The Pussycat Dolls Perform ‘When I Grow Up’ On Kimmel

Published: Wednesday 21st May 2008 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls performed their brand new single ‘When I Grow Up’ on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show yesterday. While I enjoyed their showing, I was kinda disappointed to see Nicole singing everything again. Having listened to the track, I was under the impression, lead vocals had been shared out a bit more evenly this time, yet I’m assuming that was some ‘studio wizardry’ as Nicole evident sings the whole song (backing vocals included). Is there a point for the others to even have a mic? SMH…

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous May 21, 2008


  2. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    LOVE nicole!!! The other girls are hot dancers!! luvit!!

  3. ND May 21, 2008

    I miss Carmit, cant believe she left!!!

    I cant believe they used that ‘Poison’ beat in the break down, my mouth dropped open!!

    Song aint all dat but the routine is sick and the fierce..bare crumping…
    I miss the vocals were more equal to sam lol

  4. jonnyhco May 21, 2008

    that was amazing.they were smokin.and that’s the real reason danity kane cant sell their tickets,because me and the rest of the world are waiting for the pcd and grilicious tour

  5. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    not a good song or ground breaking no top 10 hit.. nicoles vocals were horrible.. and the rest lip synch very horribly next where is girlicious they did a little better than that… lol they are still the best freaking dancers i have ever seen..

  6. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    Well…that’s the reason why people like them…they r so sure about what they r doin…they have confidence written everywhereon themselves…i luv them n even though i like girlicious too they never made me get so excited wit a performance like this…

  7. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    Typical PCD… how can people even call them a group. It’s very easy to dance your ass off when one person is doing all the work. This is trash. Im no danity kane fan but damn at least they sing. I guess people are more into the illusion of a group. Bring back DC3

  8. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    I love PCD and it was a hott performance…but they really need to give the other girls a chance to shine…melody and jessica are pretty good singers give them a chance to sing. it just seems like Nicole is the singer and the gurls are just back up dancers…but i dont get why Nicole’s solo project flops when shes basically solo in PCD..shes doin all the singing.

  9. T May 21, 2008

    azk 2 me, come harder, weaaaaaaaak vocals, how??? TERRIBLE SONG!!!

  10. TRENT May 21, 2008


  11. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    Seriously as everyone says its about the performance and if your dancing like that then your vocals aint gona be on point. We all know Nicole can sing and a few of the others could maybe carry a song but no way could any of the other members dance like that and sing.
    I liked the performance but with all the backstage drama and with Nicole leaving… i see the group as a bit fake.

  12. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    i agree, nicole dosent dance all the time like the others do, all can sing but not in a performance like that, no one at this point can dance like that and sing in the same time

  13. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    I think as a comeback they had Nicole sing the song as i guess the people are used to hearing her and it’s familiar ground for their fans, so maybe the others will be singing on the other tracks on the album.

  14. K May 21, 2008

    Don’t really like the song!

  15. Anonymous May 21, 2008

    mic or no damn mic, singing live or lipsyncing, nicole singing and nobody else…i don’t give a f***…those b****** were getting it the whole way through…the energy, the dancing was on point, even melody was on point with her dancin’ and she is usually lacking along with nicole when it comes to overall stage presence…i’m really upset my girl carmit left…she was one of the better dancer turned vocalists out of the bunch of them.

  16. Anonymous May 22, 2008

    i absolutely hated this song…until i saw this performance. these girls are awesome performers. they totally sold this song as a single to me. other groups wish they could dance that well. fierce.

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