIHANNA OR NOT?!?!?

  16. Anonymous March 3, 2008


  17. Anonymous March 3, 2008

    well, of course if he is dating Rihanna, and if he denies ask him to explain the all cuddling and canoodling in Paris and Jamaica pics, and if he still denies ask him if this a damn publicity stunt! Thank you

  18. Keyta March 3, 2008

    1. You once said that some of your influences were Ginuwine, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, etc. Would you ever consider doing a cover of one of their songs as a homage to them? What about a duet?

    2. Is Rihanna your “Cindrella”? LOL!

    3. What has been, to you, the most amazing thing that happened to you since you became famous?

    4. What are some things that you just can’t do anymore?

    5. Do you want your little brother to follow in your footsteps?

    6. How is your mom and family handling your fame?

    7. Would you ever consider doing a reality show?

    8. Will you be doing more acting? If so, what would be his dream role? Does he want singing/dancing roles or more like his last movie “This Christmas”, in which he plays someone who could be a real person with a mixture of both?

    9. What’s the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning?

    10. Fav food/snack he can’t give up?

    11. It’s been rumored that he will join Kanye West’s tour. Is that true?

    12. What makes you angry?

    LOL!!! That’s all I could think of right now. Hope these help. ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Aya March 4, 2008

    Ask Him :

    Why are you denying the rumors of you and Barbados originated Rihanna when there are so many pictures that have proven that you are together?

    How do you feel about your fans seeing the pictures of you and Rihanna?

    Do you think you’ll loose fans because of it?

    You said that you wouldn’t date anybody and if you did you’d let your fans know, why are you hiding the “relationship” you and Rihanna share?

    Thnx =) … Can’t wait for the interview!

  20. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Are you aware of your gay fanbase and does it make you uncomfortable? Do you treat themk any differently?

  21. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    1)Do you think you will lose fans because of the Rihanna rumors???

  22. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    I know everyone wants to ask questions about Chris Brown the artist but I want to know about Chris Brown the person. What are some interesting hobbies you might have or what are some interesting facts about you that only your closest family and friends might know?

  23. Tevin March 4, 2008

    what advice do you have for struggling 16 years olds trying to find dates?


  24. Anonymous March 4, 2008


  25. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    hey chris, will you be doing a summer tour?

  26. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Now yall know he’s not gonna want to be asked about Rihanna lol. That’s getting in his personal life. But I got 2 questions for Chris.

    1.) Will he be joining the Face Off tour or the Glow in the dark tour this?

    2.) What are his plans for this summer?

  27. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Hell, I can answer some of these questions my damn self!

    1) His international kicks off this week in Germany

    2) He will start a new movie role his year in which he will play a basketball star

    And I don’t appreciate “Anonymous March 4 5:41 am” copying my questions and adding a line to it!

  28. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    international tour

    new movie role this year

    *sorry typos!

  29. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    First, I wanna say congrats on you on Rihanna. As much as it hurt for us to find out through pictures && no straight from your mouth im happy for you, cuz your happiness is what us tru CB fans wanna see. But with that being said, you did say in the past you wouldn’t date celebs because they are divas && you wanted a regualr girl, so what about Rihanna changed your mind && why haven’t you just come out && said it alread. Your true fans will stick by you!

  30. Jason March 4, 2008

    Just last year Beyonce was caught taking credit for a song she didn’t write with “Irreplaceable”. What do you think about artists who take writing credits? Do you agree with it? Is it because the record labels don’t pay enough money to the artists so they have to find other means?

  31. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    How tall are you?

  32. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    I know you’re good friends with Bow Wow. How does it feel to tower over him? I saw you two on TRL and you and that host were like 6 footers and then Bow Wow looked like a little kid compared to you guys. Does he ever feel short next to you?

  33. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Could you ask Chris If he’s dating Rihanna because there are alot of Pictures Floating around on the Internet Of Chris And Rihanna getting Cosy In a pool in jamaica and Pictures of them in paris getting even more closer also ask him about the matching tattoo’s i just wanna know IS CHRIS DATING RIHANNA OR NOT

  34. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    my question for Chris is ;

    Where do you find all your background dancers to come with you on all your tours? like Janina Scooter Myles Helen Chozin B Shaw II Sweet Maryss nd the other ones..?

  35. Nicko March 4, 2008

    umm what i want to know is y do u and rihanna have the same tattoo???

  36. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    what do you think is one of your biggest insecurities or flaw that you’ve struggled with?

  37. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    what would you say to all the people who say you are more about looks than talent

  38. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    hey chris ………….first and foremost i would like to say that if your in a relationship with Ms.rihanna im happy………..but also angry becuase in the vibe magazine you said that your NOT interested in Dating an industry girl!!!! As one of your biggest fans who goes to every concert,buy every Damn magazines and stayz on long lines for your Cds………..i would like to know are you dating that gurl becuase those pictures sayz alot.In those pics you and her dont lOOk like brothers & sisters like she claims……….you guys look like LOVERZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! But if she makes you happy then im happy for you chris But you need to say something because you have angry FANZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    To Anonymous, March 4, 2008 7:13 AM

    relax man i liked ur question and wanted to emphasize it.. dang, like i insulted u or something.. i really liked the way it was set up and want them to ask that question!!! backup questions is always good! so appreciate back cuz i was appreciatin u

  40. Debbie March 4, 2008

    Are you working on a new album and what is he doing now, now he’s not touring or whatever and since he said he wouldn’t do any industry chicks why he gone back on his word and dating Rihanna?

  41. DATgemiCiCi March 4, 2008

    Hey Chris =) We all know you’re a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson. I always wanted to know what is your favorite MJ video, song, and album?

