Jennifer Hudson – ‘Spotlight’ Video

Published: Tuesday 24th Jun 2008 by Sam

The video for Jennifer Hudson’s debut single ‘Spotlight’ premiered on BET today, ahead of the Awards. I must say, I’m really liking the Chris Robinson directed clip. Though the concept has been done several times already, Jennifer’s undeniable swagger and presence on screen made for a real engaging video. ‘Spotlight’ has grown on me considerably since my initial listen, something the video will most definitely serve to continue.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    wow… she remindes me on tweet a lil bit in a fre scenes… i like the song, the video is nice but nothin special… and i gotta say that i expected something more classy from her, i dont know why… but i think the song will do good since it is a really nice song…

  2. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Its a good video…made me like the song a bit more actually…I didnt care much for it in the beginning….but the acting in the beginning 4 an Oscar winner was horid!Seems all she can act is ghetto!lol

  3. Anonymous June 24, 2008


  4. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    At first I didn’t really have an opinion on the song….i mean it was alright….but now that I’ve seen the video….Im really impressed. The video was really good and captured the song perfectly. Go head J. Hud – strut your suff some more

  5. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    I think the UK will take her more seriously as an artist now because this song sounds alot more mainstream than her other stuff.
    I think the video could have been a little better but I would give the song 7/10 and the video 8/10, I think after seeing this video it kind of made me see the song in a much better light. I dont know if anyone else is watching but sylvia from big brother, i think jennifer looks quite similiar to sylvia in her video….
    thats all from me…Peace !!!!

  6. Dannny June 24, 2008

    “Go head J. Hud – strut your suff some more”

    Exactly, lol
    I Loved It, Good Song Too!
    I mean, the end went too ‘Dreamgirls’ for me, but it didnt bother me THAT much

  7. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Hotttt…i love it…she worked the runway at the end!

  8. Phabian June 24, 2008

    J.Hud is gorjus on that video….
    Gr8 song and gr8 video! Go head J. Hud

  9. CreamDiggler June 24, 2008

    Is it just me or do they keep showing that brand of liquor a bit too much in the video? talk about obvious ad placement. I hope Jen is getting paid.

    On a side note: she is going to go down in history as the worst actress to ever receive an Oscar…Lord Have Mercy!

  10. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    love this song, cute video too

  11. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    J-Hud looks fabolous. The video is cute and fits the song SPOTLIGHT. I really…really love the song even more. J was struting her stuff like she was Naomi Campbell, at the end of the video. Now thats what I’m talking about. I see ya J!

  12. Tyler June 25, 2008

    I love it. I like the simplicity of it. I like Jen’s swag. And I love that song. I like that it’s understated and allows Jen to emote without the big unnecessary Diane Warren power ballad moment. Good on Ne-Yo for that one.

  13. Ishaam June 25, 2008

    I agree with the last post…its like damn if she sat there and just walked around a room and sung the song people would say BORING, OR IT WAS OK… she was strutting and doing nice moves thru the whole video and peeps say the same thing….damn what does she have to do backflips or gymnastics to get more than just an ok video? This video was hot i dont know what people expect artist to do in a video to make them happy all those hours worked and all people can give them is an “it was ok, boring, blah” thats str8 b*******


  14. justpassingthrough June 25, 2008

    No Halle Berry will go down as the worst to win an Oscar IMO

  15. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    I was always a fan of the song when I viewed it on youtube. However, it came across as boring when I heard it on the radio. But now, the video took the song to a whole new level. Jennifer looks beautiful and feminine and conveys the story of the song in the video. Great job, Jennifer!

  16. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinney is the worst actress to win an Oscar.

  17. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Makeup looks fabulous! The guy is HANDSOME. The video actually made me like the song a little more…interesting…

  18. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. June 25, 2008

    CreamDiggler’s thoughts are as valuable as the s*** residue that is left on the sole of my shoe from what i stepped in this morning.. Jennifer deserved that and all of the other awards she worked her ass off for in Dreamgirls. And to the anonymous who said Marissa Tormei was the worst, LMAO.. kudos for mentioning that movie because not many people have seen it, but I have to disagree with your opinion as well because Marissa tore up that role and played it beautifully… I have a few of her scenes saved on my youtube favs because the humor is sick. lol..

  19. Anonymous June 29, 2008

    The song is great and so is the video. Jennifer doesn’t have to do all the over drama video crap u see by other artist, she’s a songtress and a natural actress. she has a long career, not like all there overrated non-singers, one hit wonders. The video fits the song. GREAT JENNIFER.

  20. Anonymous June 29, 2008

    All in all i like the video as a whole and plus she dont have to shake her ass to sell records

  21. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    i just like the guy… omg he is s***!!! does anyone know his name?

  22. xtina October 28, 2008

    im in love with the guy as well, i watched the video three times just to see him. gorgeous!

  23. Moira November 9, 2008

    Now here I am a older Lady from Germany…:-)
    the guys name is Nate Creppin. Check out ´the making´of Spotlight and you´ll see more of him.
    Besides the fact that I love JH´s voice and the that she is beautiful, for this man I´d like to be 20 years younger 🙂

  24. Anonymous November 14, 2008

    omg!! its so gooooooooddddddd. maddddddddddddd! crazy

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