Ciara Covers Billboard Magazine

Published: Monday 28th Jul 2008 by Sam
Ciara Covers Billboard Magazine R&B star Ciara features on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine. Liking the look; she’s switched things up a bit.
Ciara’s new three-disc ‘musical journey’ ‘Fantasy Ride’ is set to hit stores in the coming months.

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Phabian July 28, 2008

    Ciara has always been beautiful…She is doooo fyne
    Her album ‘Fantasy Ride’ I cannot wait to get. I was not disappointed with ‘The Evolution’ and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with this ‘musical journey’…

  2. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    I LOVE CIARA SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. i cannot wait until fantasy ride, the front cover is mm.. im intrigued to see what the promo pics for the cd will like. ALL THE SAME I LOVE U CICI. I REALLY DO .

  3. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    her album gunna flop

  4. justpassingthrough July 28, 2008

    I think that she is pretty, but I dont care for her music because on her last cd I only liked one song
    “like a boy”

    GOOD LUCK though CE CE

  5. Anonymous July 28, 2008


  6. Anonymous July 28, 2008


  7. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    im truly not gonna buy her CD not because i don’t her , just because her voice is not on point . (i’m absoluty not a hater ) but look at beyonce , Mary j , mariah , keyshia … voice !ciara is just whisper in all of her song and that’s sooooo annoying

  8. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    can i say a rihanna wanna be?shes too skinny now…she looks like a black paris hilton.not good

  9. daz July 28, 2008

    i like her but i do like her like that but seh is off the chani that pic lookes good

  10. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    mary j blige is far to be annoying! for my opinion shes a legend now
    anyway , for some people like me its interessting to have a good voice for been liking .im sorry but i can’t heard a whole album with this chicks was wisphere i don’t now why !she’s great i love her but without vocalise FOR ME is a litle bit annoying

  12. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    Ciara’s hair in this pic looks nothin like Rihannas. Rihanna ain’t the only female who can have short hair. Rihanna swagger jacked fefe dobson and kelis to get her style.

  13. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    Nice pic.. I am feelin’ the new look..

  14. tia July 28, 2008

    thats my b**** after beyonce and keyshia cole!!! love it she looks nice

  15. Walley July 28, 2008

    ciara is ok. she could dance and has a good “Redcording voice”. but live she sucks. but she deff. has star quality which is wat keeps her on top. and no her album wont flop, but it will not sell as much as goodies or the evolution. and it will def. not sell more then beyonce or whitney. oh yeah and one more thing. at first i liked her new song high price. but now i think it sucks. ppl are gonna get tired of it realll fast. im already tired of it and ive only listened to it like 4 times. its the kinda song that is interesting and will have ppl talking, but only for a couple of weeks. with high price being the only single b4 the album is released then there is a chance for a flop.

  16. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    ciara is alright–
    why dont you ever post about monica? she is very talented and she has a new show coming out, event though it’s only showing in the ATL but we can catch it on youtube, i abosolutely love her.

  17. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    Here they go with Rihanna comparisions, Rihanna don’t own any kind of hairstyle she just wears them lol. Let’s not get started on people jacking others stuff because Rihanna would have a whole list of who she jacked.

  18. OhLoHeDidnt July 28, 2008

    I like Ciara & I didn't buy the Evolution but I loved a couple of songs I wish she would have released "My Love" One of the best songs never heard from her. anyways I am not feeling that hair cut it look like a hot t***** ass mess. this just aint a good look whatsoever she's all girly with her muscles bustin out ugh… pass

  19. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    she looks like a man here! with her defined arms and jawline, what was that stylist thinking!
    poor cc

  20. daz July 29, 2008

    i dont this this pic look that good compared to her other ones but she still looking goood

  21. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    T***** 100%

  22. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    ah the haters…we love it. keep adding to the list cici, you must be doing something right.

    freakin fierce. and the hair is pulled back with jsut the bangs for the idiots that don’t know

  23. BRANDYSOURCE July 29, 2008

    Brandy makes her triumphant return 08.08.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hear her first single via myspace @

  24. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    Ciara is gorgeous. And you definitely made your mark in the music industry when you made the cover of Billboard magazine! Good look CiCi!

  25. brandysource July 29, 2008

    Brandy makes her triumphant return 08.08.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hear her first single via myspace @

  26. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    i love ciara, so fab and 2 the haters, ciara is not gonna flop

  27. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    she looks cute…and how is having your hair in a pony tail jacking somebody’s style…ya’ll retarded…I’m ready to hear something from her album…but that high price song wasn’t hitting at all

  28. PEBB July 29, 2008


  29. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    i kinda hate her hair…she looks better with it longer

  30. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    i think this is the hair she had on the stepped on my js perfomance at BET awards

  31. Robert loves Ciara July 29, 2008

    wow, I see we have all kinds of haters today, Ciara looks absolutely beautiful like she always does. I beleive that this is her time and it is her destiny. Coming from a true Ciara fan, she always delivers unforgettable music and hot videos with crazy dance sequences. Come Fantasy Ride nobody’s going to be thinking about anyone else but Ciara. She may not be the best singer but she has a great recording voice, and she sounds great live, most of the time. Not to mention she is the best dancer in the game right now. Ciara is a hot topic and her album will definately not flop, she has way too many fans. So Fantasy Ride here we go, we gon prove them haters wrong!!!! Luv u Ci

  32. feti July 31, 2008

    OHH! I agree with the “fefe dobson swagger jackin” comment %100 you hit it right on the head!

  33. Anonymous August 3, 2008

    wow she gone suck

  34. Critic August 3, 2008

    Maybe I’m blind and the only one who thinks this, but Ciara is fine as hell! Just how like I like my sistas! Now if she can get her career back on track, I would like her even more!

  35. Critic August 3, 2008

    Maybe I’m blind and the only one who thinks this, but Ciara is fine as hell! Just how like I like my sistas! Now if she can get her career back on track, I would like her even more!

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