    Ciara M.- Milwaukee WI

  42. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    1.You said a couple of months ago that you`re going to be the biggest star in the world(in the dub magazine interview).I would like to know how do you plan to do it.Would you like to promote your music all over the world or do you want your music to promote you all over the world? Tihana
    Thank you

    2.What about your concerts in Europe.I live in Croatia and I would love to see you in a concert but I have to pay a lot to go to Germany.Thank God I can afford it,but what about my friends who wanna see you somewhere near Croatia.In Italy maybe… Tihana
    Thank you

  43. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    I would like to ask two questions…
    I noticed you’ve changed your tattoos quite a bit. Can you explain the symbolism to each?
    Also, is it true that you and Rihanna have “matching” tattoos or is it just a coincidence?
    One more…
    Will you ever be on MTV Cribs because I would love to see your home??

  44. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    MY QUESTION >>>>

    Chris Brown, you have promised your fans that you were going to tell them whether or not you have a girlfriend and it’s sooo obvious you and Rihanna are dating so why do you have to lie about it? why not just come out and say it? No one would be ashamed to say their with Rihanna so why are you? Also you better release take you down or else me and my friends wont be able to forgive you for leaving us ๐Ÿ™ And also you better him them your website chris brown world because your fans are starting mad drama down their and a lot of you fan site are having a lot of trouble. I hope that who ever is in charge of this website will get chris to answer at least one of my many questions and maybe mention my name BAY-BAY that would make my day!! Much Love Dudes

  45. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    ASK HIM:

  46. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    What is the most embrassing thing that has happened to you?

  47. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    did you ever kiss rihanna

  48. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    To Anonymous March 4, 7:13

    ok, I apologize, but I am a female btw, and care more about Chris than Rihanna. Nonetheless, I hope “our” questions get answered!

  49. London Cason March 4, 2008

    Who is ur favorite go go band?

  50. serena March 4, 2008

    Hello Chris!!!! I, like many other people, of course have to bring up the whole Rihanna thing. Im sorry to bring that up but, as you probably know, its unavoidable.

    Are you and Rihanna a couple?

    Do you consider yourself a role model for younger kids? (I definitly think your one, but I am curious what you think.)

    I like sensitive guys, so I was wondering when was your last meltdown and why did it happen? (Kind of a stupid question I know but I’m a curious freak) lol

    Do you see marriage in your future?(pleaseee dont answer if you are going to say you want to marry Rihanna. Sorry but i cant quite handle that yet. give me a minute…okay now answer)sorry again im a loserrr/freak which ever you prefer

    Do you plan to ever have kids?

  51. Alyx March 4, 2008

    Are you and Rihanna a couple?

    Do you consider yourself a role model for younger kids?

    I like sensitive guys, so I was wondering when was your last meltdown and why did it happen?

    Do you see marriage in your future?

    Do you plan to ever have kids?

    Have you ever been in love?

    What would you describe as the perfect date?

    Besides Virginia, what other state do you feel the most “at home” in?

    What is your most memorable moment out of your whole life so far? Why was it so memorable?

    If you could go back in time to before you were famous, what would you go to?

    If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change?

    What do you like to do when your at home in Virginia on vacation?

    Whats your pet peeve?

    What do you think people percieve you as?

    In 50 years, what do you think want people to think about when they hear the name Chris Brown? What mark do you want to leave in the music industry?

    Whats something that people would be suprised to know about you?

    Have you ever met a fan that was drop dead gorgeous who you wanted to have a relationship with, but you were to afraid to ask?

    What is your biggest insecurity?

    Do you ever get emabarrased and when you do, why?

    What is your most embarassing moment?

    Have you ever ran into a glass door thinking that it was open?

    Have you ever pushed a pull door and couldn’t figure it out?

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

    What do you think about the sport hockey and what is your favorite NHL team?

    What is the best book you have ever read?

    What is your favorite chris brown song ever, including any unreleased tracks?

    What is your favorite school subject?

    Do you ever get discouraged?

    What is a state you have never been to?

    What is a state you have never been to but plan on going to?

    Have you ever surfed?

    Have you ever snowboarded?

    Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?

    Wow im running out of questions….

  52. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    From all the pictures flowing through the internet with you and Rihanna it seems the saying “We’re just friends” is a little bit overrated. So are you and Rihanna dating? If not do you see a future with her besides a friend?

  53. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    When will production of your upcoming movie ‘Phenom’
    start. And I truly feel for you, not one person in this forum would allow someone else analyze or question their personal life, yet they act like you owe us something more than good entertainment!!! Best of luck in everything you try Chris..And stay the great guy you are, and believe me, you aren’t going to loose one female fan if you are dating someone..They will get a life and still enjoy you!!!!

  54. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    what is the standard of success are you currently trying to reach in your career?

  55. Destinee March 4, 2008

    Ay Chris!
    My first question iz what concerts did u go 2 before u where famous.
    second iz what is the most played song in your iPod right now?
    third iz What is your song 2 performe on stage?

    Love, Destinee Y.
    Detorit, MI

  56. Anonymous March 4, 2008


  57. CbReEzY-ShOrTi3 March 4, 2008

    Ask Chris if him and Rihanna are just “friends” then why are there so many pictures on the net of them as a couple and ask him if he wasn’t with Rihanna and if he isn’t is h intrested in Jordin Sparks?

  58. Remedy March 4, 2008

    What is your biggest pet peeve and why?

    What are three things that you could not live without?

    What are four things you find attractive about the opposite s**?

    Do you speak another language fluently

  59. Kaylon AKA Mrs.Cbreezy March 4, 2008

    I love music

    What’s your favorite song from your last album and why?

    What’s your favorite song form your new album and why?

