50 Cent’s ‘Baby Momma’ Speaks Out

As some of you may know, rapper 50 Cent has been embroiled in a court case with the mother of his son, Shaniqua Tomkin. According to Tomkin, the G-Unit leader was trying to evict her and their 10 year old son Marquise from his multi-million dollar residence in Long Island, New York. Today, however, a judge ruled that 50 can indeed evict the pair from the house (click here to read more) . Check out the video below, which features words from 50 and Shaniqua, prior to the judgement and afterwards:

Irrespective of 50’s stance that Tompkin is, quote, “taking advantage of the fact he pays all the bills”, their son’s welfare really should be his top priority. Seeing 50 so pleased with himself after the judgement says a lot about him…a whole lot. SMH…

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous April 4, 2008

    oh please. he’s not gonna let his kid go without. she’s a complete golddigger.

    and living in the house with her boyfriend and other people as he pays the light bill and everything…wtf?

  2. k April 4, 2008

    Yeah he a real man, kicking his baby’s mother and son out of their home. I bet you he lived in her house before he became famous, ate her food and lazed about in bed while she used to go to work.

  3. Anonymous April 4, 2008

    oh but a real man lets his ex girlfriend use him for all he’s worth becuase he has a kid.

    i can’t wrap around what you people want this man to do. he’s been in the industry for 7 years while she has’nt work and he’s paid all her bills and 25k in child support (which was clearly extra per the court) now she wants to move a man into his house as he pays for it and you people see nothig wrong with it because she has his kids.

    you’re delusional. that b**** with the child supposrt reduced is now getting over 80k per year untaxed. and he still takes the kid in the summer covers his insurance and pays for necessities. if she wants a free house and more money then she’s crazy

    not even ex wives get that.

  4. Anonymous April 4, 2008

    there was a time that she took care of him but in 7 years i’m sure that’s covered. and when he was shot he bought a house becuse he had just gotten a deal. he’s not obligated for life to her. he just has to take care of her son.

    the support alone can give you comfortable living with a child. the other baby father can pay for their kid since i hear she has more than one. and her man can help her too. but that money is comfortable. or here’s and idea…get a freakin job

  5. Anonymous April 4, 2008

    a real woman doesn’t use a man like that and does nothing to elevate herself. she’s a bum

  6. Anonymous April 4, 2008


  7. magnificentmeka April 4, 2008

    This chick already get a couple of grand a month and she wants to live in the house he pays for. Nope he did the right thing, he isn’t going to let his child go without. That money she is getting is more then enough to take care of a child, she becoming greedy now.

    She is living in a life style that she now likes and most likely all she do is brag about the house and she is now about to be put out of.

  8. Anonymous April 6, 2008

    listen regardless of the mother’s intentions LEGALLY Fifty’s son is supposed to get a PERCENTAGE of what he makes, child support is NOT supposed to be based on what the kid’s total expenses are for the month, look at Diddy now there is a TRUE man, he’s doesn’t let his baby momma issues stand in the way of him BEING a real man he takes care of his kids if Fifty is so rich he needs to take care of HIS kid, a great legal injustice was done here and it needs to be rectified. Fifty needs to MAN up and take care of his kids, this case definitely needs to be re-looked at, re-judged because anyone can see that the rule of precedence was ignored in this case and that is not acceptable at all. If Fifty can put out lines like I’m going to die trying to spend this s***… or have a baby by me baby be a millionaire I’ll write the check before the baby comes who the f*** cares… then he can afford to take care of his one and ONLY son.

  9. Anonymous April 7, 2008

    I think this is awful. I’m not certain why 50 feels this way towards this young lady, and in his defense maybe he has rightous indignation, but as a MAN and a very wealthy man. 50 should not want his child nor the mother of his child to live in a less fottunate situation. What a lot of selfish and unmature people feel as tough the mother should not have, well its not about her,the child lives where she is. Not only does she have to provide clothes and food, she has to provide shleter, education, docs bills,quality time,water, gas, lights,electricity etc. Please under stand if she gets evicted so does the child, if her lights are out so is the childs. Will Smith and his now wife Jada- I have much respect for, even tough Will’s oldest son from his first wife lives with him, Will & Jada make certain she receives money to live in a nice inviornment, becuase they fell Will’s son still have to visit his mom, and when he goes to saty there he should be in such a place as his, and this woman gave life to his child and she is deserving.I pray 50 sees the big piture. He can afford it, think of waht he spends on tricks and in the club, maybe the childs mon is no good, but it’s not about her.

  10. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    bitchs always wanna draw connections to s*** that dont really connect. maybe he did stay with her, maybe she made him a meal every now and then. so now that means she gets to sit on her ass in a house he purchased…she’s immune from any kind of responsibility? and truth is, the n**** did not live off her at any point. WTF is with these bitchs today that root for this s***.

  11. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    you can say and feel what you want. bottom line is that she’s got a new man in here life. let that n**** give her the world. if she had nothing and no one and needed a place to stay, i’m sure he’d oblidge (if that was not the case already). but now she’s moved on with a new man. so now he’s supposed to support her, their son and whatever n**** she decides to take up with. you bitchs always have some reason to feel entitled to a n**** s***. the son is not going to go without….so don’t bother making that BS point as though it were a valid one. she took care of him. he then took care of her. they split up…how long must this n**** continue to support her and her NEW LIFE???? Bitchs always wanna be on some “equal” s*** or “i can do anything a man can”…but apparently the exception is getting her own s***….without a man.

    the f***** you get for the f***** you got

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