Will Smith Reveals Open Relationship With Jada

Published: Monday 14th Jul 2008 by Sam
Will Smith Reveals Open Relationship With Jada‘Wholesome’ Hollywood couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, have revealed that the secret to the success of their 11 year marriage is that they have an ‘open relationship’. Speaking to Reveal magazine, Will had the following to say:

“Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people.” he says.

“And if it came down to it, then one would say to the other: ‘Look, I need to have sex with somebody. Now, I’m not going to if you don’t approve of it’.”

The 39-year-old star explains that the couple’s open policy has been in place from day one of their 10-year marriage.

“In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others’. We said ‘you will never hear I did something afterwards’. Because if that happens the relationship is destroyed.”

Other things that Will says are important in his relationship are keeping in shape for his “little firecracker” Jada, the “look in her eyes”, and communication.

“And lots of sex makes for a good marriage too!” {Source}

Though there has long been murmurings about Will and Jada’s marriage, this is the first time either has spoken on this particular issue. Personally, I’m not sure I really agree with their choices, I guess it depends on the individual, though. So saying that…

Do you agree or disagree with Will & Jada?

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  1. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    It’s all fun and games till someone gets a***….BAD EXAMPLE TO SET…We will really be calling is sill tail HanCOCK…

  2. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    Isn’t this old? I coulda sworn I heard this a couple of years back and they had to explain that. Anyways its very, very sad. sounds like monique’s dumbass when she said the same thing.

  3. Anonymous July 14, 2008


  4. Anonymous July 14, 2008


  5. Anonymous July 14, 2008


  6. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    not disagreeing but jus not gettin it…wats da point in being married if u’re gonna continue wit da lifestyle of a single person?…i thot marriage was about devotion to one person…well, i guess if it aint broke…

  7. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    In Christianity (which he continues to claim he worships)it’s called adultery!!! Plain and simple . . . they are breaking the sanctity of marriage everytime “one says to other, Look, I need to have s** with somebody”. I can’t imagine the idea of another man touching me, but then again I’ve only been married 4 months. SHAME ON IT ALL!

  8. Anonymous July 14, 2008


  9. Anonymous July 14, 2008


  10. Simba July 14, 2008

    I aint mad at it. People have s** outside their relationship it happens. And both Men and Women do it so we shouldn’t assume that Will is the only one exercising this option. So instead of letting it destroy an otherwise great relationship they’ve adapted and have learned to live with it more power to both of them. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find a way to holla at Jada real quick.

  11. Stephanie July 14, 2008

    I agree with #1. I mean what is the point of getting married if you are gonna do that? Thats no secret to being married for so long. What kind of example are they setting for their kids? They have four, and its not right to know your Daddy or Mommy is out with someone else.

    If he was a Chirstian or she, this would not be the case. I am very ashamed to see this from someone I have admired since he started out.

    They are really on that Hollywerid train now.

  12. DC City Life July 14, 2008

    Whatever they are doing is working. I am not saying I would do it, but I am saying that if I was married to Will Smith I would do it! Intelligent, fun and fine as hell! Plus, when your husband is bringing home $20 million checks on a consistent basis, we can compromise on some things.
    Why do people think that married people don’t have s** outside their marriage? Most people just don’t get caught. I’d rather have it out in the open. A lot of you who are looking down on them are either divorced or are being cheated on and don’t even know it because you are so closed minded and are not even open to understanding a viewpoint outside your own. Our community is so judgemental, which is why people lie in the first place.

    If this was an option in marriage, a person may be more inclined to be completley honest with their mate. Where as, many husbands wouldn’t dream of even telling their wife that they are attracted to another woman (or man). Do you think that it is likey that your husband/wife has ever been attracted to a person outside your marriage? Does he/she tell you about their attractions? Can you imagine what else they may not have told you?

    And a person, who normally would not have s** with a married person might make an acception for an open marriage if the wife/husband was ok with it…or if it was Will or Jada Smith!

    And NO ONE follows Christinity to the “T.” Whether you lie, steal, look at p*** sites, covet, judge other people, whatever it is, it’s just as wrong as the next Christian’s vice. Times have changed and with all of the things going on in the world, your have to get creative to make things work. If both people are happy, then great!

  13. David July 14, 2008

    DC City Life, you took the words right out of my mouth! I concur with every point.

    Whatever they’re doing is working for them. It won’t work for EVERYone, but they’ve been happily married for years. Who are we to judge?

    And I also agree that people have s** outside of their marriages all the time! They’re just dishonest about it.