    What’s your favorite song from other artists and why?

  60. Catherine :] March 4, 2008

    there’s been so many pictures of YOU & RIHANNA, so i was just wondering if you two are a couple now??? and if you two are together, then why did you say that u would never go with a girl working in the same industry as you!!??

  61. Antoinnette March 4, 2008

    The questions that i would like to ask Chris(if possible,please)are as follows:

    1.) Being a celebrity is challenging at times (quote: from what i can see)…god as you have mention is an important guidance factor in your life, along with your mother, and supporting elders(others)..****what would you say is your favorite bible verse that keeps you strong/well rounded?****

    2.) Has “Chris Brown” ever experienced “true” love?

    !Congrats Chris on everything! N God Bless

    p.s. Thank You guys for this opportunity i really apperciate it!

  62. Mimi March 4, 2008

    Did the checkered shirt that you had in the “With You” video really change colors when you moved, or was that just a camera trick?

  63. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    My Question:

    I never believe rumors about you, but there is one rumor that all of us (your girl fans) are questioning. Is Rihanna your girl? We know that it is your life, but why did you say you would be single, because you were committed to your fans and music, and make us (your girl fans) feel screwed over?

    – Angel

  64. Aquafina March 4, 2008

    1.) Are you really going to be in that “glow in the dark tour” with Kanye West and alla them. I wanna so I kno if I need to save ma money now!?!?!?!

    2.) sorry i had to ask about RiRi. I couldnt’ help myself. DON’T U UNDERSTAND ALL UR FANS WANT IS THE TRUTH!! Seriously if it’s not true can you please explain the pics in Paris of ya’ll cuddling and the pool pics?

    Thank U!!!

  65. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    wat’s next 4 Chris…….a single? more touring? a movie? or another album?

  66. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    INDUSTRY i mean. Haha.

  67. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    1.) what is the Breakfast Club? & y did u decide to b a member?

    2.) do u still visit old friends in Tappahanock or did u just naturally stop talkin’ to them.

    3.) what would u say was the driving force behind u to become successful. What was the one thing or person that kept u grounded and determined?

  68. Aquafina March 4, 2008


    WAT HAPPPENED TO THOSE 2 LAWSUITS? are they still pending?


    Plz pic mi questions. Thankx

  69. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Whether you’re famous or not, what’s your biggest fear in life?

    Do you miss your old life? If you had a chance, would you like to back just for a day?

    If you could be an animal, what would you be?

    What’s your inspiration in life? or Who?

    Are there any other goals you’d like to achieve in the nearest future?

    & Oh can you please clear your dating “relationship” with Rihanna ! Is it official or what? The pictures can either say ya’ll friends with benefits because us, the fans, really want to clear this whole thing and move on.

    Thanks !! ๐Ÿ˜€

  70. Danielle March 4, 2008

    When was the last time you were home in Virginia?

  71. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    My Question: If you were not a singer/actor, what would your career be???

    Rachelle C.

  72. Anonymous March 4, 2008


  73. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    hey chris i am a fan i i just wonder if u are RI are dating or if she is your girlfriend if is then i will be ok “go on boy” and now that you are 18 will you leave us and go off and get married, have kids. and do u date girls younger that 4 years?

    here is one of my blogs of your website

    When i heard a bout Chris’S new CD i screamed to the roof. My mom said that i can get it. But When she got me the CD it was a fake /bootleg. i said o.k i will just the the ยฎCD later. So weeks later i got the ยฎCD. But when i went to Wal-Mart i got the last one i was soo lucky b/c this little that looked 13 she went to grab it . I ran like i was running from the Po-po. I quickly grab the CDยฎ and went to buy it. When i got to my grandparents house i opened my CDยฎ. It was not Disc two.I said o.k funny. but the CDยฎ said in small print{disc 1} i yelled out loud MOMMOM WAL-MART JYEPPED ME!!!!!!!! So my mom went to a Music store and got me the Limited Edition the Deluxe now i have How many chris brown’s CD!?!?!? After my mom got me the Deluxe Version she told me. When u meet Chris Brown tell him that You and Him are Burning MY pockets.

  74. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    1. Are you ever going to consider touring smaller cities, since we don’t get to see Chris Brown enough, or are you going to make us drive?! (It’s not fair!) Tour Sacramento, by the way.

    2. You continuously mention how much you love your fans, do you really mean it? (I’ve only seen you wear that I LOVE MY FANS t-shirt once…)

    3. How much do you care about album sales?

    4. Do you enjoy performing With You, and will you ever perform it acapella (through Youtube, or something-LIVE).

    5. How many more singles are coming off the Exclusive album?

    6. Do you feel Exclusive could have performed better than it did?

    7. Do you SERIOUSLY ever read the comments left on your Myspace? And are you ever in your MEEBO chatroom, but still, no one believes its you.

    8. Do you think you can BLOG for us on your Myspace?


    Thanks guys, hope you have a great interview!

  75. Jessica March 4, 2008

    okay these questions are kinda weird me but i just wanna kno the answers…

    1) what are your favorite songs you sing in the shower???

    2) if you werent famous do you think you’d have some of the things you have now?

    3) since there are rumors that you and rihanna are dating: why are you are DENYING them? and if you really aren’t together would you consider yourselves as “friends with benefits”?

    4) would you wait till marriage to do IT or what?

    5) would you date someone that is atleast 6 years younger than you?

    6) was your family a religious type or not really?

    7) who would like to collaborate with in 2008?

    8) are you gonna have 2 parties again one for your fans and another private party or no? if you are when and where?

    9) are you planning to come out with a new album any time soon?

    10) if you weren’t famous what do you think your job would be now?

