Mariah Carey Performs ‘Bye Bye’ On American Idol / Chart Update

Published: Thursday 17th Apr 2008 by Sam
Mariah Carey performed her new single ‘Bye Bye’ on American Idol yesterday. Check out the performance below:

She did pretty good, though gone seem to be the days where a Mariah performance ‘Wowed’ me. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me but, it seems as if she lip-synching during certain parts. In any case, it’s unlikely to affect her sales as, according to Billboard ‘E=MC²’ is on-course to debut atop of the US album chart at #1 next week – knocking off Leona – with sales in excess of 500,000. More power to her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Lip-Synching, what’s new wit ‘That Chick’!!!

  2. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Of course she’s lyp-synching.
    Going on the show was good promotion. But honestly, she did NOTHING on the show, she was dry and boring. As far as her performance. Yeah she was just moving her lips, till she got around the end and she ATTEMPTED to hit a note and it hit her instead. Just being curious i asked one of the local stores how many Mariah albums they sold since it came out and they told me 3, but i wasn’t gone make it 4.

    It’ll sell but she needs to go ahead and follow in the line of Celin Dion because that’s what her career is based on all the love songs and insperational songs, that’s why her fan base is so wide with the OLDER CROWD, that’s what they expect, for example…”BYE BYE”

  3. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Mariah needs to do Celine Dion music? In case u haven’t noticed, Celine’s album flopped. It didn’t even debut at number 1. Per Billboard, Mariah is set to sell 500k her first week. Check the story out on Mariah is just updating her sound which explains why the o-so-dissed Touch My Body went to number 1 for 2 weeks and counting? Its still the 2nd most played song in the country? but Mariah needs to abandon what seems to be working for some Celine Dion s*** which aint selling? Does that make sense to anybody else cuz it sure didn’t to me…..

  4. cipriani06 April 17, 2008

    Mariah is somewhat tired, notice everytime she’s about to hit that high note she looks like she’s having a seizure? thats cause the woman needs; rest, a husband, children basically a life! then she can do them ballads. Celine needs a little down time.

  5. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    And again, Mariah’s fanbase isn’t just yout teens who thinks she’s hot. Her fan base is and older generation who expects her to keep up with the loving insperational songs like BYE BYE and all those other songs she’s MOST FAMOUS FOR. Looking behind her number one hits, her saling 500k. Everybody knows she can sing, she has nothing to prove, WHICH IS WHAT SHES DOING, i’m not hatin on her, more power to her, use the game while you can. but come on, the chick is out there and she was lyp-synching…hell check out her performance on from her last album at the thanksgiving bowl, total lyp synching.

  6. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    she did great…u seem to be always negative abt her..even when kind of complimenting….??

    great blog btw!..

  7. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Mariah obviously WAS NOT lip-synching. At one point, you can ever hear her famous whistle register coming through her natural voice and PROVING that it was 100% LIVE!!!!!


    This was one of her BEST Performances!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    ok its quite funny if u watch the video u can hear her voice crack when she says bye bye when she sings the course the 2nd time around. i say shes losein’ her voice. and no she wasnt lip-synching u can hear her grabing the mic and everything

  9. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Too much hateration goin on! Mariah was all live! y’all must have some serious hearing aid issues if you couldn’t hear her breathing while she was performing. She killed it and put all the idols and haters to shame. That performance was real and she was NOT boring! Whatever it don’t even matter what the haters think anyways this performance will probably help her sell double what she was expected to sell. E=MC2 is sure fiyyah! Soon to be CLASSIC!

  10. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    IDIOT! NO ONE lips on American Idol! It’s a singing show for Christ’s sake! She is 100% live. Her belting has remained strong from day 1! Of course it’s going to sound good. Her lower register was a bit shaky…further proof she isn’t lipping! Sam, you’re such a hater.

  11. Anonymous April 17, 2008


  12. Anonymous April 17, 2008


  13. Anonymous April 17, 2008

    Mariah Rocked on Idol! – not just the performance but the advise she gave to the contestants. Its not easy to sing in front of millions and do a mariah record she was really honest and humble. The best performance of byebye so far AND ALSO loved david cooks version ABMB he rocked he will win it the show –

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