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Published: Wednesday 30th Apr 2008 by Sam

Chris Brown’s video for new single ‘Forever’ premiered today. The track is lifted from the upcoming re-release of his sophomore LP ‘Exclusive’ (due June 3rd). About the clip; put simply, I think it’s wack, as is the song. However I do commend Chris for experimenting with a ‘different’ sound and trying to appeal to a wider audience. It’s just a shame the execution fell short of his (label’s) intentions.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. adsicnl April 30, 2008

    Check here the video on youtube:

    A lot of new R&B videos!:

    The-Dream: I Luv Your Girl
    Plies ft. Ne-Yo: Bust It Baby

    And many more!

  2. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    I actually love the video, and i think im starting to like the song…even more now cuz i hated it when i first heard it. godo job chris

  3. k April 30, 2008

    I like this song but it sound a lot like Michelle Williams ‘We Break The Dawn’ it sounds like his record company jacked Michelle’s vibe. I know Rihanna did a dance song first but vibe of this song is very ‘We Break The Dawn’.

  4. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    I like the video but he could have chosen a black girl to be the main girl. Im kinda mad at that but I really do enjoy the song and this video. Chris is handsome.

  5. Sha’ B. April 30, 2008

    Chris looked hella good, but yea why couldn’t the girl have been black n not…. whatever she was and furthermore. Why did TRL get the world premeire and 106 & Park, jus wonderin if the 2 things are related?? Still love Chris, the video was hot.

  6. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    the dance part felt a lot like the so excited dance sequenced….the dark club feel..but whatever… it was a good video…so good!

  7. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    Chris, you’re beautiful to look at but you’ve made a terrible mistake with this song and video – it’s horrible. You never ever turn your back on urban radio just for crossover appeal. You can remain you with selling out. Man, this has to be the worst song and video of 2008 – Congratulations!!!

  8. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    FOREVER, let’s hope not. Pollow Da Don and Tina Davis (slap,slap,slap) to the both of you. Now I know that Rihanna and Chris aren’t dating because her business savy is lightyears ahead of Mr. Brown’s. All that time they spent together and he didn’t learn a damn thing. Too bad you pissed off THE DREAM and Neyo’s too busy with Rihanna.

  9. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    No,No,No and No. What the hell were you thinking about? Stop trying to do everthing yourself – your treatments suck (o.k. Kiss,Kiss was good) but the others
    sucked. Stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t tell you the truth. You should have made an original video for Take You Down – concert footage videos have been done. This video and song are just BAD – no advice to offer to make it any better.

  10. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    Now you’ve gone and done it – a white girl. Baby Boy not even you can be excused for that carnal mistake. I know what JIVE and Tina were thinking – crossover appeal. But you don’t turn your back on the urban community because you want to be as big as Michael Jackson. It’s so transparent, generic, and tired. I’m hoping that when this song tanks and you start to feel your communities dismay it won’t be to far of a fall.

  11. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    I think its hot, definitely one of his best videos. Not his best song, but still a good club banger.

  12. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    ok well dis girl looks more latino to me…and please…hes not even black himself..hes mixed…stop hating man

  13. Anonymous April 30, 2008

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    Its a cover story and it was shot by Marc Baptiste whom shes worked with before in 2003 and 2005!

  14. cuznbritt April 30, 2008

    I actually like the video. The dance moves are hot.

  15. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    the song aint bad nothing special… but catchy nuff


  16. Matt April 30, 2008

    Anybody else think that the video is reminiscent of Love in this Club with the people disappearing and everything? I don’t know… Really reminded me of Usher’s new vid.

  17. STR April 30, 2008

    Chris isn’t turning his back on Urban radio, he’s just trying to gain more success. It’s definitely a different vibe but true Chris Brown fans should still be loyal even if they don’t like the song. Artist try new sounds and theres nothing wrong with that. About the race of the girl haha we all knew some fans would hate. It doesn’t matter what race she is!! Its about the music!! Besides she still ain’t bad lookin’.

  18. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    this isnt a “we break the dawn” vibe theft. haha notice how a lot of artists are releasing the international dance sound? Nothing new but it seems to work for gaining international success. Props to Chris for doin his thing, it still has a chris vibe to it so he isn’t selling out people. you may not like it, but you should respect it. It takes talent. stop hating.

