T-Boz – ‘You Got Me Open’

Published: Monday 28th Jul 2008 by Sam

This new track from TLC’s T-Boz surfaced earlier today. It’s currently unknown whether ‘You Got Me Open’ is from her forthcoming Universal/SRC debut. For her sake I hope not; it’s not that the song is bad, it’s just that such material simply isn’t good enough to be able to stand a chance of competing in the contemporary music industry. I must say though, that, as with Chilli, I’m kinda perplexed as to why each didn’t strike while the iron was hot (during the height of TLC’s popularity)to drop solo records. I mean, is there actually still an audience for them?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    it doesnt sound new 2 me..

  2. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    Why are people hating on T-Boz so much. The girl was born with sickle cell, constantly goes in and out of hospitals for treatment, went through banckruptcy, divorce, etc and its like everytime she does something in the industry here comes the haters…. This is just an old track she recorded during her first attempt at a solo career…nothing knew so I don’t see why anyone has reason to hate!

  3. David July 28, 2008

    I like it! I’ll probably buy her album. Here’s hoping the material is something new and fresh.

  4. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    But I still like her and Chilli

  5. Mike Milan July 28, 2008

    This sounds very dated and I am sure it is. There is still an audience for T-Boz and Chilli because you have them on your site. Thats proof enough.

    The problem is that they have been gone for so long, they have to start over again. That is going to require the same comittment from a label that they would give to an up and coming artist.

    Not sure if that is going to happen, but I love me some Tionne and Rozonda.

  6. Durrel Jennings July 28, 2008

    I Love the song…someone needs to Rip it and post it up..and yes there are a lot of haters out there who just try and not see any hope for her or Chilli…there’s room for everyone and with the right promo and backing she could do fairly well!!! Best wishes TBOZ!!!

  7. SG3 July 28, 2008

    Not sure if this is new or not (although new to me). It isn’t anything that will be played on radio today, and that doesn’t make it a bad song. I mean usually if a song is on the radio it’s not that great, given the state of urban music now. It’s funny how music has changed so drastically with the past decade. Everything sounds the same, is about the same thing, uses the same lyrics. And when something goes against the grain, it’s labeled bad. I fell in love with music back in 1990 and I tell you “back in the day I use to sit and wish I wasn’t a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” Would someone please bring back GOOD music. Shout out to those who are keeping it fresh!!

  8. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    I dont care what anyone says

    I like this song its different her voice is great too.

    I would luv latavia to come out with an album

  9. Bridgette’s wish list July 28, 2008

    I dont really like the song, but she is lookin’ good though.

  10. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    There is always an audience, you don’t have to strike when the iron is hot as long as youre known that can be enough, also somtime people wait so the expectation of a similar sound of music sin’t expected. Kelly Rowland released albums while while at the hightof success but it did her no favours…. did it

  11. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    i love this song.t-boz is the truth

  12. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    “it’s just that such material simply isn’t good enough to be able to stand a chance of competing in the contemporary music industry.”

    I disagree. It’s much better than T-Boz’s solo single.

  13. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag July 28, 2008

    I agree, this does sound a lil dated. About hating on T-BOz, i'm here in full support. I hope she gets with Timbaland. yea, very predictive but he definitely has what it takes to jump start her career again. Look what he did for Nelly Furtado.. Think about it. Timbaland can deliver T-Boz into the new world, trust & believe… Oooh, i'm getting excited at just the thought. Her voice would be perfect!

  14. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    s*** iz S*** and hot!!!

  15. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    i’m not really feeling it..hopefully she has some better stuff hidden away somewhere

  16. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    stop drinkin that haterade!!!

    I LOVE YA Tboz!

    cuz u a boss!

  17. Anonymous August 12, 2008

    Exactly its not in the same category as the crap they play in radio today, therefore its hella bad lol. Its not first single material but definitely a reminder why she is crazysexycool.

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