Tyra: ‘That’ Skin Bleaching Episode

Published: Saturday 20th Sep 2008 by Sam
As reported, the season premiere of The Tyra Banks Show tackled the issue of skin bleaching. You can watch the full episode below (via World Star Hip-Hop). A very interesting watch, I must say:

Your thoughts?

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  1. J.Ve September 20, 2008

    What’s wrong with this world…
    Black people want to be lighter (by skin bleaching)
    white people want to be darker (by sunbathing)
    Everybody is equal.. Whatever their skin colour is..!!!

  2. ND September 20, 2008

    OMG! Sam for this U are a star.. I can’t believe this…

    The whole episode wow

    I love chocolate black people…. The media and the entertainment industry have always played black people in a negative light know wonder… What a shame…

    OBAMA ’08

  3. vernanda September 20, 2008

    omg after watching this vid i just wanan thank my mom raising me up knowing that black is beautiful

  4. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    Here’s da bottom line – AS HUMANS, WE ALWAYS WANT WAT WE AIN’T GAT!! – dark ppl wanna be light.. lighter ppl wanna be darker.. tis crazy n stupid!!

    I kno lotta british audience visits dis site.. so i gotta put this put theya:

    I’ve lived in both US and UK, and trust me.. “racism” in diff. shapes n forms is way mo evident in America than in UK.

    Haaeva.. wit time passin, racism has decreased a lot, esp. since 2000 in US… buh tis still theya n will always be theya!! UK’s racism ain’t as bad!!

    I wish racism neva existed.. buh da sad truth is “racism” exists everywheya in da world – based on skin color, ethnicity, religion, status, etc.

    as a colored person maself.. tis good to kno dat we as ppl are movin in da right direction.


  5. Birgit September 20, 2008

    I had never heard about skin bleeching, I’m a white girl from Belgium and here we don’t have a lot of black people, so it’s not difficult that I didn’t know about this ‘problem’. But when you think about it, it’s true what J.Ve says, if we, white poeple, use ‘browning without sun’ it’s not hard to believe black people do it the other way around, although I must admit I’ve never thought about it in that way. So I think it was good of you Sam for posting it, it really made me think.. Keep up the good work !

  6. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    Now Tyra, you must do a show on people who like being dark and would prefer to become darker. From the age of five, my moms told me that I never gravitated toward light-skinned people and that I only want to be around darker skinned people. As I became a teenager, I did not think any member of the DeBarge singing group was fine. I wish I had the blue/black hue of Naomi Campbell. While I have dark skin, my hue is red and I rather the hue was more purple. So Tyra, do a show on people who wants darker skin. Trust me, they are out there.

  7. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    The people on the panel are dating the wrong men. They are probably dating black men who are victims of our racist society and only like lighter-skinned women. However, if these women dated outside of the black male community, they would see how other races love our black skin. Look how Whoopi, Naomi, Iman, Alfre Woodward had to find love outside of the black community, since the men in the black community are mentally brainwashed. Love your skin and date the men who love your skin.

  8. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    As Iwayne Says ” Jah dash a fire pon di bleacha dem” !!!

    That is self hatred

    ..do you notice how bleaching is marketed at people of colour? From asians , blacks and hispanics? it seems like mental slavery to me!

    • anonymous June 16, 2013

      of course its marketed to people of color… white people arent about to get more white.
      just like tanning is marketed to pale white people.

  9. Soufian September 20, 2008

    This was so so interesting and sad, thank you sam for posting this..

    even though i live in holland, awareness is always a good thing

  10. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    A very good listen. Though few probably go to the extreme lengths of these ladies, it is a very real situation mentally for a lot of black women unfortunately.

