Jennifer Lopez To Star In Reality Show

Published: Thursday 24th Apr 2008 by Sam
Jennifer Lopez To Star In Reality Show According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is set to produce and star in her own reality show for TLC networks:

The new show, which is currently in production, will follow the actress, singer and producer as she mothers her two newborn babies, Max and Emme, and manages other aspects of her career, including launching a new fragrance. Lopez said regarding the project: “I’m thrilled to be part of the TLC family. I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together.” {Source}

I guess when all else fails, reality TV is the way to go. In all fairness to Jennifer, this may actually give her a platform to try and salvage what’s left of her music career.

Will you be checking for J. Lo’s reality show?

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  1. Luke April 24, 2008

    Her last album was awesome imo despite the bad sales. Why does she need to stoop to this level with her talent and money? SMH

  2. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    ‘Brave’ was indeed a good album, nothing groundbreaking but it deserved a lot more success than it got…Poor J-lo, it’s a shame she’s stooping to reality TV and pimping out her babies, she’s so much better than that…:(

  3. Vera R. Hamilton April 24, 2008

    I guess f****** for tracks didn’t work in her favor after all..

  4. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    ^Why has one person always got to make some pathetic ‘controversial’ post in some stupid bid to create a load of drama?? Since when was there even rumours that J-Lo f**** for tracks?! Grow up and get a life, please.

  5. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    I agree with everyone, except that “f*****’ for tracks” comment; DUMB. It’s always been a the B-list or stars of yester-year that have made the reality shows. I don’t understand J.Lo doing this. It’s not as if she needs the money or attention. Even when brady did the reality thing it was just to showcase the beauty of child birth not a continious, seasonal show.

  6. Anonymous April 24, 2008



  7. T April 24, 2008

    right, don’t act like her getting pregnant wasn’t a TOP story, she got MILLIONS for the pis, had the hospital on SMASH and if her next movie’s a hit, even if it isn’t she’s still getting 15 mill for it, SHE’S NOT B-LIST, A-LIST ALL THE WAY, JUST HASN’T BEEN IN ANYTHING TOP AS OF YET!

  8. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    Why don’t you all stop associating reality shows with a list?! They are FUN! I’m looking forward to seeing the show. Don’t take these things so seriously. They’re for entertainment purposes (at least for the public). I hope they talk about more than her perfume on the business side of the show.

  9. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    I’d watch it!

  10. Anonymous April 25, 2008

    no one cares about this fake b**** trynna get attention w****. her career is dumping and shes getting shat on by everyone of her competitors i bet even her reality s*** show will be a flop since only TLC was willing to take the sorry ass attention w****. she lives for the spotlight and doesn’t deserve it one bit she’d got no talents cept to shake her fat ass which nade her who she is. f*** her and her wannabe a list status b**** has degraded and demoted a few grades by now with her flop albums and slop movies. the public aint buyin her fakeness no more so she resorting to reality tv LMAO sad pathetic desperate child life ruiner. she cant f*** for tracks cuz she too loose poppin them twins no one wants to tap that h** either. she’s f***** her career up she needs to go back to the pole where she came from dirty s***.

  11. Brian April 26, 2008

    Her music career will always be there. Is it as good at On the 6 and J.Lo? – no, not right now. Will it be again…we can only hope! But we have to remember her music career isn’t her only career. She’s working on that Oscar as well. I’ll be watching the new reality show. I hope it will be amazing.

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