Terrence & Rocsi Beefing?

Published: Sunday 13th Jul 2008 by Sam
It seems all is not well between BET 106 & Park hosts Terrence and Rocsi. The usually ‘pally’ pair appeared to have a clashing of sorts on Friday’s episode of the popular countdown show, resulting in Rocsi walking off set and Terrence hosting the show alone thereafter. Check out the clip below via WorldStarHipHop.com:


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  1. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    i dont think she was sensitive about her job. he just keep f*cking with her on live tv, and embarassing her. Its cool to have one or two jokes. but he just kept going and going. we all know Rocsi messes up sometimes, and for him to blast her like that it was not a good look at all!!!! I felt if she wouldnt have left she would of beat his ass on tv.

  2. janfan_48 July 13, 2008

    Dayum…soo does that mean there’s an opening? lmao

  3. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    He was being a d*ckhead.

  4. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I concur, Rosci had a right to do what she did. She handled herself pretty well through all of Terrance’s jokes throughout the clip. And no, she wasn’t being “sensitive,” during the show because she was just trying to do her job and Terrence wouldn’t stop.

    She really didn’t mess up at all and it seemed like she was doing just fine. Furthermore, Terrence misreads the e-mail address to the viewers at 2:10-2:12 of the clip a few times. He forgets to add “106” before the “@gmail.com.” Stupid’ass with his technicalities should’ve ceased with the jokes because he wasn’t reading his lines “correctly” either.

  5. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I think Rocsi should have been professional about her job and stayed. Any issue she had with Terrance should have been discussed after the show. You are on live television.

    Terrance jokes on Rocsi all the time. Was it not a part of the show to keep us entertained by joking with each other?

  6. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    he stay playin the s*** outta her. LMAo.. thats a damn shame. itll come back to haunt him, you just watch. 106 hasnt been hott since free and aj left anyway.

  7. Dwight July 13, 2008

    Damn he was acting like he caught her screwing another man. Like he’s mad that she’s not giving it up anymore, or never did…he wasn’t “joking her” he was just being mean.

  8. SparkD July 13, 2008

    I wonder what caused Terrence to behave that way. He seemed to playful and protective of Rocsi, and this is a flip in character.

  9. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I am totally on Rocsi’s side, how can terrance be clownin her ass on tv when he up in there lookin like the black mr jack in the box, fo’real. Rocsi did the right thing walking off, whoever says that isn’t professional is crazy in my mind cos s***.. she could of stayed there and fukd his ass up on live tv if she really wanted to.
    I hope however, the problenm which is there between the two is resolved for the sake of the show.

  10. tia July 13, 2008

    i’m not on anyones side because i believe there is wayyyyy more to this story then meets the eye…something happened before the show because they always joke with each other in that way EVERY single day,sometimes rocsi be having some grimey stuff to say too and gives alot of attitude but he never trips,and vis versa something is very wrong….

    but i must admit i was like “DAMMMMNNNNNN” when he asked her “why cant you have a body more like ciara” almost out of nowhere

    i do think they were BOTH unprofessional though.

  11. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I don’t think Terrance did anything wrong.. He is always clowning her and she always clowning him. I thought it was part of their act.. If it were a problem for her she should’ve told him during one of the commercial breaks.. She was very unprofessional, IMO..

  12. tia July 13, 2008

    oh and the look on terrance face at the end when he walked away was F***** PRICELESS!! i mean wat was that about and when rocsi asked him the first time is that how he really feeling today he said ” yeah i mean you did it not me”…he fa damn sho wasnt still talkin about breathe mints

  13. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I think they are dating, and they decided to bring their personal problems to work. We shall see if Rocsi returns on Monday.

  14. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    They were both unprofessional, Terrence for not knowing when to stop and Rocsi for walking out.
    I have never been impressed with them. I am still trying to understand why they fired AJ and Free.

  15. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Rocsi and Terrence always play around with each other but this was to the extreme, when he said “why can’t you have a body like ciara?” i was like OH SNAP. I don’t think he was just being rude like that for no reason though, something msut have went down before the show.