    11) you’re starring in another film called “Phenom”. what is that about? are you the “star” of the film? what character are you playing? do you kiss or make out with anybody in the movie?

    12) are you part of any gangs or cliques besides breakfast club?

    13) it’s your prom, would you go single or bring someone who’s famous or someone who goes to your school or not go at all?

    14) do you actually comment or message people back on your myspace?

    15) when will you tour the states again? you know like SAN FRANCISCO, CA!!

    16) is it true that you will be touring with kanye? if you are why? (i’m thinking it’s cause of more time with rhianna huh?)

    17) are you thinking of going to college? if so, which one?

    18) what’s your most favorite food that you’ll never get tired of?

    19) would you ever consider of doing a reality show?

    20) would you ever consider of doing a clothing line? if so, how much would you sell it(clothing) for?

    21) what types of characteristics do you look for in a girl?

    hopefully these would help!!!!

    -Jessica Tejada
    Santa Clara, CA

  76. Jessica March 4, 2008

    oh ya to add to mine is…

    22) whats your “words to live by”?

    23) whats your biggest pet peeve about the opposite gender?

    24) whats you biggest pet peeve in general?

    24) if someone you love is taking their last breaths and they want you to commit a crime (not like murder or anyting) would you do it?

    25) whats the largest your phone bill has ever reached?

    alritey….hope these help!!!

  77. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Is it true that you might be joining “The Glow in the Dark Tour?”

  78. Anonymous March 4, 2008


  79. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    my question: Are Chris and Rihanna officially in a relationship and if so, why hasn’t he come out and said it earlier as he promised his fans he would do if he ever was in a relationship?

  80. Bianka March 4, 2008

    ok its pretty obvious him and rihanna are dating! and he even said on an interiew he is workng on his 3rd ablum! well my question is: He told his (girl) fans that they are all his girlfriends, well with rihanna on your hand do you still consider your (girl) fans your girlfriends? and all my otha questions Jessica asked so…anser hers

  81. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    hey i just wanted 2 know how life has improved since he became a celeberity

  82. Diggy Baby aka Young Cbreezy March 4, 2008

    Ask Chris Breezy..what his favorite jordan shoe number?!?!

  83. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Basically, I don’t see how you could interview Chris without asking him about Rihanna. If he denies, show him the pictures. Then if he still denies leave it be, cuz they obviously want they ish on the hush hush.

    But ask him what exactly is he doing to help promote the songs that he features in, like “Shawty Get Loose” and “No Air” because I was watchin TRL the other day and poor Jordin Sparks had to perform the whole DUET by herself…and she didn’t even know the words to his part. I mean he could at least make one appearance…I guess Rihanna got his nose so wiiiiddde open he ain’t got time for nothing else. SMDH. But don’t tell him that part. lol.

    And alo ask him about his next single. I heard he was releasing ‘Down’. Ask him if he’s still going through with that and if he could supply his fans with release date or somethin.

    Also ask about his next CD, possible features on it *cough*cough* Rihanna

    Also ask about what he thinks about how his fans react to these rumors.

    Also, when is that long promised MJ duet coming about, eh?

    And, lastly, I think, ask him about that movie Phenom he was supposed to be doing.

  84. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Oh yeah and tell that boy to start himself a gotdern blog I mean Jesurse he’s the worst when it comes to communicating with his fans. I know some of them are like beyond crazy, but damn. Even Kanye has a blog, so Chris is definitely not too busy to keep up a blog.

    And ask about the Glow in the Dark Tour but I doubt that’s true. He’ll probably be there anyway though to follow Rihanna old nonsingin behind around.

  85. chaunny March 4, 2008

    Do you have a favorite song on your ablum

  86. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Whatever you do just don’t ask the same old quetions that he’s alwys answering; don’t ask

    If you weren’t famous what would you be doing?

    Please don’t ask about the abuse.

    What inspired you to dance?

    What does it feel like being 18?

    Who are some of your role models?

    What do you look for in a girl?
    (his answer to this ? cannot be trusted; it always changes)

    What was it like growing up in such a small town?

    What was high school like?
    (This ? makes no sense to me because he only attended real high school for like a year).

    When did you start singing?

    How were you discovered?

    What is it like being young in Hollywood?

    Just anything about Exclusive. That CD came out months ago…

    Anything about This Christmas or Stomp the Yard. Just don’t. Please.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    (Obviously still dancing and singing, he’ll only be in his 20s)

    How do you handle the stress of the industry?
    (This ? just irks my nerves to no end)

    And, lastly, the NUMBER 1 played out question is…
    What’s the best part of being a celebrity? (He always says girls; it never changes)

  87. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    lets just cut to the chase here,
    and dont lie. -___-

    and also,
    -did you know them groupies be going crazy after those paris pictures?
    – do you think that youre going to lose fans because of these pictures?

  88. Halle March 4, 2008

    rihanna. and if so tell him he lied and said if he had a girlfriend you wouldnt hide it. also tell him bout da pixs(them in the pool in jamaca) if he denise.

  89. Anonymous March 4, 2008

    Dear Chris,
    What is your most memorable fan moment?

    Sam (Seattle)

  90. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    adding to halle’s:

    show him the paris pics too

  91. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    do you sometimes want to be able to go out and not have anyone chasing you or screaming your name, so you just go out and be ‘normal’?

    FROM northampton

  92. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Ask him about rihanna..we alll want to know ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  93. Blair March 5, 2008

    Would you take a bullet for a loved one?

    Who is the most important person in your life?

  94. Congo Gorilla March 5, 2008

    Do you like chinese food?

    Have you ever laughed so hard that you peed your pants?

    Whats your favorite food?

    What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

    Do you like to cook or sew or knit?

    Do you have a maid?

