Cassie – ‘Official Girl (ft. Lil Wayne)’ Video

Published: Saturday 23rd Aug 2008 by Sam

The video for Cassie’s new single ‘Official Girl (ft. Lil’ Wayne)’ premiered on FN’MTV yesterday. Directed by Chris Robinson, the clip is a pretty engaging watch; Bad Boy evidently pumped quite a lot money into this move-esque effort. That said, I’m still not sold on the Danja produced song…just doesn’t move me.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Personally… I think this is a big step up for her…
    Me and You… The song was hot but the video was wack… And she was so stiff…
    Long Way to Go was hot too… but she was still stiff…
    This song is insane and the fashion was on point and he dancing was way on point…
    Though I’m not the biggest fan of her… She did slightly convince me on this song and video…

  2. Anonymous August 23, 2008


  3. ND August 23, 2008



  4. Julie-Rose August 23, 2008

    Sam i know why you arent sold on this version its coz cassie KILLED and rolled around in this poor effort, Karian Pasian Gave the song life check out her version… does Danja and The Clutch justice

  5. Kez August 23, 2008

    im likin the way she`s steppin up her game ..
    video is totally wt i expected . ive watched it quite a lot since it premiered !! cassie aint a brilliant top singer , but she got her own style which is what i like . and the fact tht she knows she messed up before and is steppin out to do better instead of hidin away is all good ..

    hope it all goes down well for her ..

    ps : sumthin very Aaliyah-esque bout her/this video .
    no disrespeezy

  6. Anonymous August 23, 2008

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  7. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Well…Cassie isn't the best vocalist on the world…but she has def a lot of style…n i luv her whisperin…lol…"My House" & "Nobody But You" would have been better choices for 1st single…though i think wit this vid she can get a top 20 hit…maybe…

  8. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    HAHA So Im n Awe and I am still in love wit mah gurl, people like what they like and im LOVIN HER, loved the video it was what i expected as far as being a hot video… We all kno she is no Jazmine Sullivan or even Beyonce but for the music she puts out, she is doing her thing. Nothing to hate on here but dat damn Lil Wayne being next to her UGH lol

  9. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    I mean the video did NOT make me liek the song more. But I do like the song. Maybe a top 40/30 hit for Cassie

  10. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Am i the only the that see Aaliyah all over this video. Especially the dance scenes??? Kinda haunting. With that said nice video, I preferr the Karian version. But the video was nice. Wish they would spend just as much on DK or Day 26

  11. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    it was alright but karinas version is way better. Bad Boy did put more money into the video but to bad they wont see any of it returned. How about putting that money into artist that are actually good and have or will have number 1 albums? just a thought.

  12. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Listen, all this means is that cassie makes a good video girl so maybe thats what she should do! Im sorry but no amount of good looks deserve you a record deal, you gotta be able to sing, naomi campbell tried that crap years ago and it didn’t work its almost like saying good looks can buy you a pass to anything and were buying into that. Somebody please take me back to the early – mid 90’s when it was all about the music! talented artists can’t make a buck today because the focus is about dancing and good looks, all the things you can’t see when you put a cd in the stereo

  13. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    i like the video better than the song… ohh and them white strapped boots at the beggining of the video latin pop sensation THALIA wore them first in here video for her single “TEN PACIENSIA” then it was TYRA BANKS on a promo pic for “americas next top model” and now its cassie…. she still looks good tho…

  14. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    This was AMAZING! great job. and she is unbelievably gorgeous.

    For those who interested – the white gladiator heels are by Givenchy.

  15. DJ Triumph August 23, 2008

    love the video love the new blog thanks for the video.

  16. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Kez… i agree…. i could see so much aaliyah in this vid… she tried, it’s decent

  17. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    she should of released thirsty as a single

  18. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Aaliyah called, she wants her swag back.

  19. daz August 23, 2008

    i think i like this vidieo or sumthing like that

  20. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Umm yeah. Baby Girl obviously inspired the look of this video.

  21. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    what’s the point of giving him the pictures at the end… like what is that really proving?

