Nelly – ‘Stepped On My J’s (ft. JD & Ciara)’ Video

Published: Wednesday 11th Jun 2008 by Sam

The video for Nelly’s latest single ‘Stepped On My J’s (ft. Jermaine Dupri & Ciara)’ premiered on BET just a few short hours ago. Though I think the video is pretty decent, especially considering how poor the song is(IMO), Ciara’s showing was definitely the highlight of the clip. Good stuff.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Biara Jackman June 11, 2008

    I went upstairs to go get my J’s and by the time I came downstairs I saw your so called “highlight” all over my computer screen. It’s sad that Ciara is looking like a damn c*** as of late, and has resulted to selling ass in music videos so she can keep her phone bill paid; I ain’t mad at cha tho girl, as blu cantrell would say, “a check is a check.”

    The song kinda cute though, hopefully something that will actually chart on the billboard and save Nelly’s current project, and keep Ashanti from having to file for a Welfare check this month. AMEN.

  2. Anonymous June 11, 2008

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  3. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    ur saying ciara is resorting to selling skin! look at f***** nelly! he had his shirt off and his pants half off the whole video. ciara was lookin fly and had the best part of the whole video!

  4. Anonymous June 11, 2008


  5. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    I do not like this at all! Sounds like 2008 version of “air force ones” but way worse! I’m not even feeling Ciaras little cameo! Her whole image as of lately, it just doesn’t even seem like “her” While she’s a pretty girl and all, I just don’t think this new look and image suits her. It’s probably the record labels doing…but still!

  6. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    I see we have some haters on this thread.The vid is hott and so is CI. So the haters you can kick rokcs… I like thee video

  7. T June 11, 2008

    i like

  8. T June 11, 2008

    also a clarification of ciara’s new image that doesn’t seem like her??

  9. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    NELLY!!!! OMG…one night is all i want, we ain’t gotta tell Ashanti!

  10. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    ^^ one night my ass…he gon put it on you..and from there you gon be crazy sprung and want it LMAO!!! but yea he lookin hella hot..and cici looking like good!!

  11. bee June 11, 2008

    sorry sam i know u said u didn’t really like the video..but i’m lovin it..has a whole summer vibe to it..i just didn’t like the little actin part..kinda stupid lol..but i loved the first bball scene wit jd lookin like spike lee shootin down nelly’s shot..i’m lovin the vid!

  12. Anonymous June 11, 2008


  13. Anonymous June 11, 2008


  14. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    Ciara’s part was by far the best! She rocked it!!! Can’t wait for HIGH PRICE!

  15. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    Yo NellY lookig hella fine! Nucca you HOT! Ashanti LAWD HAVE MERCY! I swear girl u betta give it to him good cuz sh!t I would. (ok stops drooling)

    Co-sign with Ciara being the best. Ciara is sick with the dance moves. The video was off the da chain altogether. I like that part where JD was playing Spike Lee in the black/white clip.

  16. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    i actually like the song and the vid
    and ciara’s style ain’t different
    it’s meant to be a summer vid so she’s wearing summer clothes?


  17. Mark June 12, 2008

    Is that D.Woods in that car?

  18. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    When the song leaked Sam you were saying how much you were liking it and now you think it’s really poor?? make up your mind.

  19. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    lol at cici haters. gotta love em. we all know ci is the hottest thing going and she writes her music so she don’t have to sell a manufactured image. her royalty checks comes from all her hit not just singing someone else’s songs. finally i point you to the goodies video with ci in a bra and half shirt to show ci’s always been gutta and street yet classy wit it.

    HI HATAS….cici still gettin it.

    can’t wait for high price

  20. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    love the video tribut to spike lee and do the right thing. ciara is just da bomb. it came together very nice.

  21. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    The song is mediocre and if Nelly wants to sell this project, he needs to step his game up big time or it’s a wrap. CiCi has the best part of the video. As of the last few years, she has the dancing game on lock, so don’t hate on her talent. We should continue to wish well to those who do what we only dream of.

  22. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    Cant really say i liked the video, but i cant really say i didnt like the video either. Ciara’s part was definitley the highlight of the song & video. On another note, i think this song could b a hit if Nelly promoted his stuff rite. I mean with Ciara on a track, who hasn’t had a Top 10 hit on the billborad charts. Bow Wow did, & so did Missy. Ciara’s the hot ish rite now!!! No denying that.

  23. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    Ciara kinda looked like Melody from PCD with that hair.

  24. ND June 12, 2008

    Im not sure about this one…

    Erm, Nelly was on point at one point like ‘Grillz’, ‘Flap Your Wings’ & ‘Hot In Herre’.. But I feel like he is moving backwards. Like b4 i couldnt help but like him and now it like im trying but it aint really working… so i wont be buying his album!

    However, Ciara looks for the chain!!! I love the fact that she aint left her roots and she went back to blonde for a minute.. I dont think she gets enought credit!! I waiting for her album….

    gwan cici.. walk it out…

  25. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    ciara’s beautiful its the summertime andit was hott wat do some of yall expect her to wear anyways ciara was the highlight of the video lol and i cant wait for ciara to come bac with her new album fantasy ride

  26. tia June 12, 2008

    Man i loved that vid….it was very entertaining,it kept my interest all the way through,the concept was kinda throwback 2000 nelly and 2003 ciara but thats why we love them anyway isnt it??? initially nelly was loved for this kind of stuff and ciara was loved for her brown her,nice body and great dance moves…and fyi nelly is already rich i dont think he cares a whole lot about album sells,he just aint tryna be forgotten..

    i hope to see that vid everywhere!!! Not only that nelly is about to get hella paid by the jordan company

  27. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    WTF is number 1 talking about???

    Ya’ll hating a** hoez make me laugh…seriously

    That video was hot CiCi was most definetly the highlight…

  28. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    Yeah CiCi was the highlight of the video bump what the haters say because the video wasn’t that great but CiCi’s lil appearance was nice. Also nobody can talk about the selling s** image because a LOT of celebs do it, so don’t hop on CiCi’s case.

  29. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    oh pulease…to the person saying ciara is selling her image..hell no!
    ciara doesnt have to sell her image..she is a naturally beautiful girl and she has always dressed like that ever since she came on the scene…
    and cosign to the person who says ciara is collecting the royalty check…yes hunni she WRITES her music and produces too…she makes hard earned cash…maybe you could try too…

  30. Ricky June 13, 2008

    ciara has had 2 looks the whole time shes been out…
    the s*** and the tom boy…aint nothing wrong with either…ciara had the sexiest part and i cant wait for fantasy ride…F*** DA HATERS!!!

  31. big willy style June 13, 2008

    OMG DAMN! Nelly is soooooo HOT! I want that body. I wish that he would drop his pants in the video. wanna have a sneak peak @ his underwear. I bet his STUFF must be huge lol

    I also LOVE the song. Cici & JD are doing their thang good.

  32. JustCuz June 14, 2008

    I love the hood ciara comin back. she put on some weight in a good way cuz she was gettin too skinny. and i love the hair. i was tired of the jet black. song was ok but seein her s*** ass made it hot.

  33. butler_84 June 14, 2008

    the song is ok, nothing special
    i dont think its worthy of being a single
    but that video was really good
    n ciara lookin fine

  34. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    can a nig say wow way to many hatters in here. Vid is nice as hell and i bet will be in top 10 by the end of summer. CICI doing the dam thang and for u lames that say she switch up her style you are just a losted cause.

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