    What time do you usually go to bed and what time do you get up?

    Describe your room…

    Do you use moisturizer or is your face naturally thats soft and inviting?

    How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

    How long do you shower for?

    What do you look for in a girl?

    Does color of skin matter to you in a female?

    What kind of razor do you use?

    Other than yourself, who is your favorite artist right now?

    Whats your favorite TV show?

    Do you have Verizon and unlimited texting?

    How many shingles on your roof?

    Do you prefer leather seats or your basic cloth?

    Do you like heated seats or does your little tushy get too hott?

    Do you have wifi connection at yuor house?

    Have you ever used geometry sketchpad?…pretty fun let me tell you..

    Have you ever gone ice skating before?

    Have you ever gone skinny dipping or streaking?

    Do you find it alittle untasteful when the song Bed says the line…i stare at you while you sleep?

    Have you ever picked your nose then ate it?

    Have you ever dreamed of going hunting in the Adirondacks?

    What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

    Did you ever have braces or invisalign? beacuse your teeth are very straight

    Other then basketball, whats your secound favorite sport?

    Do you like scary movies or do you prefer comedies?

    Where did you find miles and scooter and where are they now?

    Do you prefer google or yahoo?

    What do you think of the name penelope?

    Do like milk duds?

    What is your favorite soda?

    What would you name your kids?(boy name and girl name)

    Whats your favorite animal?

    If you could be any animal, what would you be?…a tiger rawrr

    Tell me about your sister…

    \.’ What kind of phone do you have?

    Xbox or Wii?

    Whats your favorite color?

    Do you save your bacon fat for pancakes?

    Do you keep your popsicle sticks and make houses with them?

    Do you iron your jockstrap?

    Have you ever worn a bra?

    Have you ever watched pornographic material?

    Do you like nutella?

    Do you like seafood?

    Whats your favorite holiday?

    Whats the weirdest thing you have ever ate?

    Have you ever had a cricket fry?

    Do you like the day April 27th?

    Whats your favorite month?

    Do you ever drink indorush?

    Do you like hummus?

    Do you prefer wood flooring or tile?

    I noticed in the no air music video, it showed you playing the piano. Was that really you?

    What insruments do you play?

  95. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    MY question for chris is if he and rihanna are together..?? If he said in a past interview that he wasnt going to get invovled with a girl right now because he doesnt want to upset his girl fans.Which alot of them are because of the pictures going around.

  96. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Chris do you ever think you would go with one of your fans to her prom? If she asked you?

  97. Anonymous March 5, 2008


    Where is your favorite city to perfom in???

  98. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    CHRIS i love you soo much why are you with rihanna?!?? why!?

  99. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    why do you and rihanna have the same tattoOS?

  100. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Hey chris the name is Lorraine from miami im 18 n ive been your fan from the begining.My question is if it would ever be possible for you to go with a fan to prom?? =)

  101. Nicole March 5, 2008

    This is the question that me and a million other people want answered.DOES HE GO WITH RIHANNA.I mean by the looks of all the pictures,they are dating but they’re just not telling anyone so i think it’s tie for him to come clean to his fans.No matter what im still going to support him.I just want to know

  102. Olechka, Russia March 5, 2008

    Chris, are you planning to give a concert in Russia? There are a lot of your fans here and we all are waiting for you.

    And I also want to know what’s the craziest thing you ever done to show your feelings to a girl?

    Hope I’ll get answers for all my questions. Thanks for the opportunity.

  103. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Is he dating rihanna and if he is why didn’t he tell his fans!!!!

  104. Lauren Seminerio March 5, 2008

    i know a lot of people are asking the same question but mine is a bit different

    you tell us fans that you will never date a celeberity, and that you tend to get jealous easily and you would rather date a regular girl. now that theres pictures of you and rihanna are dating. you kept denying it to your fans..why?

  105. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    to: Anonymous, At March 4, 2008 12:30 PM

    yea dats what i supposed but thats just the way i speak, no offense! Yes thats true, but we all want to know about him and rihanna dont we??
    ME TOO!!

  106. Anonymous March 5, 2008


    1: what do you, mr brown, think of girls from east africa?

  107. Hannah March 5, 2008

    ok so chris has his own search engine ( and you can win autographed prizes on it.

    i was wondering if you could ask him to put autographed cd’s on there (right now they only have signed hats)!


  108. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Ask him has he started working on a third album

  109. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    is he dating rihanna? is he having another tour ?

  110. Roda March 5, 2008

    Here’s my question :

    1) Since you had a huge super 18, do you plan on having a big 19, or instead a bigger party for your 21?

    2) What’s the last thing you spent alot of money on ?

    – Roda from your homestate Virginia! Thanks.

  111. Anonymous March 5, 2008



  112. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    chris r u going out with rihanna..if so y didnt u tell your fans like you said u was….and i thought u didnt want an industry girl…wut happen to that

  113. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Hey Chris!My name is Tamara!I love you so much!
    But my questions are:
    1.Would you date a younger girl?
    2.Whats your most embarassing moment?
    3.What was your high school like?
    4.What was your worst girlfrend like?
    5.What do you do when you are at home on your down time?


  114. tiana March 5, 2008

    Can You Ask If Chris and Rihanna are a pair?

  115. Wanda March 5, 2008

    1. Does he visit any of his fansites, i.e. or (i know there are many others), and read comments posted by fans?
    2. How often do you visit your fansites to know how much support you are getting from your fans?
    3. As a celebrity yourself, why do you feel there is a need to hide your relationship from your fans?
    4. How are you responding to the negative reactions of your fans and what is your public response to that?
    5. When are you releasing your next single?

  116. Jazzy J March 5, 2008

    My question is ” Do you Believe that your fans will look at you differently because of the rumors about you and Rihanna?”