    And for those who say “Jada shouldn’t take that,” I wouldn’t be surprised if it was HER idea in the first place!

    To the Smiths, I say: Do you! One of the Black couples I truly admire and respect.

  14. jer. July 14, 2008

    that’s awesome!

    and F*** you broke Victorian b******. get the f*** over it

  15. tia July 14, 2008

    Sooo that means i might have a chance wit him right??…naw j/k j/k lol…but whatever floats ya boat,it aint my life sooo whatever

    screw an example…you all were the same people on their jocks until right this moment,and they’ve been doing this for 10 YEARS!!! your a little to late to hate them for it because the damage is done! duh

  16. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    Doesn’t this help prove that they are both probably gay and only in this marriage for show??? It’s been a rumor for a while and this litle diddy explains a LOT. Go Scientology!!!!

  17. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    I always knew their relationship was too good to be true..

  18. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    It’s fun to read about people whine about the sanctity of whatever (marriage, relationship) being broken. Here’s a newsflash Victorians Romantics And Fixated Psychos – your idea of “love” is ONLY one of many ideas. And boo-hoo to you: the Smiths did not consult you before arranging their relationship.

    Sorry your idols didn’t follow your lead for happiness. Instead, they found their own.

  19. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    HELLO – they’re both beards for each other!

  20. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    this is not going to help with the down-low comments.

  21. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    What does it take to get America to take note Will Smith and Jada are downright not mr and mrs smith… but power-hungry Hollyweird Scientolos. They already push their kids on us, that son of theirs is a spoiled n**. That new school they build is following Scientolos. Will handed out the book in his last shoot. Jada just “coincidentally” followed the Juliette Lewis-scientolo-rock queen model for about two years… look at photos then, she was pumped up with some extra oomph-muscles to her figure. Will was nowhere to be seen then, and she had female “friends”… Will knows he is not an actor, he won’t ever get Oscar material, so he’s going the e-z route to money and power, and not the real charities and hard work of a much more serious and activist married actor, denzel washington and his wife.

  22. mq1986 July 14, 2008

    So the message here is that a marriage won’t work unless lots of s** is involved with people outside of your partner…interesting philosophy.

    Whatever rocks their boat, I guess…

  23. Stephanie July 14, 2008

    Victorian B******? Who is that? Why insult other commenters. Well you werre not referring to me I leave in the USA.
    Well I don’t get why people want to be okay with it. I’m not married or even in a relationship but its like swingers to me, all kinds of wrong. No one follows Christianity to a T, but okay this to is on another level. Some things you do curse, lie, its so easy to do, you can’t help it. But that? I’m kind of shocked, and its that Tom Cruise religion for sure. But thats Hollywerid for ya.

  24. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    I agree with dc city , it is their business. Only I would have keep them guessing (the public) since it would be my business and they could only speculate.

  25. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    Open marriage is not for everyone. Most Americans are conditioned to traditional terms so they would never be able to handle having a freedom like this. I’m a black woman, in an open marriage, and it was my decision. I love my husband with all my heart and we’ve been together over 10 years. We’ve both been REAL with each other and realized that every once in awhile we may want to spice things up. … and doing so is not an immediate deal breaker. We are best friends, and no one could come in between that. Especially someone with an unrealistic view of the world. As humans, we a sexual creatures. Just because you love someone does not mean you lose your sexuality or ability to care for others. Of course, there is a fine line and I’d frown upon promiscuity in marriage or single life. .. Point is, if both parties of a marriage agree, show respect, the kids are not exposed and communication stays open, an open marriage can work. I’m living proof.

  26. sad_kid July 14, 2008

    its so sad
    u people are so sad
    u can never be appeased
    u’ll always find something to b**** and moan about
    whether this was their “secret” to their [for want of a better word] successful marriage or something along the lines of “ooh we keep find interesting ways to spice up the marriage or our love know’s no bounds or sum other automatic bs response there would still be sum p** out there squealing their porkie hind quarters off .

