Alesha Dixon – ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ Video

Published: Thursday 9th Oct 2008 by Sam

Today sees the debut of former Mis-Teeq vixen Alesha Dixon’s new video ‘The Boy Does Nothing’. After being a little ‘on the fence’ about the UK star’s single itself, I must say I’m liking the video a lot. Good stuff.

Alesha’s album ‘The Alesha Show’ hits stores in the UK on November 17th.

What do you think of the song?

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  1. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    quite like this song now =)
    i hope this album is a hit for alesha, she has a lot of talent and could be the uk’s beyonce.

  2. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    she reminds me alot of beyonce minus the powerful voice.

  3. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    it’s crap.

  4. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    to anonymous 8:32 your just a d***
    the songs awesome, im guessing your one of those fat black chicks who has a complection like a gorilla….
    jealous of her talent, sexyness and light skin lol…
    oh well haters keep the world going i suppose !
    she reminds me of lefteye anyone else gettin that kinda lefteye vibe in her voice ?
    hot song !

  5. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL I AGREE

  6. It’s Lewis, B****. October 9, 2008

    Her voice started to get on my nerves a bit, the song is not bad but definately not good either. Alesha Dixon is a nobody – that is why this song will most likely flop/not be cared about a lot. She obviously though ‘oh I won Strictly Come Dancing, let’s dance in my video, all throughout it’. Her album will most likely be a load of rubbish as well in my opinion.

  7. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    ^^^^^^^^^^ shut the hell up Lewis u b**** Alesha Dixon is gonna b BIG

  8. It’s Lewis, B****. October 9, 2008

    She really isn’t lol. As for the comparisons to Beyonce – HAHAHAHAHAAA. She is nowhere near!

  9. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    I like the song more now after the video but eh. Alesha just doesn’t have a lot of luck solo and I have a feeling this will be the only decent song on the album.

  10. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    Sorry but It’s Lewis, B**** is right. Homegirl doesn’t and never will compare to B.

  11. Antertain October 9, 2008

    They need to get her catchy songs and make her like a cassie..

    Not point mentioning Beyonce cus no comparison in any way so why bother.
    Alesha is her own person and artist so lets leave that there…

    It’s actually quite funny how Beyonces name pops up in every post about another female artist LOL..

    I think with this video it suits the song so she should press on and keep tryin different things.. Plus she hot 2 look at

  12. Anonymous October 9, 2008

    This song is horrible. I wouldn’t play this twice. She can’t be serious with this.

  13. Anonymous October 10, 2008

    Well she looks gorgous u can say that much

  14. MRSJONES October 10, 2008


  15. Anonymous October 10, 2008

    am WHAT THE HELL? that sucked, the video is all amazing but she didnt bring ANYTHING to the table vocally, the speak-sing style sounds bad, as if she just cant sing properly

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