  117. Danaisa March 5, 2008


  118. DANAISA March 5, 2008

    ASK HIM:

  119. DANAISA March 5, 2008


  120. Miss Dani March 5, 2008

    ask him what his favorite song on the album is & what song is going to be the next single/video.

  121. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    do you really know how to play the piano?

    if you didnt become a singer what would you have done…other than become a basketball player?

    are you and rihanna dating?

    what do you want to be most remembered for in the future?

  122. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    On an Energy interview u said “people always have to have an opinion. Some peoples opinions aren’t always right, so I laugh at it.”

    Which group of people are u refering to? Critics? fans? or both?

  123. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    my question is how do you feel about your success in the last 2-3 years? (i’m not going to ask about u and riri because it’s your business and if you wanna keep it to yourself, you should have that right.)

  124. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Ask him if he and Rihanna are a couple. If he avoids the question by saying “we’re friends” ask him are they friends AS WELL as a couple. If his answer is no, ask him about all the cuddling and romantic pics and if he is concerned with how hurt his fans are.

  125. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Ask Chris if the PDA with Rihanna is a publicity stunt to derail attention away from the rumors of him romancing his manager???

  126. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    You have a wide ranged fanbase of all ages, but the bulk of your fans are females teenaged to early twenties. Are you concerned that you will lose fans behind the whole fake relationship with Rihanna?

  127. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    You say you and Rihanna are just friends, yet in the years of your friendship, there has NEVER been the personal intimacy that has surfaced over the past month. So you say you’re friends but you behave in a way to make people think you are more than friends. So, what kinda game are you playing and what is the truth???

  128. Daphne March 5, 2008

    Congradulations on getting so many views!
    I know you probaly got alot of people wanting you to ask Chris about dating Rihanna, but could you PLEASE make sure you ask him “Since you’re dating Rihanna now, dont you think that you’re hurting some of your biggest fans?”

    Thnx ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Your celeb crushes have included Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce, Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens. And then in ALL of your music videos, your lead girl is either biracial, extremely light-skinned or not Black at all. So do you like full-Black girls or girls with dark skin??? In other words, are you a colorstruck brother???

  130. Anonymous March 5, 2008

    Ask Chris if he remembers saying if he ever got into a relationship, he would let his fans know. Then ask him about Rihanna and tell him to promise the fans he’s telling the truth.

  131. Melanie March 5, 2008

    1. How do you think your personal life is affecting your fans?

    2.We all know all of the good things about Chris Brown, but what are some things you feel you can improve on?

    3.What do you think is the most embarrasing thing you’ve done since becoming famous?

  132. Thoriso March 6, 2008

    Hey Chris, You have fans all over the world and Im sure u were overwhelmed by the love you received last year during ur visit in South Africa, what I want to know is, how much input do you have on ur tour destinations? and with that in mind when will you perform in South Africa or any other parts of the world that are not regular tour destinations?

  133. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    I wanna kno

    1) How much tattoos does he have and which one is the most imporatant 2 him?


    2) What wasd the worst thing that has happened to him?

  134. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    Appropiate? Hmmm….Chris Brow Are YOU Dating Rihanna????? -or- Are You Going To Have A Summer Tour In The U.S????

  135. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    All of us fans are wondering if your dating rihanna? When you said on some interviews that you dont want to upset “female” fans. Is it true?

  136. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    hey my name is mariam and i wonna ask chris … 1)why dont u come to toronto u came to toronto like once.why not again? do u not like it here or what? 2)whould u ever go out with a 14 year old(i am 17 so i am just asking for the young ones) cause when u are 28 they will be 24. 3)i hear u wonna be a muslim is this true i am one to from afghanistan(and a fine one too LOL)so do u? LOVE YA CHRIS MWAH!! BYE!

  137. tyesha March 6, 2008

    ok ok.i wanna ask chris breezy a Q

    Q1:is the rumors true about rhirhi/
    (and tell the truth(:)

    Q2:can you please come to my school?(fossil hill middle school)

    ok thats all bye

  138. Lydia March 6, 2008

    I have a couple of questions…

    What is his favorite song off off “Exclusive”?

    What is his favorite song and who is it by?

    Thank you…

  139. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    My question is:

    How does your mother feel about the attention you get from the girls?

  140. Anonymous March 6, 2008

    **questions 4 Chris**

    1-are you working on a 3rd album

    2-Several times you have stated you would rather date a regular girl vs an industry girl. Pics of you and riri are all over the internet-EXPLAIN…lol

  141. Justis_Curious March 7, 2008

    Ok a couple questions:

    I don’t believe Bow spit in your face, but did you and him have an altercation while on tour?

    Do you ever plan to be on MTV Cribs?

    I saw a recent interview with Energy Talk, and you looked irritated. Are you just tired from being on tour, or are all the Rihanna & Chris Brown questions bothering you?

    Hate to dig anymore into your personal ife, but I’m curious so sorry…

    Why did you decide to become public with your relationship with Rihanna? It seems to me most stars try to keep their love lives as private as possible for as long as possible.(I’m not saying you should, just wondering why you didn’t?)

    Have you ever said anything in an interview that you regret?

    I heard you mentioned working on a third album, are you really going back into the studio so soon after the release of Exclusive? If so, do you ever worry about burning out?

    Sorry last one, I think you’re pretty fashionable, but why red pants to the Grammy’s? (I’m not hating, again just wondering, was it your idea or a recommendation?)

  142. Trisha March 7, 2008

    My question is: What does he feel about the paparazzi constantly following him and if he wishes that sometimes he would just be left with peace, especially considering his situation now with the rumors about him and rihanna??