  11. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    Black is Black! I’m reading hear about people using terms like colored and blue/black, red hue. All these people are still trying to define there colour by using different terms, i’ve heard people say how the are blac but not as black as him/her. When you’re ticking the box for ethnicity they narrow it down. I consider my self Black, not brown, redskin, chocolate, caramel, honey or any of the other terms people use. Be Black, just be Black and happy

  12. Jala September 20, 2008

    The “If I Were A Boy” demo has leaked! It’s at Toya’s World. (Seriously

  13. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    Please, show me a dark skin female celeb before you tell these women their carzy! Its not fair on the them, society constantly praises lighter women for their beauty, scroll down THIS blog or any blog and count how many light female celebs get love compared to dark women! Tyra is lighter than she was when she first got famous and her comment about OBAMA was a joke……..AINT HE LIGHT SKIN TOO?????

  14. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    I meant to say on ticking the box the DONT narrow it down. I’ve just watched the show and Tyra and various members of the audience all used the terms i was talking about. It’s a shame. Tyra needs to sit her nose jobbed, lace front self down.
    Lil Kim and half of the jackson family are perfect example of when Black people have hate for themselves

  15. Nick September 20, 2008

    I am dark, never had or will hav an issue wth my skin, I am lost, this is jst saddd—

  16. Anonymous September 20, 2008


  17. tia September 20, 2008

    ummm this is not old….everyones been talking about it but NOONE posted the whole episode…..people are so f***** lost when it comes to talking about something other then celebrities i mean really…..watch the damn clip you might learn something

    anyway i am a darker skinned girl..got only that i’m tall and not skinny…and my confidence was not always that great,i was teased a little in high school too…but i made people like me for who i am…now adays man my confidence is threw the roof!! i love myself,always get great comments about my apperance….my mother didnt say every day “you are beautiful the way you are” i had to learn that for myself….just the other day i sent my mom a pic of when i had a nose ring because at the time we werent talking and i forgot to tell her but the nose ring didnt work out (bump started forming) anyway i sent her the pic through email and she was surprised,but then she said ” thats ok you dont need a nose ring you are too pretty for that” and it was probably the first time i had ever heard her tell me i’m pretty,so i could see how females get down on themselves because they werent brought up to believe they were pretty…but its deeper then that,you have to believe in your heart that you are wonderful…ask God for peace within yourself and it will come……thats what worked for me anyway…This is a sad sad time we live in…with everything thats going on you would think people would leave their insecurities behind an focus on the bigger issue…but please believe when jesus comes back to this earth it wont matter what shade you are,it will only matter how you lived while on this earth and you as a person and the things you did…i dont think he would take too kindly that you tried to change what he give you at birth believe that…

  18. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    I cannot believe a mother could do this to her children honestly believes she is helping them. She just doesn’t know she is giving them an inferiority complex that will last most of their lives. I can see using a product to even out your skin tone and remove dark patches on elbows and knees and acne scars. But, to bleach just to be lighter is just sad. If I had kids, the only thing they will probably use is cocoa butter. I just don’t know what to think of this. It is heartbreaking to seee that black ‘hating’ their skin tone so much……and it is beautiful no matter what the shade.

  19. Yinka September 20, 2008

    Sam kudos to u for this one…being a light skinned female it actually made me cry that people fall victim to society’s pressure first, than loving them selves unconditionally…there are people i know who are black, light skinned and would love to be darker…and to be honest i think darker people are much more beautiful IMO, Hence the fact that i love myself =]

    What the hell happened to the actual meaning of Darn N Lovely slogan???

  20. Yinka September 20, 2008

    * Dark N Lovely

  21. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    This is sad how the media has affected all cultures particualrly blacks to feel like we don’t look good enough the way we are. I was waiting for someone to post the full episode since I missed it last week. Thanks for posting the full episode. I’ll come back and share my thoughts later.

