The Best You Never Heard: Ciara, Ne-Yo, Sugababes & Timbaland

Published: Wednesday 16th Jul 2008 by Sam
The Best You Never Heard: Ciara, Ne-Yo, Sugababes & TimbalandThe Best You Never Heard returns this week featuring lesser known cuts by Ciara, Ne-Yo, the Sugababes and hit-maker Timbaland. Do you have any suggestions for future instalments? Drop me an email at


Ciara – So Hard


As I’ve detailed in the past, Ciara’s 2006 sophomore effort ‘The Evolution’ was indeed pretty solid, yet offered little in the way of what its title declared – evolution (from her first LP). That said, one of the album’s definite standout cuts was the Bryan Michael-Cox produced ‘So Hard’. Reminiscent of Cox’s now trademark ‘Crunk Ballad’ sound, the track IMO is right up there with the brilliance that is ‘Promise’. What Ciara lacks in vocal prowess, is compensated by the sheer emotion the song evokes. In simpler terms (lol), you both feel and believe what she’s singing. A must listen.


Listen: So Hard


Ne-Yo – Make It Work

Lifted from Ne-Yo’s 2007 effort ‘Because of You’, ‘Make It Work’ is all that we have to expect from a top notch ‘Ne-Yo’ track. Laced with lush harmonies and a killer hook, the song IMO would have made for a great single; something I’m pretty perplexed didn’t occur, considering it really was a smash hit just waiting to happen.


Listen: Make It Work




Sugababes – Freak Like Me



Undeniably the UK’s biggest and most talented girl group (I did say ‘talented’, so no Girls Aloud included lol), the Sugababes were able to secure such a position no doubt in part to the success of their 2002 hit ‘Freak Like Me’. A more edgier, rock-tinged (yet still Urban) spin on the Adina Howard classic, the track served as the ladies first #1 and remained at the top for four straight weeks. Good stuff.

Listen: Freak Like Me


Timbaland – Fantasy (ft. Money)


Following Timbaland’s return to prominence in 2006 as a producer on major releases by the likes of Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, the hit-maker also asserted his place in the contemporary industry with the release of his 2007 LP ‘Shock Value’. Featuring many a collabo, it was ‘Fantasy’, sung by the relatively unknown Universal/Blackground artist Money, that was one of my personal favourites from the slightly overrated album. With its sensual, whimsical sound, the track is a slickly produced and solidly performed cut.

Listen: Fantasy (ft. Money)



Your thoughts: Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Sugababes rock and deserve some recognition in america as the worlds biggest music market. I think they would go down well there. Talented singers, Talented songwriters and really nice girls! not forgetting the amount of amazing songs they have had!!!

  2. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Yes Sugababes are definately the UK’s best girlgroup ATM! They are all really talented and beautiful women! Have you guys seen their live versions of Lady Marmelade and En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go? They are very vocally capable!
    I am feeling The Saturdays at the moment, but I don’t think they’ll top the babes for me!

  3. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    So Hard was one of the only songs that I really loved fron her album that and My Love. I just wish she could sing lol. I’m sad that she didn’t release this. This song is the truth

    Make It Work should’ve been a single for real. I still bump this song beacause it’s that truth too.

  4. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    So Hard is definately one of my favs from Ciara’s latest album..

    AND Fantasy is also one of my favs from Timbo’s album… I <3 "The Way I Are" until it got rinsed out!! 😛

  5. AaronMichael July 16, 2008

    That Timbaland and M$ney track was always the best track on that album. M$ney is the future of where music needs to go. You guys should really get to know her.

  6. Mark July 16, 2008


    There is a track called “No More” from Jamelia’s last album – Walk With Me.

    Just a suggestion for your next batch.

    Good feature BTW


  7. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    so hard was my jam off cici’s album I liked the whole thing tho and I like fantasy I don’t have timbalands album.

  8. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    uhm if ciara couldnt’ sing your a** wouldn’t be jaming to her ballads bish.

    that’s right so hard my love and from the first lp thug style ooh oh baby and i and other chick…all great slow jams

    she does that

  9. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    i agree with that Money track i love that song..

  10. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Why do u hate Girls Aloud????

  11. Alejandro ~dro~ July 16, 2008

    I love the Sugababes, have all their CDs (I’m from the States). Much better than GA. I also loved Cici’s latest album.

  12. Anonymous July 17, 2008

    I have to strongly agree that make it work was slept on because I didn’t realize it was on the because of you album. When Shane Sparks choreographed the dance to make it work. I was like who is that. I quickly checked my ipod and was like damn I had this song all this time. And fantasy by timbaland I’ve been bumping that in my aerobic class

  13. Anonymous July 17, 2008

    i’ve herd all of those songs money and the sugababes one are both on my i pod right now i love all of sugabaes music but i don’t care to much for change i would love to see more of them here in the u.s

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