  16. jonnyhco July 13, 2008

    i watch it everyday and he acts like this all of the time.its pathetic.he needs to be fired

  17. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    yeah, something is deffiniely going on cause it almost looked like she was gonna cry when she walked off and just what he was saying alone wouldn’t of made her cry. Also at the end of the clip he looked upset and walked away quick after he introduced the #1 vid

  18. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Ok he did went too far with the Ciara comparisons. Just saw it again. I’m sticking by what I think. She should have stayed than voice any issues she had with Terrance after the show. Rocsi is boring. If anybody needs to go, its her. She puts me to sleep.

  19. musickology July 13, 2008

    they always joke around like that so i agree with whoever said SOMETHING HAPPENED before the show…i dont care for rocsi much anyway,so who cares if she never comes back….

    her cheap look at the end was too funny though.lol

  20. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    LMAO at the second[janfan_48] Comment

  21. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    He’s a jerk…

  22. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Heard he has to apologize to her LIVE ON AIR Monday.

  23. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    AWWW,they’re having married couple issues. How cute. I don’t watch 106th & Park (anymore) but this clip was too funny. See,this is why you shouldn’t date your colleagues. Rocsi looked as though she wanted to hit Terence in the head with that mic so it was probably best that she walked off set.

  24. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    A few things here…
    1) Do they have something going on? Maybe…maybe not. Just because there’s a male and female host, doesn’t mean there is something going on all the time. Really, who knows?
    2) I think the joking around was ok at first, but then really, she’s trying to do her job and he kept going…quit it.
    3) HE WAS EXTRA WRONG for the “why can’t you have a body more like Ciara” comment. Take it or leave her, he has a really nice figure that a lot of people would pay A LOT of money to have in order to not do the gym work it takes to get there.
    4) I instantly noticed also that he MESSED UP the email address also by leaving out the 106 before “@gmail.com” in the latter portion of the clip.
    5) I think she probably could have waited until commercial break to voice her anger, but walking off sort of showed he got the best of her or really pissed her off. Never let them see you sweat. She should have just kept doing what she was doing, which was ignoring him and doing her lines…BUT, if something did happen earlier, she probably just had enough. Folks can take you over the edge sometimes! Whew!

  25. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Oops…meant to say SHE has a nice figure, not HE…my bad. At any rate, that’s just NOT something you say to a woman…that was mean.

  26. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Anyone notice at the very end of the clip, his ENTIRE DEMEANOR changed and he looked like he was going off set to go and talk to her? He had that “let me go talk to her because I think I really went to far this time” look on his face. OOps!

  27. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    The thing is Terrance is soooo young and immature. You NEVER suppose to disrespect a womans body. Especially on national television.

  28. pebb July 13, 2008

    They were both unprofessional for bring there problems from to work rocsi did something to p*** that boy off to the highest level they do play all the time but when shot that girl feeling when he compared her to ciara and did it on t.v and the show was alomost over she didnt have to walk off…but thats what happen when you date someone you work with

  29. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Oh my goodness…not only did he clown her for reading the email wrong (which HE DID ALSO), and then talked about her body (which is fly by the way), HE SAID SHE NEEDED BREATHMINTS. Sorry…but he’s just plain mean this go round. She tried to keep it moving and she really did hold her peace…good for her.

  30. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Ouch, Rocsi was about to cry. That’s why she walked off, you can tell in her voice and in her face when she asked Terrence a question, and that’s why she shook her head and looked mad before walking off.

    Ya’ll right, something HAD to had happened before the show (don’t know what though, since Friday’s is taped after Thursday) because they answer joke on each other but not like that.

    We’ll find out tomorrow.

  31. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Why is BET using a gmail account anyway? That’s a little unprofessional/suspect…shouldn’t the email address be “@bet.com???” Is it just me??? That’s sort of like I go for a job interview, but the company email address to send in my resume is “@yahoo.com” – let’s please set it up a notch. 🙁

  32. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Who cares, this is how the youth talk to people anyways, their rude and disrespectful. That type of behavior is considered harassment on both ends (female and male) in any work environment. BET is the company that brain washes the minors to think that this is the way to act.

  33. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Aight so rosci done changed up. ..She ain’t never been the way she was now. .not even like i know hur like dat but iunno. . .she act like she da s*** now a days n she aint even’t dat hot. I think terrance did embarrase hur n i think she desereved it. .she needed to be put down to earth. Str8.