  19. Queen B May 1, 2008

    I like this vid alot, but yes it is very reminiscent of the Love in the Club vid, but that must be purely coincidence because this video was shot two or three weeks before the Love in the Club vid leaked. Either it’s coincidence or Polow da Don is tryna pull a fast one with these similar videos; who knows? But to those people who say that this song is gonna tank because Chris moved away from the R&B feel must not know the things that this song is already doing. It’s the number 3song on Itunes rite now and the number 9 song on the Billboard Hot 100…so yeah…it’s not gonna flop or tank. Chris may be losing some of his R&B fans by crossing over with this single, but you HAVE to remember all of the Pop fans that he’s picking up with this song. They’re the ones that actually BUY music many times; R&B fans are more likely to download music for free, but w/e I can’t blame Chris for tryna get that money…And the song had to grow on me, because I’m an R&B fan and this isn’t the knd of stuff I’m used to listening to. But it did grow on me and I think that it will do the same for others and it’s gonna be a HUGE hit.

    PS: One thing. Am I the only one who thinks that Chris’ pants are extremely too tight? He probably had to take them off in between takes just so that he could breathe. SMH.

  20. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    Stop racism against white or cuban girls please!!! Black girls are not the only one who can appear in a video, this is RIDICULOUS!!!
    And Chris did a great job with this video, I didn’t like the song but the video makes me love it more. Keep up this good work Chris!

  21. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    Please,stop the madness. The video looks like a cross between the ice, ice baby video and a Ford commercial. No disputes about chris’ talent but bad is bad. As far as the numbers go – that’s only nostalgia. Trust me three weeks from now, you’ll see the song will fade. This ain’t, “Umbrella”. All black folks are mixed with something – Chris is black, make no mistake.

  22. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    Don’t take this the wrong way but white isn’t always right. Let’s keep it real, black girls don’t get nearly as much opportunities to appear in the media/magazine prints, BIG UP to Neyo for recognizing that fact. I think Chris is an amazing artist who every once and awhile makes the wrong choice. I don’t really care what colour the girl is, it still sucks.

  23. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    there 2 much re releases coming out. they keep releasing the same damn albums.

  24. MzChi May 1, 2008

    The vid is blah and so are the vocals.
    The dance look like somethin for youtube.
    His success will be over when naive little girls get over looks and think about real talent.
    Or music for that matter.
    And thats bein nice.
    He is mediocre….sorry to sound like a hater.
    Its the truth.
    He needs to crossover and leave urban music alone completely.
    This is garbage.
    It will be No.1 on Ryan Seacrest Countdown.
    But really just another flop with his name on it.
    Little girls will accept any song as long as it has his name on it.
    Which is sad.

  25. jonnyhco May 1, 2008

    this sucks

  26. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    people need to shut the hell up about race… white black or candy apple red… all our blood runs red


    chris’ star is fading really fast
    and some of you are forgetting something. he isnt turning his back on the urban community bcuz he has always been more of a pop artist than an r & B artist.

  27. Anonymous May 1, 2008

    Ok enough with the colour convo. The song and video sucks – nuff said.

  28. Anonymous May 2, 2008

    i think this is his best single to date! not to mention it PREMIERED at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, so obviously its a hot song!

  29. Anonymous May 2, 2008

    uh…mmm i was diappointed. he shuld had a dancer be his love interest like ciara or somethin. how u gonna sing bout the dancefloor and the female cant dance?…i dont kno bout this….no its not it.

  30. Anonymous May 2, 2008

    Y is everyone hating for 😐 its jus a video and a song .. does it matter which gurl is in it .. she is obv pretty that is why she was chosen! i personally lovee this song .. and the video isnt too bad either .. so dont hate jus appreciate!

  31. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Dig the song chris! Has a rave typa beat to it. Compared to all the songs he made, this is totally different. Nobody would notice that its him singing the first time listening. The dance is awesome.. like always. The video totally matches the song..

  32. Anonymous May 11, 2008

    obviously the girl in the video’s not going to be black. The girl had to be classy and MOST black girls can’t be classy. key word, MOST, meaning some can be but most aren’t.

    that’s because the usual black girl can only shake their booty and be video h**’s. thank god this girl wasn’t black.

    now lets hear all the black girls flame away at the truth

  33. Anonymous May 20, 2008

    can anyone tell me…when the song first starts off and that first beat comes in.. .what other song that beat is in?!?!? I have heard it before and cant think of it… can anyone help me out?!?!?

  34. Anonymous September 19, 2008


  35. Anonymous December 4, 2008

    who is the girl in the video? wats her name?

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