  143. Mimi March 7, 2008





  144. Anonymous March 7, 2008

    i only wanna if chris is dating rihanna, & if he’s coming to rhode island anytime soon!

    oh yeah, & if he says he doesnt date her ask him why she brought him to meet her family in barbados ๐Ÿ˜‰

  145. CHRIS BROWN BRASIL March 7, 2008




    URL: http://chrisbrown-brasil.b*******.com


  146. Destinee Yearkey March 8, 2008

    Chris Brown,
    1. What is your favorite song to performe on stage?

    2. What is the most played song in your iPod?

    3. If you ever went to any, what concerts did you go to before you
    where famous?

    4. What is the best and worst part about being famous?

    5. What is one of your hidden talents?

    6. Will there ever be a music video to “I Wanna Be” from the exclusive album?

    7. Why did you give up the name graduation to kanye west?

    Thank you!
    Destinee Y.
    Detroit, michigan

  147. Anonymous March 8, 2008

    What you say about Justin Timberlake&

  148. Anonymous March 8, 2008

    What size shoe are you ?

  149. effie . March 9, 2008

    Ello mr.brown =]
    I’m not here to sk you anything about you and Rihanna or any other chick.Because honestly it is not for me to worry.
    hmmm questionsss

    Where do you see your self in like 5 -10 years HONESTLY???

    Where do you get your shoes??
    Like on the real though I’m a sneaker stan so please

    How do you handle OVER OBSSESED fans??

    and that is it =]
    Keep on representing that DMV area =]
    much lovee

  150. Rayy Rayy March 9, 2008

    What do you look for in a girl? lol Apart from Rihanna lol…?

  151. KourtneyMoncure March 9, 2008

    Will you please come out with a cd that has all of your unreleased songs on their from your latest cd?

  152. KourtneyMoncure March 9, 2008

    what was the reason for writing Damage?

  153. KourtneyMoncure March 9, 2008

    Have you cried recently and why?, Will you shoot a TAKE YOU DOWN?, ask him about his ex-girlfriends, do him and bow wow get along?, How is his relationship with his father because you never see him with his father?, Will his next cd have more mature things on there?, and do him and rihanna go together and if not why in the hell are there pictures of him with her in Jaimaca and in Paris?

  154. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    Hey Chris!! Will u come to Russia? There’re a lot your fans!!! We’re waitin’ for u!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Anonymous March 10, 2008

    1. Are you going to do a video for Take You Down.

    2.What are your 19tth Birthday plans?

  156. daffybaby01 March 10, 2008

    Hi Chris my name is Aretha and I’m from D.C. I love your music and everything that you do but as a celebrity I know that there are alot of stressful events/incidents happening in your life.But my question for you is if you had to turn back the hands of time on any event or incident that happened in your life what would it be and why?

  157. daffybaby01 March 10, 2008

    Hi Chris my name is Aretha and I’m from D.C. I love your music and everything that you do but as a celebrity I know that there are alot of stressful events/incidents happening in your life.But my question for you is if you had to turn back the hands of time on any event or incident that happened in your life what would it be and why?

    Another question for you is If you had to play a movie/documentary role of a famous inspirational artist who would it be and why?

    What would have to be the craziest event that has happened so far in the 2008 year?

    I know that you have two other little artist on the rise(myles and scooter)what can we expect out of them in the future?

    I know you and your mother have a strong relationship, has there ever been a time that she has made you mad?

    I understand that you wanted to make a clothing line,are you still thinking about putting it out?

    Do you write some of your songs that’s happened in your personal life?

  158. Anonymous March 10, 2008

    First of all u have the cutest smile lol, but my question’s is what is your most crazy-est fan experience/ or what a fan has done. and my 2nd question is could u do a british accent/London accent because ive heard your good at it. Thanks x

  159. Anonymous March 10, 2008

    Ok chris we all know you have 2 little backup dancers scooter and myles but is scooters real name?

  160. Sachiya aka. Ms. Yaya March 10, 2008

    We have seen many pictures and heard many rumors about your relationship with Rihanna. So the big question is, are you two dating?

  161. Anonymous March 10, 2008

    First, please tell Chris not to worry about all of the so-called fans who are actually bashing him for having a life and because false reports on lying blog sites.

    But also ask him,

    The media and the public seem to have taken off the gloves with you lately. Between the stalking paparazzi and the harsh comments, does he regret being famous?

    Is he upset that his fans won’t allow him to grow and have a life?

    Is he more hurt or angry at all the nasty rumors going on right now?

    Tell him I believe the rumors only signify how important and famous he is. And also he doesn’t have to be honest 100% of the time, because he deserves privacy and everyone has opinions at one time that change over time.

  162. Udi March 10, 2008

    My Question;

    Did you ever picture yourself becoming an R&B singer doing international tours ?

  163. gemmi March 11, 2008

    A Question:

    you are only 18 and yet young but you have done a lot of traveling do you ever get to site see while you are in these places and if you were to take an extended vacation where in all the places you have been would you like to take it.

  164. miss tasha March 11, 2008

    hey chris,

    what do you look for in a girl?? Also… whats the deal with u and rhi rhi… i havent got any competition do i?? ๐Ÿ˜›

  165. Anonymous March 11, 2008

    hey i wanted 2 know if chris and rihana are really going out?!?

  166. Melanie March 12, 2008

    What colonge do you wear =]] x

  167. leia March 12, 2008

    Chris what music artist you first listen to?…..

  168. Rachel March 14, 2008

    01 .what’s your nationality ?

    02. what makes you angry ?

    03. do you like jordin sparks or would you consider dating her ?

  169. Leo March 16, 2008

    Is any of the songs on your album “Exclusive” from a personal experience?