  22. Kira September 20, 2008

    After this vieo posting its had me think alot. due to the fact that i am light skinned and i am 17 i believe its crazy thats ppl go 2 great lengths to get a certain way n it comes from a long history where blacks neva wanted 2 be there color we always wanted 2 be lighter because it was told from slaverowners n more thats whites or anyone of a light color was to be like gods n i believe it is most looked at in black communities alot because even in our own communities there racism n im only 17 n i know because growing up light skinned it was painful knowin some people even family didnt except u for bein fair n at times i hated it to the piont where if it was the case i wouldve just said f it n i want 2 be something everyone felt was more beautiful and ive gone out with a guy 10x darker then me n i loved every thing about even when it was implanted that lighter skinned ppl get ahead in life n that i wanted 2 be with spanish guys but black is beautiful in every shade n even hearin something like this hurts cuz were all black not mixed not light color where all african americans n west indian americans i think once we get rid of the whole were just black ppl n no look at each other as different shades of brown NOT what whites call us black then we can move on n 4 my age it makes me want 2 cry almost all the time that we put each other down n not help each other get ahead in society not every girls is gonna get knocked up at 14 n have on jobs n not every boys gonna rob a store get locked up or sell drugs look at the media n then look at ya self n think do i really want 2 lower my self esteem cuz everyone else has or do i want 2 get passed the sterotypes abd live life for wat it is?

  23. Kira September 20, 2008

    thanx sam for showing n reliving wat many females n males think of them self at times deep down ………… n i meant thats i when out with a guy 10 x darker then me n i loved him for him n every thing about him

  24. delroy September 20, 2008

    the tyra show hasleft me shocked. i remember a few years back when my dad was talking about people of different races not loving there skin. Now watching the clip from the tyra show really made me sit and think about how the meadia is f****** with our heads, i mean for the woman to say that she used bleach on her face to make her skin lighter hit me for six. It just goes to show you how controlle we are, i for one is a dark man that loves people for who they are i don’t go for skin colour because i find all shades s***. And as for the woman that said that bleached her face if i new where she lived i would as her out without a doubt. She is a fine black womanher only downfall is her self esteem she really needs some one to tell her that she is a good looking black woman.thank you for posting that sam.

  25. SparklyDiva September 20, 2008

    Colorism is real and alive. When the image of black beauty is Rihanna and Beyonce, then what do you expect. I’m a light skin black, and I love Nigerian model Oluchi because she doesn’t represent post-surgery black features. Even beautiful dark beauties like Kelly Rowland get surgery to water down blackness. Hollyweird sux!!

  26. Anonymous September 20, 2008




  27. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    it happens in America people.. yall in Europe will find it shocking cuz in America racism is more prevalent than in Europe. I think someone wrote that above and it’s true!!

    I also agree that racism has been decreasing over the years. It will never be gone completely, but it’s a good sign that we live in an increasingly globalized world!!

  28. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    Bleaching cream is intended to fade dark discolorations on your skin. Bleaching cream helps people achieve a clearer complexion. People use bleaching cream to fade acne scars and freckles. It is a shame that some people use bleaching cream to make their skin lighter. I just want to say not every black person use skin bleaching cream to have a lighter complexion. I use skin bleaching cream to fade my acne scars. Once the acne scars are faded away, then I discontinue using the product. The color on my face and body remains the same, because I only use the product on the blemishes. Without this product, the blemishes on my face would never fade away. Black skin scars easily due to the pigmentation in our skin. I know a lot of Black people do not use skin bleaching cream. However, I use it because I have acne skin. I did not watch Trya’s show, because I like to watch shows that empower people. I hate watching TV shows that show black people with an inferiority complex. I just wrote this comment to explain to other races the legitimate reason why people use skin bleaching cream.

  29. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    These women are ridiculous in their beliefs that lighter skin people are treated better. I am a very light complexioned woman who has suffered by darker complexioned women; they hate, hate, hate the lighter people. I have very light colored eyes that change colors (blue, green, gray, hazel) and this has also caused me grief (being called cat eyes).
    When black women began wearing colored contact lens, everyone began asking me if my eyes were “real.” If they aren’t real, where did you get them? In 1998, Ms. Halle Berry, in an interview, stated that she hates her “blackness”; she wishes she had only the white features of her ancestors. How IGNORANT!!!! Her silly self would not have made it into the entertaining business had it not been for Black people giving her that first big break. People are never satisfied with anything.

