Behind The Scenes of ‘Bad Girl’ Video

Published: Thursday 7th Aug 2008 by Sam
As many of you know, the video for Danity Kane’s latest single ‘Bad Girl’ premiered recently. A behind the scenes look at the making of the vid surfaced today. Check it out below:

Watching this kinda reignites my slight disappointment with the actual video (you’d think the finished product would have been better); it lacked that certain ‘something’ IMO. With summer in full swing, I’m still kinda holding out for a release of the oh-so-aft (for this time of the year) ‘Sucka For Love’. Then again, this is Bad Boy we’re talking about…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bambi August 7, 2008

    I thought that the qualiity of the video could have been better

    – I know it's mean to look OTT & exaggerated but you'd think with the concept and Missy Elliott on board the directing team would have made it more polished…

  2. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    I’m not really a DK fan but the song is ok..Not liking the video at all..

  3. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    I love Danity Kane and honestly……the video wasn’t good. I was expecting alot more. I originally heard that Melina was directing it and that they were fighting the girls from the wwf or something. I love Melina’s skillz as a director so I got excited about the video when I had heard that she was directing it. If they would have went with her, I think the video would have been ALOT better. It would have been a video that I actually thought was good. Sorry DK.

  4. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! some of yah trippen

  5. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    I think Danity Kane brought it.. but it was the video editors that f**’d it up.. they cut it up and edited it all wrong.

    I think Shannon was the star of the vid 😀

  6. Kendra August 7, 2008

    I love the video

  7. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    I agree the editors f***** the whole thing up.

  8. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag August 8, 2008

    the editors did chop too much good stuff out. Theres a bunch of choreography at the end of this clip that isn’t in the video.. Y NOT??? Even DK said it themselves, this is a hot dance track so why CHOP OUT THE DANCING?? hmmm, I wonder if they’re performing at the VMAs?

  9. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    If I see the abbreviation “IMO” one more time, I’m gonna smash my computer screen.

  10. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    OMG the video was great. I don’t understand why people give these girls such a hard time. They can sing and dance and the CD is the BOMB! I think they are the best girl group since Destiny’s child… They bring it! PCD i like but DK got the whole package. Girlicious ILL!!! LMAO DK Do the damn the thing! stay focus!

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