  34. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Bottom line, they are on the job, and esp. because their job is in front of the camera, Terrance needed to behave in a more professional manner. It was clear that he was taking it too far, even the audience was uncomfortable.

  35. Rob July 13, 2008

    Is it me, or weren’t both of these jokers supposed to be replaced by now? My God, they are wack, wack, WACK. Rocsi is not cute or appealing, and her thick-ass accent is so phony it gets on my nerves. They will never be like Free and A.J., who actually brought way more to the table than just being hosts. *sigh* It’s time for some new talent at BET, and THAT’S real talk.

  36. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Um, i dont kno wat show ppl r watching but 106 & Park is way hotter than wen AJ & Free hosted… Truth b told AJ & Free were borin & that’s y Rocsi & Terrence havent been REPLACED, cuz truth b told, they’re not. I have never seen Free or AJ entertain the audience like Terrenc & Rocsi so… Even tho i liked those AJ & Free, but lets be honest wen have u ever heard AJ or Free say 106 & Park was the #! watched show in the world… Hmmm, NEVER… AJ & Free did their thing & made their mark in our hearts, give Rocsi & Terrence a chance to do the same. Ppl need to quit livin in da past & live in the now. And if Rocsi’s accent gets on your nerves than y do u watch the show? Y did u even bother to watch this video clip?

    On another note, I didnt think Terrence went too far, doesnt he joke like that wit her all the time? Hmmm, i dnt kno mayb Rocsi had other reasons 4 leavin da set, i dnt think she wud jeopordize her job or career by doin somethin like dat. She’ll b back on da couch Monday afternoon givin Terrence a dose of his own medicine. There’s no beef. LOL @ dat one. O & LOL @ Sam… All he had 2 say was Ouch…

  37. Anonymous July 13, 2008


  38. toons July 13, 2008

    that was very ghetto and innapropriate for terrance to play her like that on national tv. this is your job, take it serious or no one will take you serious.

    terrance is a clown anyway. some big ass puerto rican goon is gonna see him in the streets and beat the s*** out his ass. he needs to watch his back, mark my words. no

    one likes him except for preteens. rocsi handled it well. she shouldnt have walked off tho. because that is exactly what he wanted. she should demand he be fired or she leaves.

    BET is just plain ghetto!

  39. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    I find it odd that you people are on here saying Terrence was unprofessional for acting like that. Rocsi was unprofessional for walking off… NO! What would have been unprofessional of her is to come back out on set & beat Terrence with one of her shoes. Half you on here calling them out for their actions don’t know the meaning of words because AJ & Free are gone. GET OVER IT! AJ & FREE ARE GONE! MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! AJ & FREE HAVE! It’s ridiculous the way you people are with this woman. Every little thing she does you all have something to say about it. If she were to pea on set you all would be all over her for that. GROW UP!

    As for the video… I think Terrence & Rocsi are dating. She was shocked when he compared her body to Ciara’s… Think about it, why would a woman whose not dating a man get offended when he’s comparing her body to another woman’s…. So I think their dating. It just strikes me odd… Maybe because it’s a woman thing & I’m a guy so i wouldn’t understand.

  40. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Terrance was way out of line. He needs to get fired from his job. Rocsi handled herself well. He was clearly not joking in a friendly way. He was trying to p*** her off.

  41. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Wow what a cocky-ass dickhead… He was being such a loser to her! And HAHAHAHAHA @ him messing up the 2nd time they showed the e-mail address.. he left out the “106”

  42. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    AJ and Free so much better. They need to come back. 106 fell off! AJ and Free so much better. Terrance is aight. Rocsi is like the mini version of Julissa.

  43. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    That was real messed up. He was cuttin on her the whole time. I woulda walked off the set too…

  44. ND July 14, 2008

    What a punk***!!!

    Bring back AJ & Free…..

  45. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    Terrance is a P**** ass n****. he alwayz doing s*** to her. i dont watch 106 but i be hearing how he dissess her. I do not blame her. The show is lame anywayz

  46. Felisha July 14, 2008

    it was all staged, people =) i don’t know if Rocsci was in on the stunt, but it was just to get people talking and pull in some ratings.

    such bad acting cuz how he gon clown her on reading the email wrong and he read it wrong 3 times himself!! it was good drama though.

