Ne-Yo & Keri Hilson Perform On 106 & Park

Published: Wednesday 17th Sep 2008 by Sam

Both Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson stopped by BET’s 106 & Park to perform their current singles, ‘Miss Independent’ and ‘Energy’ respectively. You can check out Ne-Yo’s showing above and Keri’s below:

As has become the norm, Ne-Yo delivered an awesome performance. Keri, though iffy in parts, was pretty good too.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    keri did good nowi bet if it ws kelly u woulda said good stuff u are so fake u be all over keri sometimes but whatever its just your opinion( i still love kelly)

  2. Nick September 17, 2008

    I dnt knw wat 2 say: NE YO is great live, LUV his new album, hes jst kool/Keri? its a cute song, she can sing, BUT I dnt thnk this was the rite sng 4 a 1st single, 2 intro u 2 the world/IDK, its uuuugggghhhhhhhhummmm K/

  3. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    good performances from both, but both of them needed to look up and into the camera more. I wish Keri would have picked a different first single, something stronger more memorable but she’s a very sultry performer. She needs to stop singing with the mic away from her mouth though. lol

  4. September 17, 2008

    Keri did her thing!!

  5. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    Keri is awesome. She knows how to work her body and her voice is amazing.

  6. Anonymous September 17, 2008



    Didn’t watch the Ne-Yo performance… BUT Keri Hilson SOOOO delivered a lackluster performance. Like dang she wasn’t even singing at parts, and she was barely moving. You ain’t Ciara (up there dancing your heart out)!

    And then it seemed like a pre-recorded live version, cuz some of the parts where she wasn’t singing in that edited hook…

    When did Rocsi mess up her name too? I didn’t hear her do so.

    Point blank it wasn’t anything special. And she coulda did better.



  7. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    Now..Keri has leaked some HOT singles..on the net..but she could have game more in this perfromance!!!

  8. knox September 18, 2008

    Keri seemed strong 2 me in tha beginning…she seemed like major competition 4 Bey…but now IDK…

    I guess she picked it as a 1st single coz thats wen slow ballads like that were hott…sucha as Bleeding Love and Take a Bow!

  9. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Is it me or did Keri sound like she was straining. Her voice just sounded sorta weird???????

  10. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    boring. i’d rather see chris brown and ciara…bad notes and all. atleast deliver a show.

    exactly the reason why neither will be bigger than they are respectively as artists

  11. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    i miss the days when you had to be atleast charismatic.

  12. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    it was great idk why but her and ciara have like the same vibe like as far as the way there body it built

  13. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    I wish people stop comparing Keri to ciara. they are obviously two differnt people.

  14. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    I love keri hilson shes so sleek when she dances and her voice is just…..amazing !!!
    saying shes iffy sam ?
    ne-yo’z peformance was far from perfect !!!
    i dont know whats wrong with you sam but I think you get a sick dirty pleasure out of insulting women, maybe you need to sort that s*** out !

  15. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    ^^^ some men just do like insulting women, if thats the way his hooker mum and r***** dad have brought him up then thats too bad, poor samantha/sam ?

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