Keri Hilson Performs ‘Do It’ Live

Published: Monday 18th Aug 2008 by Sam

Undeterred by the latest pushback of her debut LP ‘In A Perfect World’ (now due October 7th), Keri Hilson recently performed at San Diego radio station Channel 933’s AJ’s Playhouse gig. Hilson performed a new cut from the album called ‘Do It’ – which from the sounds of it, samples LL Cool J’s classic ‘Doin’ It’.

Though the crowd were deader than dead (why go to the show in the first place?), Keri done her thing. Is it me or did anyone else not think she was the choreography type? Nonetheless, good performance.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. !watevaisayistrue! August 18, 2008

    She is the s***….she has her own style and swag….love michelle betta watch out cuz keri might take that # 1 spot….

  2. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    Poor Keri, it was like she was performing at a Kids party, the crowd was
    dead as hell, you would think it was some kind of rehearsal.

    The song sounds ok but you can’t really judge on a live performance as
    studio recorded always sounds better then live.
    I don’t think she should of push back the Album, we need fresh new talent on the music scene

  3. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    It was a great tune and great performance.
    I hope her album will do great. She deserve it!.
    Go Keri 😀

  4. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    awesome peformance, vocals were tight !!!
    I dunno about the res of you but if that was me there I wudda been dancin on my feet if I was there……this is what ciaras peformances wre like before she reached super stardom !!!
    keri is going to be a huge music artitst and very tough competition for others putting there albums out the same time as hers !!!

  5. Yinka August 18, 2008

    No sam Your wrong!! …she handled those dance moves with a smooth swagger (more like FINESSE)…and the way she didnt do all the moves (nd the ones that she did) were on point, letting me know that she was the one in TOTAL control of the show, making it look so easy…and it completely worked IMO…cant believe the crowd were so dead…a bigger rnb crowd nd she would be the shi*…or maybe its because im a BIGG fan of Keri lol

  6. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    i luv the song on the first listen and thats rare for me lol

  7. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    i think she should stick to video ho-ing

  8. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    lol…at the enthusiasm of the audience.

  9. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    I’m not feelin’ Keri. I prefer her writing songs and being the video chick…

  10. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    I like her. I’m ready to see her perform on tv or something. Somewhere where the microphones and video quality is good.

    And Sam, you’re wrong about the choreography thing. She was killin’ those hand movements and stuff in the beginning of her Energy video. Loves it!

  11. BRIT~~ August 18, 2008

    I live out here in SD and I wasn’t there but I was listening on the radio. That show is on early in the morning..Keri was performing around 8ish. lol i guess people were still sleepy

  12. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    Whaaaat? I didn’t know Keri Hilson could get down like that. She was hiding it all along.

  13. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    Nice layout…i like the colors on the message board…I wonder why people constantly diss you SAM and constantly visit your site…if they don’t like your crazy opinions on watever it might be…maybe they shouldn’t come to your site and diss you, that’s jacked up!! This is YOUR site, notice I said YOUR site, you keep doing what you do and ignore the meanies!

    go keri

  14. Mark August 19, 2008

    I LOVE KERI SHE IS REAL MUSIC!!! She is my wifey too!

  15. Anonymous August 19, 2008

    I’m really luv’n this song. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of sampled music — but Timbaland REALLY did ‘Doin It’ good justice. Well done. Keri Hilson is a rising star…

  16. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    That audience is definitely on something, That was a GREAT performance and Keri definitely killed those moves, I for one cant wait for her album I wish she’d get a move on LOL.

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