  47. Keri July 14, 2008

    So I think he was being an ass..he went too far..ol girl was hot! but he should chill..i dont like her but damn if i didnt feel bad for her..i wanna see if she returns lmao

  48. Antoz July 14, 2008

    No matter how people feel about Rosci the fact is that Terrence PROPERLY dissed her.

    They have banter before but this was Xtra & she knew it by repeatedly asking him “is it like that 2day”. From when she said that the 1st time he had the chance to chill but he goes on to diss her body, breath and takes her lines and worst of ALL f**k up da line himself.

    He shoulda fell back cus he knew she was getting P’ED with the constant roasting.
    She didn’t looked like she wanted to cry, she looked like she wanted to slap his forehead with dat mic she was swinging.

    She did hold her own for the most part BUT if she was quick witted she would noticed her said the email address wrong & switch it on him.
    Mayb nxt time…

    Was kidda funny seeing her boil up. I do think it looks worse than it was though. He looked well sorry right at the end.
    Could be he time of the month…

    Just make up ya’ll it nothing BIG really!!!

  49. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    Roc wasn’t even on the show today, Keri Hilson co-hosted.

    People need to shut up, the rating are higher than ever and AJ AND FREE SUCKED! THEY WAS BORING AND ARE NEVER NEVER EVER COMING BACK! Get used to it.

  50. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    oh hell no b****!!!

    roci and that other guy i dont even remember his name suck major d***

    AJ & FREE were asked to come back cause even since they were fired ratings dropped like hell so go do some fuckn research

  51. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    monday is here an she is not bck an that spoil the show i wondering want hppen to her but he brought out mis keri hilson i was oo were is rocsi but the worst thing is eating pizza on the and strawberrys on the show like this hell date but i really want to know if some one saw when he asked sum one if she was comming back thats was really shocking . but what ever happen need 2 be fix befor friday cuz i want rocsi 2 be there and act like grow people not children an terrence need 2 know when 2 stop joking an be real an know how 2 date people not on the show on the show an rocsi need 2 top acking lil getto an act like a lady an sun terrance on the show but what ever need 2 fix before the show gets boaring

  52. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    ok this is really not call for she was not right 4 leaveing the show right but i would terrence is a no body he always trying to play with rocsi like she is any dam toy i wish that was me boy i would slap him so hard but he always joken around and it com 2 a point to a lady it u asking dumb she is not into u so eventually she is going 2 get fred up and i dont bleam her and i aggree with the person on top of me he is to childish man and u cant deal with that to long but u know right what hurt me was when he ask y cant u have a body like caria i am a girl right gg that was over body and the breath mint statement that was shockedand he kept on going on and on but anywas yall 2 need to work it out some way

  53. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    Terrence always jokes on rocsi & she doesnt seem to mind she just laughs along with him; thats just his personality so that the show wont be boring like when Aj & Free were hosting. He probably caught Rocsi cheatin on him & was like wait till we get to wrk monday ima put ur ass on blast because remember when she asked him is that how he felt today he was like "YEAH, i mean you did it not me", and im pretty sure he wasnt talkin about the breathmints anymore. Personally i think Terrence & Rocs r way better than Aj & Free. They make the show interesting..Well Terrence does mostly.

  54. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    I thought they were best friends but he went too far when he kept on talking about her breath. I mean if he said the joke once and left it alone it would be funny but he kept on bothering her the whole day.

  55. Anonymous July 29, 2008

    I think that Terrence and Rocsi are way better than AJ and Free. They wuz straight up boring. And yea something did go down before the show started because Terrence and Rocsi joke around with each other every day. Dats what you get for dating your co workers!

  56. Anonymous August 1, 2008

    It probably was a mistake. That’s what happens in a relationship, things get misunderstood and unreal because when likw someone you tend to tease them but it gets offensive not realizing your hurt them. So It was just a mix-up. I really hope nothing happens to their jobs. I really like the both of them.

  57. Anonymous August 29, 2008

    I get an extremely rock-hard e******* whenever I see Rocsi wearing Pantyhose/Tights/Stockings. My d*** gets so hard that it is necessary for me to ejaculate as soon as possible if I want to do anything that involes me being within 8 inches of something.

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