Donnie Klang – ‘Take You There (ft. Diddy)’ Video

Published: Saturday 9th Aug 2008 by Sam

Bad Boy signee Donnie Klang debuted the video for his first single ‘Take You There (ft. Diddy)’ on FN’MTV last night. The slickly produced video looks pretty good, however I’m still not sold on Donnie and the direction they seem to be going with him. Contrived and ‘Justin Timberlake re-hash’ come to mind when listening to this.

Donnie’s album ‘Just A Rolling Stone’ hits stores September 2nd.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. ND August 9, 2008

    I love Ray Kay has produced some of my favourite video’s….

    Oh yeah the song, well the video’s the best part!!

    I mean gosh, it woulda been nice to see Donnie do a lil two step or sumthing…

    Donnie’s proper on this FutureSex/LoveSound tip…

  2. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag August 9, 2008

    umm.. he’ll never be Justin Timberlake.. damn, he won’t even be Justin’s twinny twin twin from the UK- Matt Pokora. lol.. the video helps make the song a tiny bit more interesting.. just a tiny bit though..

  3. Anonymous August 9, 2008



  4. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    in reference to the last poster… Matt Pokora is french and yea Donnie has no chance to get close to JT. he is just semi forgetable. idk. also does it seem like he is a diddy favorite too. is he sleeping with diddy just like cassie cause his video looks like money was actually spent on it. not like DK’s past two videos.

  5. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    Only reason the video looks good and not cheap is because Diddy is in. And you know he don’t do cheap. If it was just Donnie it would’ve been crappy like DK and Day 26 videos.

  6. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    I like the vid.. If his album is coming out Sept 2, they should be doing more promos..
    good luck to him..

  7. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    WACK!!!!! WOW..
    um the only reason some people will like this is because they have a crush on donnie. long ass nose lol but anyway this video is wack as hell just cause diddy in it does not make it good. o yea and he can’t sing all he was doin was a bunch of breathin.

  8. tia August 9, 2008

    that was WHORIFIC…no really it was really slutty coming everything about it,…..not a fan of this video,but i do wish donnie much success he is so adorable and he does have talent,just not on this song.

  9. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    Nothing special. Diddy had to appear in the video so someone would watch it. I won’t buy the album…

  10. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    This video is like one big ORGY! And I wasnt feeling the song too much either—matter of fact I wasnt feeling it at all. But o well, I wish him well!

  11. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    no thanks.

  12. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag August 9, 2008

    oy, so viciously anxious to correct a b****. my bad, I meant to right from Europe and not the UK. ugggg. it’s saturday, grab a beer or glass of wine, whichever tickles your fancy, and freakin relax.

  13. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    naa man, aint feelin it… chamon diddy.. u gat to find some betta act faw yo label!!

  14. Anonymous August 10, 2008

    really sluty!

  15. Anonymous August 10, 2008

    Not liking the vid 100%, i even think they should have released something else as the first single. Diddy took way too long getting Donnie out and i just hope that doesnt hinder his chances of success seeing as his album has already leaked. Love Donnie though and i hope he does well.

  16. Anonymous August 10, 2008

    this song is old news now. they should have released a second single by now. i think “just a rolling stone” should be the follow-up single or “dr. love”. diddy needs to promote day26 and danity kane b/c right now “since you’ve been gone” and “bad girl” are getting very little airplay on xm. both of these songs are guaranteed hits. “since you’ve been gone” could have been day26’s breakout single. it deserves to be nominated for a grammy. the album does as well. i think day26 and danity kane can be successful if they switch to def jam or some other major label that actually promotes their artists.
    back to donnie and “take you there”
    the vid looks just like all the other vids out today: partying and girls
    they could have done way better.

  17. AaronMichael August 11, 2008

    What took so long for this to come out? This is exactly why people are fools for signing to Diddy’s label. He money rapes his artist. None of them will be around in the next few years and they’ll have nothing to show for their careers. Look at all of Diddy’s other artist. Sorry but Donnie is goona flop hard. His style isn’t even his own. They made him into something that doesn’t even work for someone like him.

  18. Yinka August 11, 2008

    u know what im not gonna lie the beat is banging but Donnie seemed like he was following diddy or diddy was taking up the spot light…wats up with that???
    Oh and another thing this video looks like it was made for JT & Timbalands's swagger…but donnie didnt even carry it off…i think he was nervous nd his lack of confidence in the video showed IMO…however he could get away with it because everything else is tight

    Ps why did the song sound like Donnie cant sing while we all know this fella can…wats up with THAT??

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