    i agree with ‘DC City Life’ and some others.
    Who r u/we to judge??….. who gives u/us the right whether u/we r a christian or not, for one let the ‘saints out there who are without sin cast the first stone’…….wherever u r, …………………hmmm i see not stones ‘falling’ from the sky to punish me/us [for we all have sinned whether u want to believe it or not]. And for the person [i wont call u an idiot which by the way is a sin…lol] who claims that ‘cursing and lying are easy to do, but what a married couple does is beyond normal sin’ is that what u were actually implying, because as far as i know there is no sin greater than another [apart from blasphemy..and apparently s****** as u cant ask for forgiveness cuz ur dead…]. murder, lying, theft, dishonouring the house of thy mother and father, accusing someone falsely [lying i guess, but maybe 4 personal gain], desire for another persons belongings [envy, jealousy???], using the Lord’s name in vain………….the all amount to the same punishment and have the same bearing, lets say for example sin has a value of 10 they are all worth 10!!! 10 nothing more nothing less
    God is the only one who can judge us, we have not the right to judge any other person, we all make mistakes we all sin and we all have to take account for. But we are also given a choice and we have the rite to choose yes or no w/e our answer, its our choice pay for it though we may.
    and for those who aren’t christians, does it really matter??
    who is hurtn who/what is being destroyed??
    an idealistic view of what someone [we probably know nothing about] dreamed up and felt necessary to dictate to others how to live their lives??

    its the same thing with most adults, u’ll never understand us, cuz u never LISTEN, cuz we’re not worth listening to, so u pass ur judgment in a bid for us to lead this, your, atleast what ur told is a normal existence.
    we are all the same, no matter what u may believe, when u point at me there are 3 fingers pointing back at u, if u want change start with the man in the mirror……..and leave others to their life [as long as they arent harming people !!!!]

  27. Charles-David July 14, 2008

    Obviously it’s worked this long. Everyone’s marriage is not the same. Stop being so taboo about sexuality and marriage people! Above all, they truly love each other! You can see it when they’re together!

    Marriage should be new life, not a life sentence…

  28. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    I was wondering why Will was so close to Tom Cuise (the midget, who was the “boy toy” for that gay billionaire, Geffin, when, Tom was young of course), going so far to kiss him at a premier or two and you always hear about Will visiting Cruise, ha, ha. I always thought Will was a “little” too comfortable/friendly with his male co-stars.

    But, whatever floats your boat, as long as he doesn’t bring home a*** or Hep “C” to Jada! She acts like and dresses like a little d*** anyway, so, she probably is a switch hitter anyway, too.

    Lets face it, they are a loose couple and play around.

    Ah Hollyweird, good to see it has not changed, E. Presley, Tommy Kirk, Troy D., there were so many of them, I get dizzy thinking of them all, while Joe public believes all the BS.

    In Hollyweird, if, you don’t drop your drawers, boy or girl, you do not make it, all they are, is a bunch of whores, opps, I mean prostitutes, as they all (boys or girls, will do anything, or, anyone, to get ahead, trust me, been there, done that. Hey, remember that old hollywood line about old “Butch” Gary Coooper, he would drop his drawers in a minute, for anyone that could help him in his career.

    With these s****, it is 1/2 of a second, trust me, I have been there, but, I wouldn’t do that. But, I know the scene.

  29. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    They are adults, adults can do what they want. I wouldnt go for it again im not Will’s baby.

  30. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    If you READ the interviews its more like “Open Communication” He never said he slept around, and his examples are of telling his girl that so and so is beautiful or whatever…. taking his comments WAY out of context

  31. Carm July 16, 2008

    why get married then?? the whole concept of marriage is to be with one person.For that stay single and catch stds on your own time…sorry but i dont agree with their lifestyle and they shouldnt be soo open about that having kids…”hey daddy mommys screwing the pool guy again just letting you know she said dont go in the bathroom” smh

  32. Anonymous July 17, 2008

    FIRST OF ALL , they havent done anything YET . they have yet to have any lovers YET . here is the FULL article :

    “Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people. So sometimes we have the discussion: ‘Wow, this or that girl is freaking gorgeous.’ I’m not going to say anything to my buddies that’s any different than what I say to my wife,” said Smith.

    Though they have yet to take lovers outside of their marriage, the couple will tell each other if the occasion ever arises.

    “I don’t know how I’d feel. But I know I would react better than if I found out about it afterwards,” said Smith, in regards to the possibility of his wife asking to take a lover.

    secondly I am tired of everyone talking about the damn sins ..adultery is a sin ..if it`s not hurting anyone it is not to be considered as a sin ! I’ve learned that in the bible most of the sins that are listed “sodomite, adultery, pedophilia” are only lised as sexual deviations ! A sexual deviation is an intense sexual interest , fantasies , or urges involving nonhuman objects, PAIN and humiliation, children, or NONconsenting individuals .. in this situation the “adultery” serves as NEITHER of the above .. the sins listed in the bible are acts that can HURT people ..in this case the “adultery” or their open relationship ..is hurting NO ONE. so ..yea. but like i was saying, do full research before you speak on their relationship. they havent done ANYTHING or ANYONE ELSE yet. Secondly, it isnt YOUR relationship so you shouldnt be worried about it !

