Amy Winehouse Performs ‘Rehab’ At V Festival

Published: Monday 18th Aug 2008 by Sam

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse performed the V Festival this past Saturday in the UK. Check out her performance (if you can call it that) of her hit ‘Rehab’:

Clearly whoever is booking her for these events doesn’t have her best interests at heart. What a complete embarrassment. Sad.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. jomodel August 18, 2008

    this is crazy…that was really sad…she was on some when she did mad she was freestyling on her own track and then her dancers were laughin at her…she is scary…what was on her teeth, and wdf was wrong with managment for even picking her to do this…that was the worst i ever seen that song performed..YEA she has a soulful voice but she is not using it right

  2. knox August 18, 2008

    LMAO!!!this may b sad yal,but that is a perfect definition of a hottt mess.I thought Natalie Cole was hatin wen she said they shud take dem Grammyz from her,but dang they shud!lol,this was funny.

  3. Smurf August 18, 2008

    ooook. The sad part was that everyone knew she was f***** up, but when she got to the part about never drinking again she bust out laughin and couldn’t even say it with a straight face. then she was coughin during the performance and grabbin all on her dress. I wonder want the background singers were thinkin. they probably could’ve stopped singin and she wouldn’t have noticed. she was zonin 4 real!! Messin up words and freestyle ad libbin all over the place. I love her album but I’ll be damned if i EVER go see her perform. And what was worse is that she was dead damn serious when she sung the chorus about never goin back. Damn shame cuz she sure need it!

  4. BRIT~~ August 18, 2008

    Those eyes of hers look so vacant. i have no words!

  5. Alia Kalim August 18, 2008

    To hell with Amy Winehouse. Seriously.

    I love the new design, Sam!

  6. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    Screw Amy.. I wish they would lock her up in rehab and throw away the damn key..

  7. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    that was the funniest thing i seen all nite..SHE STOPPED SINGING AND COUGHED LOLOLOL…she was sooo trashed omg…like it was effin comedy..

    and she was laughin her dam self LMAO man…and dont 4 get 2 post the vid of her smacking the old woman n the face and calling her a dickhead lol…YES THERS AN ACTUAL VID

  8. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    that was hard to watch

  9. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    Amy needs professional help ASAP! +__+

  10. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    she was smacked out her face. man thats not funny, thats scary. SMH. that was pure and utter ambarassing, i cringed the whole way through. get it sorted winehouse. sad.

  11. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    i thought she was pretty good to be honest

  12. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    think she needs to start saying “yes yes yes” to rehab….!!!

    thing is, people hire her cos her “state of mind” is more of a talking point than a good performance now.

    she is clearly a bad example to have out there and should be taken out of the media until then… or better off – put her the same place Blake is… blake this, blake that – “F*** up already…!”

  13. JJ August 19, 2008

    “i thought she was pretty good to be honest”

    are you nuts!!

  14. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    Wow, she looks like the homeless drunk people in the park outside my house.

    When is someone going to take control here? The put Britney in a conservatorship and she wasn’t 1/100th as bad as this.

  15. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    NO COMMENT!!!!! 🙁

  16. Andy August 19, 2008

    please go to REHAB! YES YES YES.

  17. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    i can’t even bring myself to watch the video.. 😐

  18. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    the min she open her mouth to sing i stopped it wdf was dat. plz tell me dat was nt singing

  19. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    Am I the only one who thought that was a TRANNY????

  20. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    i couldn’t even watch that..bloody dreadful!

  21. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    amy winehouse is a loser. sick of this drugged up nobhead now.

  22. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    please get help amy

  23. Anonymous August 19, 2008


  24. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    Quit booking her. As long as she is paid to go onstage looking trashed, she will never get help.

  25. Anonymous August 20, 2008

    man, im still hoping the best to her.
    damn, thats really sad =\

  26. MzJGaines August 20, 2008

    DAMN shame that so much talent is going to waste. Only GOD can saver her now . . . She needs prayer, immediately.

  27. media boy August 21, 2008

    it’s crazy how easy it is for this girl to get into the news

  28. nikki108 August 21, 2008

    she dont look normal with her half stooping almost all the time, cant even get her chest straight. it is not sounding like the original track ( duh !) And I cannot help but compare the amy that I have seen in the video , so British but unproperly refusing rehab. Her hair is so shabby now compared to her beautiful looks. I love her FRank album and believed she could have been a legend in her own time if only she could keep up with her health and get her act together.

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