New Song: Nas – ‘Be A N*gger Too’

Published: Monday 21st Apr 2008 by Sam

Nas - 'Be A N*gger Too'While rapper Nas continues to prep his controversial LP ‘N*gger’ for release on July 1st, a cut from the much-anticipated set has surfaced. ‘Be A N*gger Too’ serves as the first indicator as to what to expect from the album. I know what I’m thinking about this all, but I’m real interested in hearing your take on the song/album’s concept etc.

Hit or Miss?
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  1. Kenni V April 21, 2008

    I think that he is doing this because he wants a bit of controversy and publicity to promote the album so people will go and get it jus because

  2. CreamDiggler April 21, 2008

    We should just ignore him…and he’ll go away.

  3. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    oh hell naw. irresponsible. im not even gonna bother.

  4. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    how many of u posting are black? if u are and u dont get it then it’s a damn shame

  5. Anonymous April 21, 2008

    This is Hip hop….Real Hip hop…listen, just dont hear it…he is talking real political issues that we face in the urban neighborhood….Wow…I love this new song…omg…Damn NAS…lets go…

  6. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    im sorry i wouldnt spend a dollar on this idiot…sit yo ass down somewhere an take kelis bad singin ass with you!!!!!

  7. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    This is horrible. He obviously used this word for shock and to sell records and that’s it! This has nothing to do with real issues involving Black ppl. Good Lord even Stevie Wonder can see that!

  8. Anonymous April 22, 2008


  9. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    jus like the dude said if ur BLACK you should undastand it. if you dont you need a reality check. i feel what he is sayin in the song it makes since and bout damn time someone said dat s*** . i support him. i’m feelin the single…

  10. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    It is what it is… just a word.. it only means something if you use it in a derogatory sense. Simple minded people make a big deal out of nothing. Freedom of speech and censorship its like oil and water these days. No matter what you do and what you say someone somewhere will make a big deal and complain about it. It will never change. We all have views and I think by expressing them artistically gets more attention. I think the song is great. Its not meant to put anyone down.

  11. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    im black. I understand what he is saying in the song. And I still don’t like it. does that make me less black? No just means I don’t like it. The word n***** is not a black thing its an ignorant thing. And Nas is not makeing it worst or better. So in short, my black ass doesn’t like this n***** song.

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