Michelle Williams – ‘Unexpected’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 17th Jun 2008 by Sam
Michelle Williams - 'Unexpected' CoverCheck out the official cover of Michelle Williams’ forthcoming album ‘Unexpected’, which drops August 12th via Music World/Columbia. I’m liking this; the cover captures the concept of the album very well.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. ND June 17, 2008

    Wow.. that Tattoo sure is Unexpected.. How did she hide that one from me?

  2. ND June 17, 2008

    Her face has that innocent/not so innocent girl image.. I like it!

  3. Jarren June 17, 2008

    That girl is hella skinny!!!

  4. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    im not sure…
    this pic is fine but the fonts…
    the fonts of the “unexpected”do not match the letters of “michelle williams”…
    thats quiet silly…

  5. Eric P June 17, 2008

    ^^^ lmao how boring would it look if it was all the same font? i like the cover, i really wish michelle much success

  6. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    i want her to start curling that short hair of hers

  7. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    I really like the unexpected cover! innocent/ not innocent comment was right.

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  8. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    It sucks. Michelle, I know you will be reading this, but it’s the truth.

  9. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    Michelle honey, thank god your reading this, I LOVE YOU. But that album cover is ugly, seriously, get your management to change it, you can do so much better.

    Sam is liying, if he never interviewed you he’d have no hesistation to say he didn’t like it.

    HONEY, you have so many better promo shots, the cover is not nice, and the font is tacky, honey the content is gonna be amazing that I know but please, people judge the covers nowadays

  10. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    Why does she have to appear light skinned.

  11. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    great cover

  12. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    It’s Cool 4 Promo not for album Cover don’t Think it’s Official she’s been completely Unexpected with everything shes done this is kinda Expected 4 her to do another half face shot like all her other Album Covers she needs to change it up this time and I know she knows that so I really don’t Believe this is her Album Cover

  13. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    Looks Good….some of yall sound dumb as hell from reading the comments….shake the hataz chelle..

  14. JazzyJess June 17, 2008

    She looks GR8 and the cover is HOT!! Def a good/bad girl thing goin on!!

  15. mike June 17, 2008

    Let the naysayers naysay as Michelle would say, that cover is hot! And the Unexpected font is on point!

  16. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    everything on this cover is perfect except one thing. the tone of her skin. It is almost the same color as the background. If her skin color was natural in this pic then it would be a perfect cover. the Font is great and it makes it look not so cheap like some other covers ive seen lately. another thing is that her back is kinda arched. it woulda looked better if her back was straight but other then a few thing its great

  17. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    tell me that’s a fan-made cover..? the photo is great, but the fonts make it look cheap.

  18. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    shes looking white ASS HELL!!!
    damn whiter than kelly in that ms.kelly cover!!!
    hate the unexpected font but the cover is alright nothing to special
    damn ever since DC broke up beyonce came out with some ugly as cover then kelly and now michelle WTF!!!
    I did like the covers for kelly & beyonces re-release album though!!!

  19. Anonymous June 18, 2008

    Let me begin by stating frankly that the concept on the album cover is on point. However, the font colour carries all sorts of wrongs. 1. Since the background is white, Chelle should have gone with a slightly darker dress colour to complement the background.2. Using a brown font does no justice whatsoever to your name because it doesn’t blend in plus the yellow font for unexpected I must mention however insignificant it might deem to be is totally totally totally offensive in my opinion!!! I think that is the worst offense of this album cover.
    Sweetheart, I am glad you are reading this so it’s important I state here that in trying to do something uncoventional or unexpected as is the theme of your album, you shouldn’t try something too extreme! Just my two cents!! Love you tho!!!!

  20. Anonymous June 18, 2008

    I’m loving the new look. I agree with some things, why are you so bright? I say show the tattoo off completely, the strap kind of covers it up a little. The entire tattoo is unexpected and that is on point. Otherwise, what I’ve heard and seen so far, is great! DO YOU . . . because at the end of the day, you are the one that has to live with the choices you made. To Blessed To Be Stressed 🙂

  21. Anonymous June 18, 2008

    People she is light obviously because the light is hitting her right in front of her…I agree about the yellow color of the font unexpected maybe it should have been a violet purple or something…but love the pic, Toot that thang Michelle…

  22. Anonymous June 18, 2008

    In the words of bscott. They are just e-ballers. Michelle i am loving the cover. I can definitly see it on the shelves. I am definitly picking this one up on August 12…

  23. Anonymous June 18, 2008

    i like her personality the best. i see her in interviews or read about her and she says some crazy stuff sometimes.

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