  30. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    wow… i am white and knew about skin bleaching, but i didnt know its dat dangerous… i dont understand it, i mean there are soo beautiful black role models like alek wek, naomi campbell or kelly rowland who all have darker skin and it loosk beautiful and exotic… i really give probs to tyra fro talkin bout this subject!!

  31. SparklyDiva September 21, 2008

    I think the Fair and Lovely ads in Asia are the worst! But I remember a Dark and Lovely hair straightener ad, tried to label black women as proud and fierce for relaxing their hair. It was a subtle version of Fair and Lovely in Asia.

  32. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    I dnt care what anyone says im still gonna bleach my skin, it gets rid of blemishes !!!

  33. Anonymous September 21, 2008


  34. B September 21, 2008

    I just watched the episode ,

    I think Tyra should have featured all of the different races that bleach themselves, she omitted to include that men also bleach themselves; it is regular practice for men in Asia and India to bleach.

    It must be stated that in some cases individual’s appearances are not enhanced by bleaching because the colour which they have change to and the facial features which have not changed abode well together.

    In essence if you want to bleach then bleach that’s your business, but when you’re doing it to kids it is a different thing. Children should be able to make an informed decision on that type of chemical going on their body and even potentially in their blood stream. I wouldn’t think twice to ring the social services/child protection if I came across a parent practising such crass behaviour as in my eyes that is a form of child abuse and I would question the parents mind state.

    I think there is a element of self harm which stems from immense self hatred in a lot of the cases featured on Tyra , if they weren’t bleaching they would be cutting themselves or starving themselves to get skinny.

    I’m a sure that some Caucasian people who are secretly getting happy watching a show like this as they believe it confirms there social superiority, however I can assure all those misguided pasty pigs that it is only a small percentage of people of colour that take these extreme steps just like it is only a small percentage of them that have the highly sort after blond hair and blue eyes of their own race.

    It would be hard to state that Tyra was gearing the show towards helping these women it seemed at some stages that she was just exposing a weakness within a select few women of her race. She should have taken of here foundation so we could all see here true complexion because she is painted a few shades lighter every time I see her on TV, but next thing she’ll be telling us its the lighting!

    Having a baby with a lighter person doesn’t always equal light skin babies. My brother is extremely light and my sister is a little darker then him and I’m darker then her and we have the same parents. My Great grandparents were both dark skinned and my grandma is extremely light.

    The ignorant people who are playing the selective breeding came may end up with the wrong type of baby because just like the light complexion can skip a generation so can the dark complexion. Choosing the person to have babies with who has the best features is not new. It is survival of the fittest/natural selection at one time was strength, stamina etc but for a long time it has been complexion, facial features, height etc. We all know that this doesn’t always work out! You can play it safe by breeding with another race but not all mix race/dual heritage children grow up to be good looking and also they are exposed to more combinations of hereditary disease and potential genetic disorders.

    I know so many women who say that they don’t deal with light skin men and vica versa . The attractiveness of a person is part nature and part society. Dark men are deemed strong, mysterious etc and light women are deemed wholesome and innocent. We all know this is not the case but apparently that is a scientific fact. It is when the English rose/ snow white and the tall dark (slightly tanned white person) and handsome garbage is thrown down people’s throats that problems arise. Even Caucasian people have issues surrounding this, has no one seen the sketch about being ginger by Catherine Tate.

    My little sister came home from school the other day and was pointing out how she was lighter then her friend. I ask her why at the age of FIVE (5) she thought it mattered and she couldn’t tell me. That just shows how children’s minds are infiltrated at a young age. I really hope Disney hurry up with that black princess film.