  33. Daryl July 18, 2008

    Sometimes I think the best thing these celebrities could do for themselves is stop letting out their business.

  34. Anonymous August 1, 2008

    Marriage is sacred. Yes, “things do happen”, but, to openly appear before God and man and make vows (regardless of what was stated) is wrong. Why marry?

  35. Tony55 August 4, 2008

    God says”love your wife as Christ loves the church”. I don’t think that there is any “wiggle room” to do anything else. God invented and sanctions the marriage relationship. Who are we(mere mortals) to put our own definitions on the relationship and then sanction our own behavior. Will and Jada should call Fred Price or T.D. Jakes and get some serious Christian counseling.


  36. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    Marriage is sacred? Really, if that’s true why do most of them end in divorce?

    We only say it’s sacred to make ourselves feel better?

    And why get married? The answers to that question varies with the individual. Jada in a previous interview said she got married because she wanted a family (kids and a husband… seems like a good reasons to me).

  37. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    All you religious backstabbers… please get a grip… relgion is just opinion… there are probably more religions in the world than there are people… and everyone’s a hyprocrite when it comes to their religion because no ones perfect, and you would need to be to follow every impossible rule that your (opinionated, man-made religion lay down… No God created religion… religion was created by man… that why there is so many of them). A new one is probably born everyday. You can start a new one in the next five seconds if you want believe me you’d find some followers.

  38. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    Jada has lost her way check out that wicked wisdom video . It is demonic . Jada yu better watch what you open yourself up to.

  39. Anonymous October 13, 2008

    I agree with The Smiths. YOU have to do what works for YOU. No matter how disgusting or morally wrong some people may think. To each it’s own.

  40. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    I think that’s fantastic. My g/f and I are swingers, have been since day one as we met as swingers. This is the best relationship either one of us has been in and we love it. Our bond is stronger than what we’ve experienced in past relationships and openness about everything is just so refreshing.

    The s** though, that the is the best. Not only with other couples, but when we get home from a play weekend with others, the s** we have together is simply top notch.

    If people can get over jealousy, they can have ALOT of fun!

  41. Anonymous October 14, 2009

    Well personally I feel it is pretty sad that it takes other people to keep their relationship together, especially if they are supposedly so in love. I really don’t think that people now a days really understand real love or commitment. I know god is really displeased at us as a whole and I am feel sorry for us on judgement day! However; I would never let my daughters nor my son think that it is o:k to cheat and be unfaithful to his/her spouse. Last, life is short, and you should spend it loving the people who are important in your life, not screwing people just to rid you of your curiousity. The best and most enjoyable time in life is the time you spend loving other people wholeheartedly! Peace out!

  42. Mmartin June 25, 2011

    They are making a mockery of the point of REAL marriage, which sucks because I like them both, but now I can’t say I respect them at all since they don’t respect the institute of marriage. Lets not even get into the parental aspects of this issue. Lets just say shameful and selfish come to mind, thats not love.

    But to each his/her own, I know it would NOT work for me. And I will certainly be re-evaluating mine and my kids choices of movies in which these folks are involved in. Too bad.

  43. teeny August 4, 2011

    Beside the Godly aspect. When you sleep with another person you can loose your mind. S** is so intimate that you can end up leaving your family. It ‘s a deep emotional entangling thing. It can rip your family and marriage totally apart. S** makes you fall in love. They might give you and ultimatum. her or me. I don’t know how they can do it. I may be more emotional. When I sleep with someone I need them in my face all the time If I don’t, I can’t eat, sleep. I ‘m get physically ill: wanted that person all the time. Men can do that without the emotional overwhelming attactments.

  44. teeny August 4, 2011

    Stop judging them. Look at your own life. He without sin let him cast the first stone. How many of you have sleep with the same man or woman for 11 yrs. None. You don’t know what it takes to keep a hollywood family together. They break 100 times faster than regular couples. They have to do what’s best for them. Open marriage sounds like they are sleeping with people daily. It may be every 4 to 5 yrs or something. It should be private and between them only. Their saying that they would have been divorce if not for the open marriage. Will says that makes him content in his marriage. Maybe after there married for 70 yrs we will understand.

    almost every couple will has to will sneak out the marriage, a time comes when its a dry spell and your mate is like your sibling. Open marriage is really biblical. Many of the Godly men in the bible had numerous wifves. Abramham had sarah and also a hand maiden. King Solomen had hundreds of wives. Monogomy came later in the new testament. As far a A*** they are to well informed and intellegent to get that. God Bless there marriage and famiy.

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