Blaque Reality Show Preview

Published: Tuesday 1st Apr 2008 by Sam
90’s R&B trio Blaque are hoping to make a comeback later this year. The ladies are hoping to steer their way back into the limelight via their new reality show ‘Blaque In The House’, which will document their lives as well as the recording of their brand new album. Check out the trailer for the show below:

Granted some of the wording in the intro is highly questionable ‘…changed the face of R&B forever’ (errm…), I’m really looking forward to this. With the barrage of girl-groups that flooded the music scene in the mid-late 90’s, I definitely considered Blaque to have shown the most promise (Destiny’s Child aside). What’s more, right up to their most recent release, they continue to show a lot of artistic growth. here’s hoping things work out for the best.

Will you be checking for for Blaque’s show?

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  1. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    Could be a good show. What’s up wit Natina’s face though?

    LMAO @ Changed the face of R&B music. Your most famous song is 808 and that’s all about all I remember form them and the fact that Left Eye was behind them.

  2. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    1 hit wonder.

  3. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    Blaque is one of the most under-estimated groups of the late-90s. I am happy they will get their second chance and have a fresh new start, they deserve it because all three are extremely, EXTREMELY talented!!! All I can say is, When & Where and I’ll Be There!!!!!

  4. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    stop doubling post on!!!!

  5. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    omg that hot i love there song bring it on to me, im good, when the last tear drop fall omg these girls are the shiet… can;t wait

  6. Anonymous April 1, 2008

    “808” peaked #2 on the r&b billboard and #4 on the hot 100 billboard, during its time, and bring it all to me peaked #1 on he hot 100. their album went platinum in just under a year. I would believe that is more than 1 hit. They deserved the 2nd and 3rd cds that were supposed to come out that never did, (though the 2nd cd wasn’t great).

  7. Anonymous April 2, 2008

    Will you be checking for for Blaque’s show?


  8. Anonymous April 2, 2008

    Aint no body checkin for blaque in 2008 all their fans are in their 20’s and above now…the new kids wont know who they are..cuz they never really established them good luck on the comeback becuz if its not on mtv. or a major station theirs no point.

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