T-Pain – ‘I Can’t Believe It (ft. Lil’ Wayne) Video

Published: Monday 25th Aug 2008 by Sam
(Credit: Dimewars)
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What do you think of the song/video?

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  1. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    it’s as fake as his voice
    and the song is so damn boring !!!!!
    he can do so much better, and the world knows it

  2. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    the video is well done, but the song is awful

  3. STFU HATERS!!! T-WAYNE!!! WOOOOO!!! August 25, 2008

    the video is HOT!!! i like it ^^^^STFU^^^^!!! and the song is HOT too!!! T-WAYNE!!!

  4. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    The video kinda reminds me of kelly Rowlandz ghetto, but wow, this song is boring…….. I could make a better beat with the pots and pans in my kitchen, T pain can do much better then this, also, lets see him have a hit, without using all these effects on his voice… autotune OVERLOAAAAAAD

  5. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    i like the song and video..its very different..and i’ve heard songs where t-pain is not using no autotune and he sounds damn near the same with it

  6. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    cool vid, but I’m still not getting the circus idea :s why?! just why?
    boring song though, you know things are bad when even wayne can’t fix it

  7. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    i dont think the song is boring it just really doesn’t go well with all that is going on in the video. lol it’s one of the slow grind songs and the video was more uptempo but the video is progressive i like it!

  8. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    video was iight not really likin it..but the song is my jam right now

  9. Anonymous August 25, 2008

    I kinda like the song and the video is just okay..

  10. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    they did way too much s*** in this vid!!! and yea i do think of it as kelly rowland’s one video, but this song is boring tho

  11. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    I’m so sick of T-Pain… i wish he and a lot of the current “stars” in the industry would just go the f*ck away!

  12. Kelsie Michael August 26, 2008

    im not a big T-Pain fan, but i think i like this song alot. I am glad that its not abotu drinks. I mean its abotu flossing, and all the things he has, but its not about drinking lol. And Lil Wayne of course is great :)!

  13. AaronMichael August 26, 2008

    I’ve been bumpin this for awhile now so I’m pretty much over the song, but I think visually this video is sick. You really gotta pay attention to all the details in it. Definitely one of the best videos that have come out this year and better than anything he has put out before.

  14. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    I LOVE this song! i dont know whats up the the video, but i would watch it to hear the song and to see lil wayne’s s*** axx! damn, he got that SWAG down to a T!!!! but it’s good, my boo look just like him, so it’s easy to imagine it’s really wayne when we doing our thang!!!!!! LMAO!! hey, atleast i aint cheatin for real!!!

  15. Anonymous August 26, 2008

    i love this song but the video is all over the place, i didnt know wat was going on. i pass on this one

  16. MzJGaines August 26, 2008

    I have had this song in constant rotation for a while now and I really like it . . . andI like Lil Wayne as well just wish he would have actually opened his mouth on the first few bars . . . the video was interesting to say the least and I like it too.

  17. daz August 27, 2008

    this video is good i love it go t- wayne

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