Kanye West – ‘Flashing Lights (Version 3)’ Video

Published: Thursday 29th May 2008 by Sam

The third and final video for Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’ surfaced just a few hours ago. Though better than the second, I’m still out of the loop as to what the vids are actually about. Kudos to Kanye for continually thinking out of the box, though…

What do you think of the vid?

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  1. jer. May 29, 2008

    lol. what crap. Kanye West is like the new Madonna. Overrated and relying on samples and pieces of other people’s work to make him a star. The correlation is uncanny. Both Madonna and Kanye West have little creativity and artistry in them so they rely on the direction of others that never get credit. It’s funny how artists at the pinnacle of mediocrity have the biggest egos.

  2. ND May 29, 2008

    Finally he got it right….. OMG!!!!!

    Gosh doe, why did it take him three attempts.
    I mean I could of given him a millions concepts for this tune…

    Still on heavy rotation in my house, love dis album!

    Hope the video pays off and sells cos I aint buying it, I already have the album LOLOLOL!

  3. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Personally, I believe that he should have stopped at the first version. That one made the most sense to me. He was cheating, and his crazy girlfriend did him in. The second one was a waste of film, and even though this one is very beautiful, it offers no explanation as to what is going on. It is basically like catching a movie in the middle with the television on mute, with Kanye’s album playing in the background. It makes no sense.

  4. JUSS May 29, 2008

    Kanye is the best and most meaningful out HE IS HIPHOP
    Could u plzz email me the embed code at justinc48@gmail.com
    if u cant plzz email me to let me know
    i cant find it on youtube

  5. Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Okay, if you don’t understand the video, thats understandable. That doesn’t mean you have to put him down for your lack of understanding. He is creative and he is artistic more so than your cliche little fad type picture you have up there. You’re a wanna be and you follow the crowd like everyone else. You’re just mad cause he doesn’t. Cause you’re a hater. Thanks.
    [indirectly but directly towards jer.]

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