    I’m not going to lie I have called people blik and burnt in the past and I’m not going to lie when my teenage acne was over I put bleach cream on the dark spot marks that weren’t shifting. When I go abroad I use factor 50 sun block because I don’t want a tan and I’m a man! I do all of this regardless to what women say about wanting darker men and knowing that thinking lighter is better is wrong. I have a bottle of fair and white at the back of my wardrobe hidden like it is cocaine just for when I have a few razor bumps and they have left some dark spots , but all in all I don’t believe in whole area / whole body bleaching.

  35. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    ^^^ which do you use ?
    i use fair & handsome

  36. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    I use the bleaching cream for the vitalogo on my legs and for my face and yes im a dude !
    theres nothing wrong with it as long as your using it for the right reasons I dont have acne scars but I do have uneven skin tone all over my face so thats why I use it, as soon as there gone I will stop !

  37. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    The name of this show should have been, “People With Low Self-Esteem” and not focus on African-Americans who want to be white. I agree with “B” in the earlier post that Tyra should have presented people across racial lines to tell this story. Dang, Eva Longoria just stated that she felt ugly because she was the dark one in her family. She would have been a great celebrity host. Instead, Tyra fed America some deep racial stereotype and I am sure America is all too happy about.

    Tyra thinks that too little images of dark skinned African-Americans is the reason these sorry women are like they are. But what about Michelle Obama, Oprah, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Iman, Naomi Campbell, and more. There are images of darker skinned women for those who do not choose to look away. In addition, there are images of wealthy black men who date darker women, such as Denzel, Samuel Jackson, P. Diddy (Yes, that dang Diddy still hangs with that fool Kim Porter), Danny Glover and more.

    Tyra, you dropped the ball on this one and I hope you do a follow-up soon to explain the dignity of being a dark skinned women. I appreciate the opportunity you give darker women on ANTM, but your compliment about your friend’s skin being chocolately rich and that is why she is beautiful plays into that stereotype of “Pretty for a Dark-Skinned Person” statement. You may need to look inside yourself and ask do you feel like you are better than darker women.

  38. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    Tyra exploited the dark-skinned African-American women since she did not have a diverse panel of dark-skin from other cultures. Tyra may be experiencing a little light-skin pandering here. Watch it, Tyra.

  39. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    Is Tyra going to do a show on white people sun bathing to become darker?

  40. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    Is Tyra going to do a show on white people sun bathing to become darker?

  41. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    Is Tyra going to do a show on white people sun bathing to become darker?

    I KNOW RIGHT !!!
    sunbathing and solariums cause cancer, skin disease SO F*** OFF TYRA !!!

  42. Anonymous September 21, 2008


  43. MarcG September 21, 2008

    I was disgusted watching this show and I thought it couldn’t get any worse til I read this comment thread and almost threw up on my keyboard.

    You people… why do you all think these women do this stuff?? Because something is individually wrong with them?? Don’t answer that? With the obtuse postings I’ve seen so far, there’s no telling what your answer will be! These women are psychological victims of white supremacist beauty standards. Plain and simple. There is no need to mystify what is happening here. They are victims of a global white supremacist order that damages non-whites the world over.

    And the bleaching women aren’t the only ones damaged. By reading these posts, it’s clear that white supremacist thinking has seeped into not only their minds but the minds of the drones that turn around and blame not the supremacists system but the victims of the system. Yet another educational gem of white supremacy, blaming the victim.

  44. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    oh my damn goodness!
    these women need to stop basing their self- esteem and happiness on what other people say and think and base it on how they feel inside! Like Kat Williams said, its SELF esteem! It comes from you. You should never let others effect the way you view yourself.

    Being a dark- skinned young lady of course Ive been teased, but I never let that effect the way I feel about myself. I feel for these women cus like Tyra said, clearly there is something else causing them to feel this way. I wish this problem didnt exsist in society, but it does. All I can do is be an example of a beautiful, well- kept dark sista for my future darky babies lol jp.