  22. Anonymous August 23, 2008


  23. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    I agree with whoever said Aaliyah called n she wants her swag back. She’s nolonger with us but I swear 2 god I c her every day. But Cassie did do her thing. Much better than b4

  24. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    this video didn’t help me like this song at all. cassie looks cute tho. gorgeous girl. i think she just needs to call it a wrap as far as music goes. if she wasn’t so pretty she’d be a nobody. we all know it.

  25. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Well, clearly she doesn’t have much vocal ability but this is definitely a step in the right direction for her. She looks fly (of course) and the video is on point. I still think that she should stick to modeling but I’ll give her a try.

    I am glad, however that she is not letting the negativity from the past get to her anymore. She’s doin’ her thang and I congratulate her!

  26. LadyVicious August 23, 2008

    She is very good visual artist (aka model) but that’s it. People may call me a hater or whatever but THE GIRL CAN NOT SING! She talks/ whispers and it’s sad but that’s the truth and puffy should be ashamed of himself for even allowing her on payroll. On the positive note I liked the video and I’m sorry Sam but I think that the beat is hot it was just wasted on a stupid song.

  27. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Karina version is not better… r voice is freakin deep like a man i prefer cassie soft whisper

  28. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Sooooo swagger jackin AALIYAH its not funny…

  29. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Granted, the woman is pretty, but she CANNOT sing. She can carry a tune, but she just can’t sing. The song sucks too. Not entertaining at all.

  30. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    beat’s crazy…darkchild did his part…wayne’s verse was useless…cassie was ayyyyt lol…

  31. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    AALIYAH!!!! all the way…..

    from the hair to the innocent big lips.
    especially how she try to move.
    i like Cassie but damn all i could keep thinking about was aaliyah in htis video.

  32. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    people you hatin’on her, but rihanna cant sing either and that b**** is broke!

    Cassie is smart and has diddy
    Rihanna has chris brown now, but we all know that diddy is the man and chris brown is just a b-class artist.

    And for the part of aaliyah stop it people. shes just trying something different and today everybody makes videos like that artist and like that artist. let aaliyah rest in peace you haters.

    Let cassie do her thing people.

  33. Anonymous August 23, 2008




  34. Anonymous August 23, 2008


  35. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    I see her trying to be like aaliyah she can never be like aaliyah

    all these b****** trying to be like aaliyah

  36. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    Ok, the girl flat out can’t sing to save her life. However, she is pretty. So, I guess what i’m saying is, i’m not feeling this song. The visuals of the video are hot, but a pretty girl shouldn’t equate to a record deal. She should model.

  37. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    nahhh.. BORING song… Bad Boy Rec is struggling to put a huge star on stage n this aint it

  38. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    f*** that lame ass h**!!! i dont care if yall think im hatin or not she is tooooo skinny first of all and second its funny how she is strippin the whole video lookin like a lil boy. her voice is terrible diddy awt to be ashamed of himself for thinkin she’s the one!!!!! and if she had real voice she would’nt have to show us her narrow ass!!!!

  39. Kenshiro August 23, 2008

    Mannnn… get over that Aaliyah crap already.. im one of Baby Girl’s biggest fans (still) and thats some b*******.. yeah she kinda resembles her.. but thats her look.. yea she kinda got her swag, but that natural its not like she is trying she been had it.. she just more developed now.

    Other then that, this is a hot song.. hot production, hot penning, good singing, NOT GREAT, but not average either Its good.. Karina’s was Great which might make this one sound average but thats only cause Karina is a f*****’ monster.

    The video, is hot.. no doubt about it.. there’s money in the vid. u can smell it but i gotta give Cassie props for making it worth the time, money and effort, cause she’s representing. I didnt like her from the get.. but she’s growing on me and i’m slightly starting to respect her as an artist. IF it isnt for her talent, its definetly for her effort and consistent growth over the past 1,5 year. She’s one to watch… and if im totally honest.. Cassie’s voice is much more pleasant to me then CIARA’S… now y’all can hate and curse me out for that comment !! Bring it.. !!


