Ciara Enlists T-Pain For 1st Single

Published: Tuesday 19th Aug 2008 by Sam
Ciara Enlists T-Pain For 1st SingleOur friends over at have received official word on Ciara’s much anticipated new single – the first from forthcoming LP ‘Fantasy Ride’. Both produced and featuring T-Pain, ‘Go Girl’ will serve as the record’s first release.
What’s more, after initially being slated for a November release, ‘Fantasy Ride’ ,the 22 year old’s conceptual ‘musical journey’, will now hit stores in early December – 2 years after the release of her sophomore effort ‘The Evolution’.
Yet another T-Pain feature…hmmm. Here’s hoping the current plans remain as they are; I mean I’ve had previous lead single ‘High Price’ in constant rotation and had been anticipating the video. Oh well…roll on December.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I’ve had enough T Pain, I would be ok with him sitting down somewhere and not opening his mouth.. but I guess I’m not in the entertainment business either so I guess my opinion only matters to me

  2. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    This should be hot. And T-pain haters clearly do not no the man is a genius.

  3. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    Yea I am definitely a hater of his forgive me for not being amused at him trying to do what roger zap used to do, not even original luck for me I am entitled to my own opinion

  4. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    UH so sick of waiting for this album. that means we wont hear a single till what october. dang. this ssong better be good with played out a** tpain

  5. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I’m kinda skeptical on this. Although i do agree T-Pain is a genius, his songs arent always 100% to me. Hope this collaboration will turn heads. I’ll sure be looking for it. And c’mon, how much longer do we have to wait for this album. I’ve been saving $15.00 just to go buy it @ Target the day it comes out.

  6. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    HOpefully this song will be a hit and a club banger. When will it come out on radio?

  7. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    Yawn too much T Pain everywhere, his on everyones bloody song with his digital annoying voice, he was good on Low and Kiss Kiss but we can’t expect anything different with T pain on a song because he always sounds the same, Ciara just because his hot now doesn’t mean you should consider using him for your first release.

  8. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I like T Pain but damn! Does he have to be on everyone’s record? Anyway, can’t wait to hear the song.. It’ll probably be hot..

  9. August 19, 2008

    This track isn’t to be confused with Hood Girl is it?

  10. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    No ^ ciara didnt even sing on hood girl

  11. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I’m ready for a ciara song, but she can do without T-Pain. Lord Jesus, please don’t let the voice thingy be on this song! Amen I like T-Pain he’s a good producer but how can using that voice thingy over and over be considered genius.

  12. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I can’t wait!! T-Pain is a brilliant producer!

  13. OhLoHeDidnt August 19, 2008

    I think the T-Pain machine has died down. He used to have tons of songs in the top twenty now there aren’t really any. I hope this isn’t a case of Too Little To Late for Ciara. I loved a couple of songs from The Evolution

  14. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    I’d like to hear it! a couple other artists released songs named “Go Girl”

    Jimmie Reign – free mixtape name too!
    Snoop Dogg feat Ciara and Tpain

    I wonder if its the same one?

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