  45. Anonymous September 21, 2008

    the very same people saying it;s wrong are the same who look down on the darker skinned people. Why is the tanning not also contriversial? It’s easy for a light skinned person to say all that cos they got it easy don'[t judge unless you’ve been in that situation urself. Tyra banks just needs to shut up sometimes

  46. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    Tyra put in a blurb about how PEOPLE of other cultures lighten their skin as well, but she only had DARK-SKINNED BLACK WOMEN on the panel. Tyra played into the stereotype that dark-skinned black women wants to be light. She did not show that dark black men have these issues as well as all people in other cultures. Asia women widen their eyes to look more like Westerners. A lot of people are brainwashed by Westerners value.

    Why didn't Tyra ask these women about their colored contact lenses, which shows that these women will do anything to fit into Western society, regardless of their skin color.

    Tyra is a light-skinned women who may feel deep down that she looks better than darker women. She started the show by saying how bleaching can harm the skin, but she only let the Doctor speak for about two minutes and then the Doctor did not say definitely it causes harm. This show as not about medical advice, this show was about putting darker skinned black WOMEN on front street.

    Trust me Tyra, I am dark and know I'm fine. Put me around your man for a couple of hours and I bet I can take that b##*&ch.

  47. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    Don’t cry for me, Argentina. I’m dark and proud.

  48. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    Wow this is crazy… I was born on the island of Curaçao (in the Caribbean) and I was raised by white ppl because I was adopted… Now I live in the Netherlands where most of my friends are actually white. Most of the time they actually tell me that I have a beautiful skin color… Even my ‘fro they love it! But I do remember that growing up other black children used to call me names, because I was just a little darker then they were… But it never really became an issue, because till this day I always tell my self if that person doesn’t like me for me that’s his/her problem not mine!! I truly do think these people regardless of what they went through have issues deeper than their skin color… I mean dude how desperate can you be? Did you see those needles? HELL NO. I do think they have to go to the root of their problem and start loving their selves.

  49. Anonymous September 22, 2008


  50. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    I’m trying to understand why some of you feel the need to attack Tyra. She’s not exploiting these women. She’s exploiting SOCIETY. I loved it when she put the media on blast. She called out celebrities like Halle Berry,Beyonce’and Ashanti;but there’s also Rihana,Alicia Keyes,Keyshia Cole and more. I only wish Tyra had presented the deep brown celebrities who are drop dead gorgeous and doing there thing: Erykah Badu,India Arie,Kelly Rowland,Lauryn Hill,Jennifer Hudson;and those are just recording artists. Then we have the actresses: Angela Basset,Kimberly Elise,Tasha Smith and Gabrielle Union,just to name a few. Then there are the models. Alek Wek,Naomi Campbell,Iman,Dani(from ANTM)and ofcourse Bre (from ANTM). Why do you think white society tries so hard to make people of color feel inferior? It’s because they know we’re not really the minority. THEY ARE! If they can divide us,can get us to hate ourselves and each other. If they can convince us that we must procreate outside of our race in order to have “pretty babies”,then they can continue to feed us the lies that we’ve been swallowing since time began. It’s time to wake up. Deep brown skin is the most beautiful skin on this planet. Most people who don’t have it want it and the people who do have it need to start appreciating it. And yes,there are plenty of deep brown sisters in this world who know they are the $#!t; no matter what society says. I applaud Tyra for exposing this issue. Now do a show that celebrates women who are dark and lovely. We desrve it.

  51. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    applaud for what? this issue does not only affect black women! It’s an all round thing every other culture goes through the same things, some things she said like YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL DARK SKINNED WOMAN, exactly what we’ve been talking about why can’t it just be you are a beautiful woman??? or a beautiful African-American woman? she plays into teh stereotype and yeah she didn’t really do a good job with this subject I think.

