Amy Winehouse Attacks Fan At Glastonbury

Published: Sunday 29th Jun 2008 by Sam
During her set at the Glastonbury 2008 festival here in the UK yesterday, train-wreck Amy Winehouse elbowed a concert goer in the face, after the reportedly having her hair pulled by the victim. Check out the clip below:

Amy, Amy Amy…

There’s more though; the troubled star also took a moment to call out rapper Kanye West – randomly labelling him a ‘cunt’ to the 90, 000 strong crowd during her performance of ‘Some Unholy War’. Check out the audio via World Star Hip-Hop below:

Kanye released a response via his official blog today, simply remarking “Amy Winehouse hates me!!! Now I’ve really made it!!! LOL!!!!”

For Amy I really have no words…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous June 29, 2008

    wino is sooo unintentionally hilarious haha and kanye’s the queen of c****

  2. Anonymous June 30, 2008

    why are people letting her out when she’s clearly as drugged up as anna nicole was in her last days

  3. LoveyDovey June 30, 2008

    Seriously, when is she gonna wake the hell up and smell the coffee? And when is somebody gonna stop letting her get away w/the lil stupid bullsh*t she’s always doing. Instead of making excuses for her, somebody needs to help her cause she’s really talented and it’s really sad to see all that talent go down the drain.

  4. Anonymous June 30, 2008

    Such talent wasted. I’m sorry, but if she continues this, she might not be here in the future.

  5. tia June 30, 2008

    she’ll be dead before the year is up…..hopefully she proves me wrong cuz i dont wish death on anyone but shes out of control

    and she is retarded for comin at kanye,now she will be the target is a hott line! LOL…..cuz we all know were gonna here about this in a song…..i’m glad he kept his response simple so far though because as f***** up as a person she is there really is no reason to come back at her…it wouldnt be fair,theres too much s*** to clown her for.

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