Confirmed: Britney To Open VMAs

Published: Thursday 4th Sep 2008 by Sam
Confirmed: Britney To Open VMAsAfter much speculation, it has been confirmed that Britney Spears will be opening the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards – however will not be performing:

Since her hospitalisation earlier this year – as well as her family being granted control of her estate – the 26-year-old is on the road to recovery and is “excited” to open the 2008 awards.

“MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?” she told People magazine.

“I’m excited to open the entire show, to say hi to my fans and to be nominated.”

The singer has been nominated 16 times for an astronaut-shaped VMA but has never been successful.

However, she has another shot at glory this year with nominations in the best female video, best pop video and video of the year categories, all for her hit Piece of Me.

MTV Networks’ music president Van Toffler commented: “Britney has done everything from perform with a snake, lock lips with Madonna and prove that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

“I can’t wait to see what she does to kick off this year’s show.”

I must say I’m glad she’s not performing. The time will be right when it is. Still, it’s good to see Britney getting herself out there. No doubt all eyes will be on her come Sunday’s show. {Source}

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  1. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    britney sucks!!.. same old terrible music.. nothing new…. and now she looks uglier than ever… and her voice sucks!!

  2. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    ^You obviously haven’t seen any recent pictures of her b/c she looks beautiful and her body is bangin in those new bikini pics that resurfaced . Anyways, its natural for you to be upset. Im sure most ppl are now that Britney is going to steal the show yet AGAIN from their favorite stars and shes not even performing. Ah, the power of the legend that is Miss Britney Spears. Cant wait to see her. Britney is back b****, bow down to the Queen.

  3. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    I’m glad she’s not performing. She needs more time to get herself together. She is looking alot better tho.

  4. MzJGaines September 4, 2008

    I’m really glad she is getting herself together. She is one of my favorites, but this is not her time to shine . . . When she does . . . it will be on . . . again!!!

  5. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    all u white b****** r rootin faw haa… britney is da past.. da 1st post is rite.. haa musiq is da same old sh** ..n r u outta yo mind dat she looks s***???? b****.. she’s like 100 on da Maxim hot list.. there aint no s*** bout haa…
    i know u whites b****** r gonn be spiteful.. so go ahead… bring it on!!

  6. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    i’m not white and i’m rooting for her. i’ tired of the same old boring s*** that’s going on now. and maxim is s***. her body is crazyyyyyyy she thick and curvy but toned like a real woman. i’m glad she’s coming back because i grew up with her and she has entertained me for many years, one bad year isnt going to deter my feelings about her. so i say good luck.

  7. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 4, 2008

    ^ actually, she’s lost a lot of weight and is looking really good.. please stay on top of the music industry fellow blogger =P

  8. jonnyhco September 4, 2008

    if she’s not performing,there is no need for me to watch the show this year.the lineup is horrible and the same old same old.Chris,rihanna,the jonas brothers and all of the other losers.

  9. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    i hate her. She is so b****. Blackout was a FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP :)))))

  10. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    jonnyhco Britney is a loser too. Blackout isn’t Platinum in United States. Poor Britney. People don’t like her anymore lol!!!

  11. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    Blackout is not a flop. It sold 3 million worldwide with 2 platinum singles aswell. Plz tell me who could have done that with ZERO promo and a terrible image at that time? Noone but Britney. Haters fall back, you make yourself look retarded everytime.

  12. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    I think Britney is a nice girl, I don’t feel any animosity towards her but don’t care much for her music either. The only thing that bothers me is that her video is nominated in so many categories…? Where is Janet’s Feedback, that should be Video of the Year no questions asked.

  13. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    it makes me laugh when ppl praise ppl that cant sing like britney i read that she has curves lol thats fat not curves JJ has curves Jennifer lopez, Shakira, Alica keys and Beyonce have curves not this s**** trailor trash

  14. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    ^How about you look at her recent bikini pictures jealous b****. Her body is B.A.N.G.I.N. If shes fat then Beyonce and Alicia must be cows b/c Britney is more TONED then them. Not all flabby.

  15. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    Why the F** would you use that horrible picture of her? She looks GORGEOUS these days… let go of the past and use a newer better picture of her!

    Can’t wait to see her at the VMAs 🙂

  16. Anonymous September 5, 2008

    “It sold 3 million worldwide with 2 platinum singles “?????? Where?? Shut up liar!!!

  17. Anonymous September 5, 2008

    Britney, poor Britney!! Blackout was a pathetic failure!

  18. Anonymous September 5, 2008

    I think the same person is commenting over and over again. Blackout was an AMAZING cd that wasn’t as successful because of her personal problems, nearly every review of it was positive and said it was her best CD yet. Hell rihanna isn’t even 2 times platnium and she’s had like 6+ singles so people need to chill….

  19. Sarah September 5, 2008

    I agree. Blackout was a pathetic failure. She is just pathetic.

  20. delroy September 5, 2008

    i was the one that went on about britney and the whole curves thing i must admit that i havnt seenm what she looks like lately partly to do with the fact that i cant stand and i dont care what shes up to or what she looks like and with your comment on alica and b looking like cows well maybe it could da fact that britney looks to thin

  21. Anonymous September 5, 2008

    Umm Blackout DID sell 3 million worldwide and has two platinum singles. How about you do your researh before you comment r*****.

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