50 Cent: "Beyonce Made Jay-Z"

Published: Friday 26th Sep 2008 by Sam
50 Cent: 'Beyonce Made Jay-Z'In typical 50 Cent fashion, the rapper is stirring up controversy again – this time with Jay-Z. According to the G-Unit general, Jay-Z wasn’t as famous until he started dating Beyonce. Check out the report via Contact Music:

50 CENT has taken a sly swipe at rap rival JAY-Z, insisting the 99 PROBLEMS hitmaker was a “no one” until he wed BEYONCE KNOWLES.

Superstar Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, wed the Bootylicious beauty in April (08), and 50 Cent claims it was their union – not the rap mogul’s music – that raised his profile on the international scene.

He says, “I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce.”

The In Da Club rapper has also disputed reports that Jay-Z is worth an estimated $1 billion, but is adamant he’s not jealous of his fortune.

He adds, “I don’t believe he’s worth that much! It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not in a race.”

It seems ol’ Curtis is up to his nonsense again. Don’t you think, should 50 put as much effort into his music as he does in running hi mouth, his relevancy wouldn’t be in free-fall as it is now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Neva J September 26, 2008

    It makes me wonder if he has another album coming out.

    Because that seems to be the only time he has something to say about other artists.

  2. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    lmao.50 cent is REALLY crazy.and this just proves he can not sell an album on his own.every time this idiot is getting ready to drop something new,he beefs with a rapper.. its not even funny anymore and he is definately barking up the wrong tree by picking jay-z this time around….

  3. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    what did he forget all the music Jayz made before Bonnie and Clyde, if I were a betting woman I’d say it was the other way around… I live in Rochester, NY and I remember Destiny Child getting BOO’d off the stage during a show at the Blue Cross Arena in 1999 or 2000; The break up of the group ensued, Independent Women – (Charlie’s Angel theme song) propelled DC to super stardom…. JayZ was already internationally KNOWN…… GET OVER YOURSELF 50c

  4. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 26, 2008

    ugggggggggg i wish someone would just take a s*** on his face already and throw the vid on youtube so his career in all industries would tank. OMG, and he’s really trying to come for JayZ this time; and u know Jay is working on the next album already soooooooooooooooo LET THE LYRICAL BATTLE BEGIN! LOL. Jay Z is a true artist with true lyrics that will not only chop 50 down into the only toll booth change, but he’ll make more millions off of this beef than 50 can even contemplate. I came up with this new phrase last week; “Blame it on Bush”; but now I just got another… “F*** 50”!

  5. tia September 26, 2008

    oh my gosh i wish he would just shut the f*** up,even if it is the truth who gives a damn who made jay-z,he still could rhyme circles around fifs wack ass,and if you really wanna know big made jay’s ass because thats who jay jocks the most, i like jay-z i’m just sayin…

    and yes he does have an album coming out in december…God knows i hope he flops harder then that g-unit album did,so then maybe he will really shut the hell up and retire…n**** sit down,your rich already stop tryna prove yourself to be hard and outspoken….we know this already

  6. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    why dis n**** still talkin?? who da hell cares wat he says anymore!!

    it aint nothin buh a marketin plot to get attention faw his stank-ass upcomin album

  7. ANT FROM CLEVELAND TO CALI September 26, 2008

    if anything foxy brown made jayz remember ill be good to you video with foxy and jayz but ill say cant knock the hustle with mary j blige and jayz i was hearing about that song through other people before i heard of jayz….please!!!! 50cent it doesnt matter if beyonce made jayz or if i think foxy brown or mary j blige had something to do with jayz career he still go down in history as one of the best rapper around and best rapper living now…50cent will never be consider one of the best rapper…yes 50cent was selling but they skip giving him that name of best rapper alive it went to lilwayne he should feel some way about that…am tired of 50cent f***** ass he nothin but a women…and he dated a man…but what kills me u dnt hear nothin at all about 50cent or ciara at all…is that what he mad about that he not bonnie&clyde…that the aint talkin about him ciara when they step out i smell jealous…50cent your a f** and your dating a man

  8. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    50 needs to drop another hit album and quit all this damn talking, Jay would destroy 50 lyrically. do the US really care what people think overseas

  9. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    50 is so wack and played out over here in the US the only success he’s going to have is overseas, no disrepect to the rest of the world but if you are consistent great artist like Jay-Z who sold out Madison Square Garden in a day (see if 50 can do that) you don’t need to be known by anybody else the US is where ever real artist try to make it big

  10. delroy September 26, 2008

    he has a point, but it’s strange how hes saying this and we all no that it was eminem that put him in the spot light. cos we all no that he did like what an album before people new him. no how did that do.

  11. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    Everything he said is true. Why does everyone hate on 50 so much?

  12. SparkD September 26, 2008

    If 50’s so wrong, why don’t you ignore his foolishness! Could it be because it’s true?

    I think they made each other bigger than life. He gave Bee street credit, and Bee gave him international pop credit.

    50’s right. Wack and rich, but right!

  13. Anonymous September 26, 2008

    Jay-Z has always been bigger than 50 Cents internationally. Through music, clothes, producing albums for artists, and hustling he has always been bigger than 50 Cents internationally.

  14. Anonymous September 27, 2008

    i think he’s right. I never disagreed with him. And besides, he’s very beautiful 🙂

  15. Anonymous September 27, 2008

    I do not listen to rap but I do agree that Bey gave Jay his name

  16. SparkD September 27, 2008

    Let get real, nobody is talking about business ventures.

    We’re talking about media fame. Alicia and Kelly Clarkson were pushing more cds than Bee, but they didn’t get that type of media exposure.

    Jay was making money, but he didn’t have that kind of fame until he got with Bee, and he helped her career too, especially within the black community.

  17. blah blah blah September 27, 2008

    Foxy Brown did NOT make Jay-z! Jay-Z is the one that put Foxy on!

    Anyhoo, jay-z been making moves before 50 even knew he wanted to be called 50! green is not his color.

  18. Anonymous September 28, 2008

    Im so over 50 cent. This guy loves to ride his own d***… he gets his fame from talkin s*** about other rappers so we can focus on THIER beef. which is a smart move. But he is all talk…and plus didnt he say he was going to retired when Kanye West bet him out on records…but yet he is still in the game…his angry beaver looking ass has an ablum on the way.

  19. akillakali September 30, 2008

    i don’t know why the losers on this board hatin on 50. what he said is true. Beyonce has made him popular 10 times over what he was before. 50 is popular in the states and outside. Jay Z was not as known in other countries until he got with Beyonce. Also, Fox put Jay Z on! Don’t get it twisted. No one was checkin for Jay Z until after Aint No N!66a came out. They would perform that song at concerts and the crowd would be DEAD until FOX came out. It was bananas. A lot of you don’t know what you’re talkin about.

  20. Ken January 12, 2009


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