  170. Leo March 16, 2008

    Is any of the songs on his album “Exclusive” from a personal experience?

  171. Leo March 16, 2008


    Is he aware of the pictures posted all over the internet of him and Rihanna being spotted together numorous times? And getting intimate with eachother??

    And if so, Then why do they (Rihanna & Chris Brown) keep denying their relationship?

  172. Leo March 16, 2008

    And let Chris Brown know that it’s not that everyone’s trying to hate on him and Rihanna…It’s just that he’s so important and s*** to everyone that it hurts many of his fans to have to see & hear about him and Rihanna On the internet, in magazines, and TV, & everywhere. And we really don’t want to see him getting intimate with another female because we want him too and it’s not fair! lol. That’s all it is. And it seems like it’s not just about “Chris Brown” anymore, It’s about “Chris Brown AND Rihanna” now. And we want it to be just about “CHRIS BROWN”. I love Chris Brown to death, but i’m so tired of seeing and hearing about “Chris & Rihanna” being together and feeling on eachother.

  173. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Do you believe that rumors affect the way your fans think about you?

  174. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    In almost every video or photo of you, you’re either wearing a hat or have your hood up. What’s up with that?

  175. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Hey Chris Brown this is Tyra Lewis im 18.I just want to ask u is u going to marry Rihanna . Because people have told me that u and Rihanna were dating .(THANK YOU)

  176. Rihanna Talk Staff March 19, 2008

    Chris, I have two questions. First, let me say that I am a huge fan (one of the older ones…I’m 26) of yours and of Rihanna and of the song “Cinderella.” In the future, do you think you two will be blessing the fans with another duet? I would love it!

    Second, given that you’re 18 and this will be your first time voting, have you been following the issues of the election? What issues concern you the most and what are your thoughts about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? (Maybe a little more than two questions:)

    Hope all is well and fun on your European Tour. Good luck and keep doing you and the wonderful things that you do!

    NJ @ RihannaTalk.B*******.com

  177. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    If a girl is skinny or big would you go out with her ? Are you a free agent ? Do you and rihanna go out ? you say you want a regular girl is that true? If you and rihanna are really going out…. first of all i’m heart broken and second of all how do you think your fans will feel about that? please my i really wanna know.mwah thatnks!!!!!

  178. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Are any of the songs on your latest album “Exclusive” about a personal experience?

    And tell Chris Brown that I love him but he needs to start keepin it real with his fans. We support him and buy his merchandise and vote for him, & etc.. So, he should keep it real with us (About all the rumors and stuff).

  179. ReRe March 21, 2008

    Ask him how he really feels about his fans turning on him for dating Rihanna? What are his thoughts on dating in public eye? Ask him about recent interview on mtv uk in which he did recently and denied dating rihanna and another interview in which he states the pics are what they are???? Also is take you down official next single….man the ladies are feeling that song and i heard it on radio in ny today.

  180. Anonymous March 21, 2008

    1.whats the last time you cried. 2.whats the realationship like between you and your father

  181. Mercy March 22, 2008

    what keeps you loving the fans so much unlike some artist that might leave there fans in the cold instad of taking a picture with them

  182. mercy March 22, 2008

    do you ever feel so stressed you wanna just give up and if so what inspires you to carry on

  183. Mercy March 22, 2008

    do you have any insecurities or fears?
    What annoys others about you like bad habits or something

  184. Anonymous March 22, 2008

    theres loads of rumors going around about you and rihanna are you dating her?

  185. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    Since the Rumors about you and Rihanna there have been a lot of treats made against you and her do you feel any less safe because of these treats and if you do do you think this is part of the price that superstars have to pay to pursue their professions.

  186. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    Are any of the songs on your album “Exclusive” about a special lady in your life, besides your momma? And if so, Is it Rihanna?

  187. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    After all the pictures that have been surfacing over the internet of you and Rihanna being spotted together numerous times, loving on eachother, And all the intimacy going on between you two in the pictures…Why are ya’ll still denying your relationship status??

  188. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    Chris Brown,

    You said in one of your interviews in the U.K recently, That you been on your website and saw all the threats that girls have been making towards you and them calling you a liar and stuff…What do you think about that, like how do you feel about it? And do you still consider them as your fans or just some haters? Also, Do you really think some girls actually hate you now, or do you just think they’re hurt because they want to be your girl too?

  189. Anonymous April 3, 2008

    Ask him
    Does he think people like Trey Songz can ever go plat with commerical acts like him around?
    Making it ok to be just ok and not a great singer but a pretty ok dancer.

  190. Anonymous April 3, 2008

    Ask why is he lyin to cover up the fact that he sleeps with his manager???

  191. Nikki April 22, 2008

    1. Ask Him, how did he like working with jordin soarks in the video “No Air”
    2. Ask him, Is he mad at jordin sparks for telling the U.K magazine that he and Rihana are going out?
    3. Ask him, does he like Jordin Sparks and does he think he will ever go out with her?
    4. Ask him, has he ever been turned down by a girl to go out with him?
    5. What does he look for in a girl?
    6. How many tatoos does he have?

  192. Anonymous May 4, 2008

    pelase. ask him
    Q lot of people compare you to omarion. thre is a lot of similareties do you think you would evar do an album with him.
    n a dance off.
    because omarion is da king of dance?

  193. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    Ask him this this Q

    Why does he like Rihanna?Theres nothing great about her.Why dont you date the new artist Karina Parian?She’s perfect for you.You both looke adorable with her and she’s she sings perfect with you.Why Rihanna?There’s a ton of beautiful ladies like LIL MAMMA,kARINA PARIAN,TIFFANY EVENS,CIERA,AND JORDIN SPARKS.

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