Eminem Eyes Comeback

Published: Friday 13th Jun 2008 by Sam
Eminem Eyes Comeback During a recent call to his own radio station Shade45, Eminem confirmed that he is working on a new album, the first since 2004’s ‘Encore’.
Though a release frame was not specified, the news comes after months of speculation about whether the Grammy award winning star was set to return to the spotlight. During his hiatus, the rapper re-married ex-wife Kim, only to divorce her three months later. {Source}

To be honest I can’t say I ever jumped on the Eminem bandwagon what seems like all those years ago. Upon hearing of his plans of coming back, I’m kinda left wondering…

Is Eminem even relevant anymore?

Your thoughts?

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  1. jonnyhco June 13, 2008

    oh god.say it aint so.no more racist music

  2. Youngin June 13, 2008

    I’m kinda lookin foward to it. He got some real inspirational and tough ass records like:

    Till I Collapse
    8mile Road
    Lose Yourself
    Sing For The Moment
    White America

    Are you kidding me Eminem is a BEAST!!!

  3. Gio June 13, 2008

    In My opinion eminem is the best rapper alive finaly he and dre r back 2 save hip hop

  4. Anonymous June 13, 2008

    The answer to your question Sam is….NO

  5. Anonymous June 13, 2008

    didnt he make an album liek last year, had the song with 50cent etc on,you dont know?

  6. Yung_Sha June 13, 2008

    I can’t wait. I’m a huge Eminem fan and as a black gay man, I dont think that he’s racist at all. I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS NEW MUSIC

  7. Anonymous June 13, 2008

    hell no. I find him extremely boring all he raps about is his mother and the dumb b**** he married. he just needs to go back to the trailer park.

  8. Anonymous June 14, 2008

    Eminem is easily one of the greatest rappers of this generation. It’s okay to just not like his music, but to say that he is boring or untalented is crazy. Listen to any of his songs, his lyrics, his delivery is incredible. There are few who can match him. Definitely looking forward to his comeback.

  9. butler_84 June 14, 2008

    looking forward to hear sum new music from eminem

    is he still relevant???
    his music will answer that

  10. black POWER June 14, 2008

    f*** you white piece s***!!!!!!!!!

  11. bee June 15, 2008

    lol wow that s***^^^ was uncalled for ..i actually love eminem and was wondering when and if he was ever gonna come back..i loved when he popped up and performed with busta at the BET awards..i can’t wait..i hope he doesn’t do anything with 50 though..and i hope this album goes back to his older days (first days) of being a rapper compared to his last s***..but he aint no racist shut up wit all that bull..watch all the mothafuckas that’s hatin right now are gonna be on his s*** when he comes back out.

  12. I_love_BambiLadys_eyes June 16, 2008

    LMFAO @ gio’s comment!!! Are u serious dude? U think Em is the best rapper alive? Whoa dude do some research. Between Jay-Z, 2 pac, biggie, lil wayne, rahkim…em aint even top 5 bruh. He’s aight but there are far better artists. LMAO

  13. I_love_BambiLadys_eyes June 16, 2008

    P.s I do realize we were talkin about the best rapper alive…but I couldn’t help myself by putting pac and big. Cause even after their untimely deaths they was still sellin millions…so they needed to be put up there.

  14. tia June 17, 2008

    Eminem may not be the best rapper alive but he is definitley a beast…he has potential to be the best…..then again nobody black is gonna have that…because then it would just be the white man bringing us down again right? lol psh…anyway he is pretty sick,i only hope his little break made him even better…and please like someone else said…no collabos wit fif,it would be death to the song.lol

  15. win on qubids April 9, 2013

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