Chris Brown Performs ‘Foerver’ On Today Show

Published: Saturday 7th Jun 2008 by Sam
R&B star Chris Brown stopped by The Today Show yesterday promote his new LP, ‘Exclusive: The Forever Edition’ which also hit stores yesterday. Expectantly, the teen singer performed current single ‘Forever’ as part of his set. Check out the performance below:

Decent performance, I guess. The song is still the pits IMO, but the crowd obviously felt otherwise. With the right material, I really feel Chris could make a lasting impact in the industry. Maybe with the next album…

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous June 7, 2008

    Lasting impact???
    NO….its Chris Brown…he is vocally challenged and being a MJ wannabe aint gonna get him a place up there with the real people with a lasting impact.
    Sorry but sam..HELL NO

  2. June 7, 2008

    i like the song … but maybe he should stick to his lip-syncing

  3. Anonymous June 7, 2008

    Is it just me or doesn’t it sound like Chris voice is cracking up. How can anyone compare him to Michael or Usher. He only has mediocre dance skills. Lloyd can definitely out-sing him.

  4. Anonymous June 7, 2008

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  5. Anonymous June 7, 2008

    He’s ugly and he looks stupid.

  6. bee June 7, 2008

    that performance was eh..i’m glad i didn’t wake up early to watch it lol..but i’m feelin the new style..but uh what’s wit the f***** MJ glove..dude aint even dead yet..and he tryin to bring him back..wth chris come on boo get it together..and i agree he needs to do the lip-syncing for a min cuz his vocals aint been on point.

  7. Anonymous June 8, 2008

    As soon as i saw the MJ styled Jacket, The Mj shades and the Signature Mj 1 Glove i was just like CHRIS GET URE OWN STYLE!!

    Fair enough hes a huge MJ fan, and he is modernising MJ’s wardrobe for 2008 but i wanna see him do summat of his own now instead of this copycat image he is creating.

    Great song though 🙂

  8. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    I love chris but hate this song with a PASSION. He needs to put the final touches on that song “Final Destination”. Now that song is hott!

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