Lil’ Mama’s ‘A Milli’

Published: Friday 18th Jul 2008 by Sam
Lil’ Mama joined a host of artists who have put their own spin on Lil’ Wayne’s smash ‘A Milli’, during a presenting stint on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday. Check out the vid below of the ‘Lip Gloss’ rapper’s freestyle rendition (a must see) via

She n-a-i-l-e-d it! Young talent at its best. Here’s hoping she goes far.

Tidbit: Would I be going overboard if I said this is one of the best alternate showings of the track to date?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Sam, you're right on! This is without a doubt the best A Milli remix that's out. She ripped this apart on 106 & Park and looked good doing it! Go ahead Lil Mama

  2. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    I’m surprised, she ripped it!!! AND yes hands down the best A Milli remix…..

  3. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Neh, Cyssero did better.

  4. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Hers was better than the N*****

  5. Walley July 18, 2008

    it was alright. But Jay’s is still the best. They should make a remix with all the verses by the artists like jay,lil mama,ne-yo, and so on..but keep Chris Brown outt pleasee! lol

  6. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    she killed it..that was hott

  7. I ♥ BMAM July 18, 2008

    the best…

  8. janfan_48 July 18, 2008

    YESSSS! She ripped this s*** to shreds! Cocky as hell and I love it!

  9. Kendra July 18, 2008

    That was on point. THE B**** IS FIERCE!

  10. Barry July 18, 2008

    Oh S***!

  11. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Walley I agree. I don’t know who told Chris Brown it was okay to play with somebody’s song like that. lol

  12. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    The best by far…

  13. Anonymous July 18, 2008


  14. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Oh please! Better than Jay Z, Neyo and Chris all put together. She killed it!

  15. butler_84 July 18, 2008

    that was better to watch than either ne-yo or lil waynes video
    n i still havent made my mind up to which is the best lyrically but she is definately a contender for the top spot

  16. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    thats my girl everybody wanna sleep on lil mama but shes ILL

  17. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag July 18, 2008

    i’ll tell you this much, thanks t Lil Mama i’ll be on the look out for all of the other A Milli remixes for comparison because this was absolutely sick.. Iduno, I think she’s the next Rap Mrs. Coming… lol.. I wonder if any of the blogs will be putting all of the mixes together on a compilation album to download?

  18. tia July 18, 2008

    muthaf*cka she’s ILL!! man when i saw this on the show the other day i was praying someone would give her the props she deserves on their blog…your the first to do it sam but thank goodness somebody did…she riiiiipppped it! i mean she performed it so good! i’m so tired of people saying they dont like her…shes the first person where if someone says something bad about her i argue them,usually i dont trip on other peoples opinion too hard,i just state mine,but in lil mama’s case i’m gonna argue for her until people get it in their head how much potential she has to be great,she kinda reminds me of mc lyte moreso because of her personality…she pulls off the “girlie yet tom boy” thing better then anybody else who’s tried it (missy and brat)…ok let me stop lol ya’ll get the picture

  19. musickology July 18, 2008

    i cant even lie,she ripped it.i gained more respect for her after seeing her latest video and even more after hearing/seeing this..

    but as far as the best remix to “a milli”HANDS DOWN,it goes to F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S!!
    “im like obama to these silly mufuckas and you n***** is clinton HILBILLY mufuckas!”

  20. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    she did a great job
    i liked this free style
    glad her dress code is getting better
    i dont think its the best but its way better than the one that chris brown just did
    she reminds me of mc lyte when she raps and she has alot of potential

  21. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    i love her version and neyo’s version
    as for the chris brown one he should stick to singing
    he could of done a better job
    still love him though

  22. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    I saw this yesterday and was hoping someone mentioned it. I had always heard that her flow was sick, but I never had the opportunity to hear anything. She ripped it, it was off da chain and she gets a standing applause. SOOOOO HOOOTTT ! ! !

  23. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    wow, im surprised. im not sure why she releases crappy songs, but seeing her do this reminds me of the classic female mc’s like mc lyte and queen latifah. i didnt think young people rapped like this anymore. she said a lot more in 1:45 mintues than Weezy said in the whole song. not sure when people gone realize weezy never talks about anything.

  24. Anonymous July 19, 2008

    ""&.I'm in it to win it
    i said that I'm in it
    i wrote i wrote
    i wrote it
    i walk it
    i talk it
    I'm focused gotta stay focused"""

    That Part kills me.. man.. how she walks…

  25. Anonymous July 19, 2008

    can someone rip the audio of this for download..pleeeeease

  26. ND July 19, 2008


  27. daz July 19, 2008

    she riped the stage up but waht happen to your clothes i thought u better than that

  28. Anonymous July 19, 2008

    Lil Mama is FIRE — Proof of her real talent. I think her label doesn’t know to properly market – but if they just let her rap and rip, she’ll kill it.

    Her newest song and video with T-Pain is ust as hot.

  29. Natalie July 20, 2008

    WOW I neva thought that Lil’ Mama was this and I don’t think this is one of the best alternate versions I think it is THEE BEST! WOW and her whole swag was so good, she had the stage and crowd in her palm just wow

  30. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    Lil Mama put that joint to bed. Straight Fiyah the best remix/ freestyle thus far dudes included.

  31. NiN July 20, 2008

    That was ill. LOL at Terrence trying to get in on it though, he pushed some poor girl out the way.

  32. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    Dagggg she killed that I think I watched it like 15X…BEST MILLI FREESTYLE!!!

  33. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    heads down………..she murder dat beat….i L0VE!T

  34. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    OMGGG!! SHE KILLED IT! I loved EVERY minute of it!

  35. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    She did kill it and Terrance is too damn hype. PLEASE FIRED HIM DEBRA LEE!

  36. Anonymous July 23, 2008

    man i seriously slept on this girl. she ripped that mess to shreds. show them a girl can do it better than most of these dudes!

    and i like her hair like that. somebody please throw out her ponytail baseball caps…

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