  52. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    To see this episode is infuriating to me. I am a “light-skinned/red-bone” (depending on whom you are talking to and what time of the year it is). All of MY life, I have been teased.. Being called “ight-bright-and-almost-white” and “sand-n!99a”- and things like that. I consider myself to be BLACK. I am multiracial- having enough Native American blood flowing through me to be considered by the Government as Native American… however, I IDENTIFY myself with my BLACK heritage. When I was in elementary school, I attendended a VERY BLACK catholic school.. there were hardly any other children of any other races. It really was an empowering thing for me- because at this school.. they taught us that black IS BEAUTIFUL.. and to be PROUD of who we are as Americans… and that society views us as “minorities” but we are not.. we are ALL Americans.. and we are Blessed to be that of color.. They would tell us of the story about how God made us from the Earth.. And how the clay of the Earth varies in colour from contry to country… God created us from those different colours to display the array of beauty that each and every one of us posseses inside AND out! It’s hurtful to know that there are black americans out there that don’t believe that they are beautiful… My family ranges in colour from “light-bright and almost white(and even some looking and can pass for white if they chose to) to the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” and we are all PROUD to say that we are black. When I was 4, I remember looking to my aunt (who is dark skinned) and I would try to emulate her essence. She is a very beautful black woman inside and out, and I used to wish to be her skin color often .. until I realized that all shades of black are beautiful. I had to remind one of my sisters about how important it is to re-affirm self esteem and preserverance as a brown skinned woman to her brown skinned child. My sister called her baby ugly at one point because she was brown skinned with thick curly hair.. instead of being lighter with not so thick hair. I had to hold her baby up to her face to face, and ask her why she felt like something that was a part of her wasnt just as beautiful as she was. That saddened my deeply, because it reminded me of the video with all those little black girls-playing with white dolls and saying that the black ones were ugly. Growing up, we had all shades of dolls.. but the ones that we felt most comfortable playing with were the black ones… Today, as a young woman in my early 20’s- I can say that I see how soiciety can be crude to darker skinned women.. and it isnt fair. My son’s dad is a beautiful dark skinned man- (@ least on the outside).. but he refuses to date brown skinned or dark skinned women. He only will date red/yellow/light/multi racial women ( i found this out after i broke up with him). It’s sickening to know that there are people that are brazen enough to discriminate based upon skin tone-epecially when they too themselves are black. Because of my skintone and facial features- I can “pass” per se- as a multitude of different races- when my hair was longer- people would ask me if I were western indian- pakistanian-balck and asian-ect.. and now that I have cut my hair off ( I did it because I got tired of hearing how pretty and good my hair was.. and being reffered to as being a mixed breed-mullato-mutt.. and also tired of having people ask me what my nationality was)people say I look like Im Dominican, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Latin.. ect… It’s really frustrating.. because I really had to do some soul searching. I was never black enough for the balck kids.. and never white enough for the white kids- so I was constantly being outcasted- because I was too light or my hair was too long and curly or beacuse I was too tan and my hair was too curly. I thank God, that I found peace within myself.. and that I was blessed with the opportunity to attend that school where they helped each and everyone of us define who we were as american children that just so happened to be black. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to EVERYONE that is struggling with self- identity. It is like being the uncool kid in school.. but the uncool kid in school usually turns up to the class re-union and is the showstopping attention stealing magnet of the event…. God bless each and everyone of you that are struggling and trying to cope.. and those of you that are trying to help someone that is in the situation 🙂

  53. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    Annonyomous at September 22 5:01,

    You hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your heartfelt story. Your blog is proof that this topic is too broad for Tyra to minimize and reduce it to dark-skinned black americans who bleach their skin to look “white.” Tyra should stretch this out to a series to include dark black american women and men who are proud to be black and PREFER to have a dark-skinned spouse; light-skinned blacks who do not take glory in their skin and are proud to be recognize as a black american; all cultures of darker skin use of bleach lightning; people who wear European hair to look more “white;” people who get comestic surgery and wear contact lenses to look more “white.” This list is endless.