    Kenshiro – Let IT Burn Music

  40. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    i guess this was an ode to diddy? too bad she wont be official…

    anyway – i guess they hired fatima, cuz YES the choreo was VERY aaliyah (for those that dont believe, please youtube ‘we need a resolution’ and ‘are you that somebody’)

    karina has a much stronger voice – i almost dont believe cassie on this. and i took it as an excuse to show her off in her bathing suits…

    its ‘cute’.

  41. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    I’m not too crazy about the song.. Maybe if Cassie were a good singer then maybe.. The video was okay… Chris Robinson is a good video director.. but I still doubt I would buy Cassie’s album.. I’m just not feelin’ her..

  42. istarreviews August 23, 2008

    Slow news today, Sam?

    About the song, it’s about as useless as Cassie is.

  43. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    Have u heard KARINA PASSIANS version of this same song. it sounds way better. u should post it up. KARINA PASIAN (i think thats how to spell it)

  44. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    Lol the 1st thing i thought was Aaliyah as well… glad i’m not the only 1. No the song isn’t up to much but she looks AMAZING, not bad choreography either. Very good video tho – she definately has ‘IT’ call it the x factor wotever, pity about the voice. Eager to see wot the album has to offer as I really enjoyed her debut.

  45. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    aaliYA! especially the scene with lil wayne..kinda brought me back to dmx and aaliya video ‘back in one piece’

  46. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    im so surprised to say that im lovin this video and song. the first time i heard it i was like, wtf are u serious this is WACKKK but after wathing the video… im 100% convinced. i see what shes tryna do, and its workin for me. and i cud honestly say. cassie is one of the hottest singers around

  47. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    It was aiight to me, I’m not seeing what everybody else saw. Still the same Cassie to me nothing much different abot her. She’s pretty though and I loved some of the outfits.

  48. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    the girls voice is terrible she needs to model not have a record deal its so obvious that diddy and cassie is f******

    plus she can never be like aaliyah even if she wanted to

  49. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    OOooh.. Unfortunately I don’t like it…

  50. grace August 24, 2008

    Lil Wayne’s verse makes being an ‘official girl’ synonymous with w****.

    I like the song, but these vocals are terrible. Cassie looked on point in the video but why the hell is she stripping and taking pictures with her phone???

  51. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    im on two sides of the fence. the song is hot, great production, and the beats are sick. the video is also really good. you can tell they spent some money on it.

    however they are using s** to market this poor girl. this was damn near soft core p***. her ass cheeks were hanging out and she had on panties and a braw or a two piece in every scene expcept the one where she had on that repeat number from the bet awards which looked like they cut it to make it even shorter. and then when little wayne says he wants to “kiss you on your little..” she’s unbuttoning her jeans. this is just way too much s**, she looks like a video w****. of course the guys are going to like this. and some girls cuz the fashion was sick. but she sold her soul, and still wont blow up.

  52. Cassie’s sis from another ms. August 24, 2008

    100% BETTER!!!!!!!!! Go Cassie! Let all the haters know….. You’re way too pretty to be wack! Everybody deserves a second chance! Get’em girl! I met Ms. Cassie in Miami too, she’s a sweet heart too! So there! TAKE THAT TAKE THAT TAKE THAT! I’m tired of being “UNOFFICIAL” TOO! This “NICCA” I’m wit about to lose me too!…and I got that GOOD GOOD…too! Shout out to ALL the REAL REAL pretty girls!!!!!!…TOO……

  53. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    to the person to said why shes stripping and taking pictures.. shes taking pictures to show her ex what he coulda had.

  54. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    it was a ok video never licked the song but just doesnt do anything for me sorry

  55. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    Cassie just shut the game DOWN!!!!!!! She killed the dance and the vocals are 20x better than before. Cassie has another hit on her hands.

  56. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    Aaliyah saw Cassie needed some swag so she sent her some of hers. Cause everytime I saw her dance, her style, or looked at her mannerism all I saw was Aaliyah.

  57. Bud August 26, 2008

    This looks like a ‘Diddy’ situation – man in the office, wants to be officially his. Anybody else agree?


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