    However, Tyra chose to exploit the shame some people feel as dark skinned black american WOMEN. Notice how she did not have any dark skinned MEN on the panel. This story was clearly not about the harm of skin bleaching.

    Sorry Tyra, it appears that the reason you gave this show was to sell the idea that light-skinned is more beautiful. If you meant to do otherwise, you failed.

  54. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    The people on the panel think that light-skinned people get better play with society than darker people. However, it is not their light-skin that gives them the play, it is the assimilation into Western beauty.

    Let Tyra remove her European wig and see how much play she gets. If a darker person wore color contacts, a European wig, and changed her facial features, she would get the play she wants from “white” people.

    It’s not the skin, it’s the willingness to assimilate. Don’t bring these sorry women on the panel again. Celebrate dark people who love themselves and children who love being dark.

  55. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    I wish ya’ll IGNORANT black women would quit hating on Tyra. She has paved the way for soooooooo many black models. Damn her show is only an hour long. Excluding commercials about 40 minutes. No other tv show/celebrity si going to speak out on this issue. Tyra tries her best to make sure that the problems blacks, expecially women, go through are publicized and addressed. Black women HATE so much on another beautiful successful black woman. The same ones saying we need to support one another can’t even practice what they preach. Tyra is NATURAL… Iknow that’s hard for you jealous black women to realize and comprehend. Look at Tyra when she was on Fresh Prince…same complexion and everything. Makeup works in all types of ways. She even showed how makeup contours her nose. She has been seen on her show several times without her makeup and wigs. Ya’ll want to talk down about Tyra, but praise people like Rihanna and Beyonce. GTFOH!!
    Those women on that show were plain out STUPID
    I realized that during the mock session she had. It is MORE popular in BLACK women that’s why she chose them. I know it just kills ya’ll to see Tyra on top still after all these years or ya’ll dumb asses ridiculing her and PRAYING her shows fail. Well guess what they didn’t and she will ALWAYS have more money than ya’ll

  56. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    What issues did Tyra address? What group of people did this show help? It is NOT more POPULAR in black woman, just more severe to change from dark to light. Skin bleaching is mostly used by Asians. I should know, because an Asian woman tried to use Skin Bleaching on me after giving me a facial, and I SNAPPED when she said it would make me BEAUTIFUL.

    I love Tyra being on top, I just don’t want her to talk down to dark-skinned WOMEN through the disguise of “Dark-skinned Women Don’t Feel Beautiful” topics.

    Oops I forgot, she gave her dark-skinned friend a shout-out when she made note that her “beauty pageant” friend had beautiful chocolate skin. So, I guess her friend is beautiful for a dark-skinned woman.

    Tyra is a light-skinned woman who is always in search of a man; however, dark-skinned and crazy Naomi never has a problem getting a man.

  57. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    I love the woman in the audience who gave the Halle Berry analogy. HaHaHaHa! Did you see how the woman on the panel reaction? Priceless.

  58. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    My nephew once said to me “auntie you are so dark!” then he looked himself in the mirror and said, “i’m okay” I was shocked, He was only seven, i was so shocked that I couldn’t even say anything that would help the situation of him being conditioned. I’m african and It’s very real where I’m from. But in my particular tribe , dark in considered beautiful and if you are light you are considered a bushman which is a big insult.
    However recently, after the white folks came along, light was looked upon much more favorably. And my tribespeople who have been exosed to the modern world now think that light is beautiful. and black is not so [retty anymore, but thank God those are a minority.

  59. Anonymous October 2, 2008

    Sorry to say but Tyra is a hypocrite. She has bleach her skin and Michael Jackson has whiten his. My cousin have quit a few photos of Tyra way before modeling because she is friends with Tyra’s cousin Kim. Check out these links to Michael Jackson because here is the proof he doesn’t have vitiligo.



  60. skin whitening cream September 17, 2010

    That’s horrible , Be proud of what you are,don’t discriminate yourself from others on the ground of skin color. It’s a God gift, do respect.

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